Driving and Submission to Princess Pt. 01

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Ann was with me while I was asleep. In my earbuds, listening to the sounds of my slumber and purring periodically to show me she was there, though 5600 miles away physically. It was around 2AM when I called her because of my fitful rest up to that point. I would have an early start that coming morning and it was nice to have Ann there to comfort me and help me sleep.

I woke a bit later than desired, though I managed to get around and leave on my work trip. I had a two hour drive to the project site, where I was needed to complete a final phase of the job. Once on the road, I called Ann once again and heard her greet me with a loud purr and what I could tell was a smile on her face by the way she was talking.

Since I met Ann, I’ve had the ability to “see her” as she puts it. I cannot always tell what is on her mind, but it is obvious I knew the real Ann and still do in ways that she had not even recognized herself.

One other thing about my relationship with Ann, I absolutely live to please her. I’ve chosen to be submissive to her on several occasions, though submissiveness is not a normal part of my personality. I’ve always been an authority figure in life, and a very public one at that. I’ve held several jobs and positions that put me in the spotlight in my community as someone to look up to, and literally had the authority of the government at my disposal.

It is quite a high to have the ability to affect the life of someone merely by the authority you possess, even against their will. You can see that submissiveness just has not been my way of life. With Ann though, something inside of me has switched. I trust her more than I’ve ever trusted any soul in this world and we will at times initiate a dom/sub playtime. We are both switches, so at times I am in control and at others, she is.

This was to be one of those days with her, my Princess, in control game of thrones izle of me in ways I would never allow someone to be before. I can tell when she needs to be in control, when she needs to dominate me and make me all hers and hers only. I can also tell that I need it more than I am willing to admit most of the time.

I was driving on the highway in my truck having a typical morning conversation with Ann. We were exchanging pleasantries and updates about my evening and her morning that day. With Ann in a time zone 8 hours ahead of mine, she is usually at University while I am sleeping, but it had been a rare occasion where she had an open day and was able to spend time with me as I slept that morning.

The roar of the truck muted somewhat for me by the presence of my earbuds, I continued my conversation with Ann. I recall that our talking had not really been sexual in nature that morning, until I heard some noises of her moving around, and then I heard a loud sigh, followed by a distinct change in her breathing pattern.

After 10 months of being with Ann, I have certainly gotten to know and recognize the sounds of activity that goes on during our conversations. I could immediately discern that Ann was touching herself in a sexual way, likely one of her hands squeezing a breast deliciously and the other busy between her legs.

I outright asked “Ann, what is my Princess doing?”

To which she answered with a sharp exhale and broken words accented by gasping and a few small yelps “I’m touching myself… I … edged twice… already this… morning while you were sleeping and I… really need to… cum…”

“Oh Princess” I sighed with a shaky and breathless tone. “I’m all yours.”

Those words, “I’m all yours” are the way we signal when one of us wants to be the sub. The reply that confirms the gibi izle temporary arrangement between us is “Yes, you are all mine.” This way we can communicate our intentions without breaking the mood and ruining the moment.

Her firm reply came quickly with obvious desire and excitement lacing her every word “Yes lover, you are all mine!”

I could hear the sounds of her hand on her cunt already, letting me know that there was no time to waste. “I am all yours Princess. My pleasure belongs to you. My hands are yours to command. My mouth is yours to use. My cock belongs to you as well.”

Gasping louder by the moment, the sounds of her self pleasuring movements were highlighted by her vocal purrs and moans. I continued, wanting to press her further into pleasure. “Fuck yes Princess! All I want is to bring you pleasure.” I groaned out loud myself, expressing my desire.

My hands gripped the steering wheel hard as I moved in my seat. You see, since those words of acknowledgement from Princess that put me under her command, she had not given me any permission to touch myself. I pressed myself into my seat, knuckles white, hands shaking with desire to stroke my cock over my shorts. I had to refuse my pleasure. It belonged to Princess at that moment.

I told her of my obedience, as I groaned out loud with need and desire to please her. My mind whirling and my voice trembling between gasps. “Oh god Princess… I have both hands… on the steering wheel… being sure… to not touch myself… fuck! My pleasure belongs to Princess!”

The desperate whimpering and other sensual sounds that arose from her as she continued satisfying her ever increasing arousal, grew louder with each declaration I made.

“Yes Princess, let me be pleasing to you!”

“Take my pleasure and my desire Princess!”

“Let me make your cunt cum gökyüzunün üzerinde 3 metre izle for me.”

“Please Princess… Fuck!”

I cried out loudly and her own cries of pleasure rose to new heights. I could hear her thrashing around on her bed, a sure sign she was getting closer to that moment we were both craving.

“Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” She exclaimed forcefully.

“Oh Richard!” she cried, followed by an increase in the rhythmic rustling and wet noises that were made by the hand invading her now obviously soaking cunt. I envisioned her laying on her belly, back arched, ass in the air, her left hand working feverishly at her clit and wet pussy.

“Yes Princess… whatever pleases you!” My breathing now very ragged and my need causing me to thrash a bit in my seat as well, glad the cruise control was engaged on my truck and that there was little traffic now that I was out of the city.

I continued to beg for her pleasure to increase and for her to use me. I know that the thought of me helpless and wanting as she takes her pleasure from my body in any way she desires, is one of the greatest turn-ons she has in these moments.

“Oh Richard!” she repeated breathlessly now. Short gasps and staccato yelps filled the air as she pushed toward the edge.

“Richard! Fuck!” she spat out with anticipation and desperation colliding inside her.

“Yes Richard! I’m going to… I’m going to… You are gonna’ make me.. Fuck! … You are going to make me cum! … RICHARD!” The melody flowed from her like a gushing well of words and passion!

I heard the bucking and thrashing of her body as if it were her last moment on earth. She uttered long groans and pleading whimpers as her orgasm consumed her every thought and ability to communicate.

I also gasped and let loose all the tension that had built up in me, right at the moment she declared her climax. It felt as though what I was releasing was rushing across the expanse between us in an instant and filling her with wave after wave of ecstasy.

“Mmmm Princess” I hummed in satisfaction at her pleasure. “So fucking good!” I declared.

She reported back with long drawn out words. “So… fucking… good!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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