Rumble in the Jungle

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Jason and Rebecca were camping in a secluded part of a forest they were trekking in. He groaned as his back hurt when he finally got off the ground after setting up the three person tent they were going to be staying in for the next two days. The tent was quite a bit far from the mainland and they had travelled here by a rented car. They had a scenic view of a waterfall and a mini lagoon to bathe in. The couple had come here because Jason loved outdoor photography and Rebecca wanted a change of pace.

As his part of the bargain had been done, Rebecca went to the car and started to unload their belongings. They had packed for a week and yet she brought along supplies for a month. This was something that wasn’t going to change about her and Jason wasn’t going to ask her to anyway. He removed his sweaty shirt and sat down and watched Rebecca carry their belongings one by one. His fiancé started to sweat soon as the sun was beating down a bit harshly on them.

After about 20 minutes Rebecca came out of the tent as she unpacked all their belongings into the tent. Jason helped set up the foldable table and they both sat down to catch their breath. Jason suddenly remembered a bet they had had and realized that Rebecca also remembered it at the same time as they both sat down too fast on their butts. Both of them winced and got up and smiled sheepishly at each other. They had forgotten the butt plugs they were wearing when both of them lost a challenge over who would win the match between Manchester United and Chelsea.

The bet was to wear a butt plug for a whole day and since the match ended in a draw, they both wore a butt plug after they passed the metal detector at the airport. It was a funny feeling, kind of like being stuffed up the one hole that wasn’t. It didn’t feel too funny when he sat down slowly, apart from some funny looks from other tourists.

They both then carefully sat down and just basked in the afternoon sun. Despite the heat, there was a cool and soothing breeze and it made it bearable. After a while Jason said “Drenched we are, take a cool bath under the waterfall we must.” His fiancé chuckled and said “With you I agree.” Jason took off his pants and wrapped himself in a towel while she removed her crop top and shorts along with her boots and wrapped herself in a towel over her bikini top and thong. The waterfall was about 550-650 metres away from their tent and since it fell at a medium speed, there wasn’t too much sound heard at their tent and they could sleep peacefully too.

They started walking hand in hand at a leisurely pace, armed with body wash in hand. It took a little more than 5 minutes to walk over there. The couple then dropped their towels behind a rock and removed their slippers too. Jason got into the water first and regretted it as Rebecca shouted ‘cannonball’ and jumped from the ground and landed perfectly on top of him. The two of them went under the water and got drenched fully. Jason broke to the surface and Rebecca followed him, with an ear-splitting grin on her face. He couldn’t help himself as she pulled him in for a hug and they both laughed out loud at it. She then walked towards the falling water and just stood under it, letting the water run all over her body. Her bikini became wet and her light brown skin glowed in the sunlight.

Jason walked over to her and stood beside her as he let the water bahis siteleri wash out his fatigue. He felt his shorts get wet as the water ran down him. Jason could also feel the butt plug move around a bit inside him as the pressure of the water meant that he had to stand his ground. He turned over to Rebecca and saw her removing her bikini and thong. She curled them up and threw it near their clothes and it landed somewhat near it. She then just turned her back to Jason as she let the water run over her body again. This time there was a full shine to her body and Jason felt blood flow towards his crotch.

She knew that he loved to see this scene and had even designed the shower cubicle in a way that the sun light will hit them when they were in it. Rebecca lifted her slender arms and pushed her hair away from her face and that motion pushed her breasts forward. Her nipples were hard and erect due to the water. She then slyly gazed at Jason and smirked. He took that as an invitation and moved towards her. Since she was shorter than him, Jason held her by her waist and had to bend a bit to suck on her neck. He brushed his lips over her neck and goosebumps broke out all over her skin.

Rebecca shivered, despite the water and waited for her fiancée to begin. Jason licked a long way from the base of her neck to her jaw bone. She tilted her neck behind, on to his shoulder and gave him more access to her neck. He snaked his hands up her upper body and took her breasts in his hand. He kneaded them and then licked the base of her neck and bit it. Rebecca hissed out in pain, which turned into a moan as he started licking at that place again. She put her hand on his head and pulled him closer.

Jason snaked his right hand from her right breast and moved it towards her vagina. As his fingers were already wet and her vagina was too, he just slipped two of his fingers inside her. She writhed and pushed her naked, supple ass against Jason’s crotch and that got his cock harder. Rebecca rubbed her ass all over his crotch in sync with Jason’s fingers moving inside her. He curved his fingers inside her and hit her g-spot. Rebecca opened her mouth and moaned soundlessly as Jason kept hitting her there.

She put her hands on her breasts and squeezed it herself and Jason put his other hand into her mouth. She sucked on two of his fingers and while Jason had her distracted, he inserted another finger inside her vagina. Rebecca gasped and that triggered her release. Jason held her by her waist as her legs grew weak and she almost collapsed into the pool. He held her until her orgasm subsided and she was able to regain her senses. Rebecca turned around and pulled Jason downwards and they kissed yet again. Jason held her waist firmly as they kissed passionately.

He then took her hand and pulled her to the ground. He got up on it and removed his shorts. Rebecca pushed his thighs apart as she gingerly licked the head of his erect cock. She fondled his balls as she take the head of his cock inside her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. Jason leaned back and rested his elbows on the ground. She proceeded to take more of his cock inside her mouth. She swallowed up most of it as it hit her throat and she took it all in as it went past her throat. Rebecca relaxed her throat so as to counter the gag reflex and Jason moaned approvingly as he could feel the vibrations. canlı bahis siteleri Rebecca pushed her wet hair off her face and Jason bunched it up and held it for her as she proceeded to pull her head back and let the head of his cock rest in her mouth. Then she slowly and steadily started to bob her head up and down Jason’s cock. Rebecca squeezed his thighs as she took the whole of his cock and then released it.

