Blind Date

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I hate blind dates. That’s the only thought that keeps running through my head, as it has for the last hour. She flicks her blonde hair, going on with some or another inane story as we sit across from another. The food is good, the restaurant is nice, she’s not unattractive. But she bores me.

“And this one time, Ryan and Melissa and I were out on this pier…” I have no idea who Ryan or Melissa are, but she continues as if I’ve known them all my life. I tune her out yet again, nodding my head from time to time to keep her from noticing.

I should note that I’m not usually like this. But this girl just didn’t strike a cord with me, there is just no attraction. And since I promised a friend I’d take her out, I’m kind of stuck. No, it’s more than that. This girl totally bores me. And my patience is beginning to wear thin.

That’s when I see her. She enters with a man, a date or boyfriend, but I barely notice. I’m caught up in her. Her eyes sparkle behind a pair of glasses that perfectly frame her face, her brown hair falling gently around it. I catch a subtle glimpse of leg through the slit of her skirt, black and cut just under her knees, as she walks. I’m enchanted by her every step. I see her smile at some comment as she turns, her smile blazing brightly, lighting the room.

It takes all me strength to pull my gaze away from her as she sits, facing me, across from her date. I look again at my rather bland companion and wonder what it would be like to sit across from the beauty across the room. My eyes drift back to her and this time she notices, catching my eye before looking away. I take in her beauty.

She’s not slim, but her curvy figure suits her wonderfully. Her ample chest hides behind a low cut top. She rests her chin on her hand and again our eyes meet. This time she smiles slightly and doesn’t look away for a moment. I can’t take my eyes off her, my own date all but ignored. I’ll feel bad about that tomorrow, but tonight I barely care.

Suddenly the almanbahis adres man who I have come to envy in these last few minutes gets up and heads away. She seems miffed at his departure, and I see him catch the arm of another guy as he reaches the bar. “Ah,” I think, “he’s found a friend.”

She looks around, taking in the scene, before noticing that I continue to look her way. This time our eye contact is long and unashamed. I wonder if the blonde across from me has realized I’ve stopped paying attention to her. But my silent longing ends as her date returns, the spell broken. Animated conversation follows as she seems to tell him that he was rude. She clearly isn’t happy with him. But soon things settle and I go back to my companion’s tale of woe.

But soon I’m drawn back to her, and to my surprise I find her looking back at me. Our connection is silent and distant, but the spark is clear.

I leap back into the conversation with my date as she excuses herself to the bathroom, oblivious to what has been going on around her. I stop to take a sip of water, steadying myself against the whirling thoughts of the last few minutes.

I’m startled when someone sits across from me. I look up and into the gorgeous eyes of the brunette from across the room. My mouth opens to speak, but she beats me to it. “He went to go talk to his friends again.” She rests her arms on the table and I reach out and take her hand, a silent thank you.

“Would you like to go?” I ask. She nods and we get up to leave. I drop enough to cover the bill and tip on the table and never look back, following this incredible woman and her gorgeous backside out the door. Her heels click against the tile, a bell heralding freedom.

We escape as we introduce ourselves. I learn that she too was on a blind date, and one no more successful than mine. She directs me to drive her back to her apartment as we talk quietly about ourselves, finding that we have surprising amounts in common. As almanbahis adres I pull to the curb outside her door she invites me in for a drink and I accept. We sit on her couch sharing stories and a nice wine. And then we dance. The music is quiet, my heartbeat is not. Holding her close I realize how much I want this woman.

I take her face in my hands. She doesn’t resist. I lift her face to mine, our lips meeting for the first time in a firm, passionate kiss. Our arms go around each other, pulling each other close. I know she can feel me, my penis hard and pressing against her. And she presses back forcefully. She kicks off her heels as she pulls me back towards the bedroom, her hands unbuttoning my shirt and sliding it from my shoulders. My undershirt follows, our kiss breaking as she pulls it over my head. Her hands roam over my bare chest as we reach the doorframe. I pin her against it for a second, my hands working to pull her top over her head. Her breasts strain against her bra as she reaches behind to undo it, my hands working the fastening of her skirt. As her skirt slides down to the floor, her bra slides off, her gorgeous chest pressing hard against mine as we embrace.

I feel the bed against he back of my legs as she undoes the zipper on my slacks, tugging my underpants down my knees along with them. I shiver as her warm hand grips my hard on, a moan escaping her lips as she feels it. She pushes me back onto the bed and kneels to pull off my pants and shoes. Then she slides closer, again taking my cock in her hand. She leans forward and kisses it lightly before taking the head into her mouth, her tongue licking in small circles. I feel her fidgeting and her panties land on my face as she giggles, her aim true.

She licks my shaft again, from base to tip, before climbing up onto the bed with me. She kisses me passionately and I take the opportunity to roll her over, pinning her beneath my weight. I break our kiss, sliding down to take a nipple in almanbahis adresi my mouth. I tease it with small circles of my tongue as she moans. I move to her other breast, sucking hard this time, flicking my tongue over her hard nipple. She runs her hand through my hair, pulling me to her. I kiss down her belly and then over, down her thigh. I can feel the heat of her wet pussy as I pass by, but I let my lips glide down her leg to the knee before crossing over to the other leg and retracing my path upwards. I gently spread her legs as my kisses reach her hips, then slowly down to her wet lips.

I lick her hot slit up and down, my tongue darting inside her, eliciting gasps of pleasure. I slide up and find her clit, slowly circling it with my tongue before flicking it gently and causing her to shiver. With each lick she gasps. My hand finds my cock, stroking it lightly, preparing it. After licking for another moment, I sit up, bringing the head of my hard shaft to the lips of her pussy.

I press it against her lips, teasing her, watching her play with her tits. Finally I press inside, feeling the velvet walls of her pussy squeeze against my cock. I press inside slowly, stroking gently to lube my cock for what’s coming. She pulls me to her, our lips meeting again, her legs wrapping around me, holding me deep within her. And I begin to thrust. Slowly at first, long strokes that send shivers through us both, then increasing my pace. Our kiss breaks but still we hold each other close as slow stokes become hard fast thrusts, my cock pounding into her pussy.

The air filled with the sounds of our lovemaking, moans and cries of passion and ecstasy, as the wave of lust washes over us both. She pulls me tighter, her muscles gripping me hard as she gets closer and closer to orgasm. I shift slightly, again taking a nipple into my mouth and sucking gently, and it sends her crashing over the edge, her pussy squeezing hard, her legs pulling me tight against her. I feel her nails dig lightly into my back as she cums. Her orgasm triggers my own, my cock spasming, shooting hot juices deep into her pussy.

We lay in each other’s arms, exhausted from hours of lovemaking, on the edge of sleep. And all the while we both think the same thought. I love blind dates.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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