Jason pulled her by her hair and fucked her throat as he decided to accelerate things. She made some guttural noises as she deepthroated Jason. He fucked her throat at a rapid pace and felt his release approaching. He grunted out “I’m going to blow my load!” and pressed her face to his crotch. He blasted out his semen inside her throat and painted it white. Her mouth filled up as he dumped his load inside and her cheeks bulged. Rebecca managed to collect them all in her mouth and she slowly pulled her mouth off Jason’s cock. Then she showed Jason her mouth and swallowed it whole. He gulped at that scene and she just smirked. Rebecca said “Itadakimasu!” and Jason chuckled.

He pulled her out of the water and laid her down on her back. Then slowly and cautiously, he pulled out her butt plug. He saw how much her butt hole gaped and immediately plunged two of his fingers into her and started to scissor her. She moaned out in pleasure and gripped his hand forcibly.

He removed his fingers and placed his cock at her back entrance. He spat on his hand and rubbed the saliva all over his cock. He put his hands on either side of her head and positioned his cock at her entrance once again. Jason started to push his hips forward and his cock entered her. Thanks to the butt plug, she wasn’t as tight as normal and he could easily insert his cock all the way inside her without much trouble. She put her hands on his chest and Jason stopped for some time as she took in some breaths. He just leant down and captured her lips in his as they slowly started to kiss. They both took a deep breath and then she nodded her head.

Jason pulled his cock all the way out until the head was only inside and pushed it back. She throw her head back and groaned. She said “Enough of f-f-foreplay, w-wreck me n-n-now!” Jason grinned and gripped her hips. He started to thrust his hips inside her ass and his cock rearranged her insides. His grip on her waist kept slipping as she was still wet from the water fall and he had to hold her really hard. It left a mark on her hips but she didn’t mind it. He adjusted his hips and started to thrust harder than before. She pushed her hips forward to meet his thrusts and he let her to. He leant backwards and rested on his palms as she pushed her hips forward and backwards on his cock.

After a while of slow fucking like that, he sat up and held her hips firmly so she couldn’t move. He started thrusting relentlessly into her and she took it like a champ. She moaned incoherently and her ass squeezed on his cock. He could feel his orgasm near and started to thrust harder. Jason groaned out “I’m going to c-c-cum!”. She pushed herself upward and rested on her elbows. She licked her lips and pulled his face closer to her and they kissed. Her ass squeezed him one more time and they both orgasmed at the same time.

Jason shot his cum into her ass as she writhed from her orgasm. After shooting his load into her ass, he pulled his cock canlı bahis out and saw his semen flow out of her ass. He leaned down and started to lick over her vagina to taste her orgasm. She writhed and moaned and pushed his head away. He took the sign and stopped licking. He lifted her yet again as they re-entered the water fall and washed their body fluid off of themselves. They then dried their bodies and she wore a fresh pair of bikini top and panties while covering her bottom with a sarong.

Jason wore a fresh pair of shorts draped his hand around her waist. They then walked back to their tent and ate some canned food as they were too lazy to cook something. Later at night she made me remove his butt plug after stripping him off my shorts. Rebecca went into their tent and pulled out a double dildo and a bottle of lube from her bag. She called Jason inside their tent and they both grinned at each other.

She removed her sarong and panties and they both got down on the ground. Jason lay down on the ground on his right side. She poured a dollop of lube on her hand and rubbed it over one end of the dildo and pushed it into his butt hole. She kept pushing the dildo into Jason’s ass until a little more than half of it was outside. She then got down and took the other head of the dildo into her mouth. She kept taking the dildo into her mouth until it hit the back of her throat. She started to bob hear head up and down over it and that movement meant that she was fucking Jason with her mouth.

Jason put a hand under his left thigh and lifted it higher. It gave her more access and she took the dildo deeper into her throat, until it was fully inside her throat. Her bobbing up and down the dildo kept the other end of it inside Jason and he felt satisfied being fucked like this. She felt that she had lubed her end of the dildo well enough and lined it with her vagina. She inserted it inside and started to thrust her hips on it. She pushed Jason’s hand off his left thigh and threw his leg over her shoulder. She gripped his waist as she started to fuck Jason with the double dildo. Her movements meant that both of them were being fucked at the same time and they both felt that things can’t get better than this.

Jason grabbed a breast and tweaked her nipple with his fingers. She moaned and gripped his leg and used it for leverage as she grinded her hips harder on the dildo head. Jason pushed himself off the ground and pulled her face towards him. They both kissed hard as they grinded their hips onto each other. Jason put a hand around her waist to support her while she held him by his neck and kept kissing him. Sweat dripped all over them and they wanted even more body contact. Jason pushed Rebecca down onto the ground and used his hips to thrust into her. He fucked both of them and they realised that they were close to orgasming. She gripped his hips and pushed and pulled harder than before. He licked her toes as she used his hips to fuck them.

Jason moaned out “I’m going to cum!”. Hearing that she thrusted his hips more into her and they finally pushed each other off the edge. Jason ended up spraying his cum all over Rebecca’s chest and stomach as her orgasm gushed out from her vagina. She wiped his semen off her chest and stomach and licked it off her fingers. Jason fell backwards and rested, while they both took deep breaths. They didn’t bother to remove the dildo that was attached to them and they just entangled their legs around each other until they found a comfortable position. The couple then drifted off to sleep, knowing that they had had their best sex in a long time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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