The First of Her ‘Firsts’

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A virgin!!! He cursed himself. After a long string of virgin girlfriends that wanted to stay that way, he thought he had changed his luck when one had literally attacked him and told him that HE was going to take her virginity. For two novices it had been pretty good. Of course exactly what did he have to compare it too? For the next few months they had fucked and fucked, acting like kids with new toys. They had then gone their separate ways and his next girlfriend was decidely more experienced. But now it seemed his ‘luck’ had returned.

All of this had quickly flashed through his mind right after she told him in the middle of some heavy petting on the couch. He just hoped his face had kept his arrangement so the shock did not telegraph to her. She had sat up abruptly when he started to rub her crotch through her jeans. A crotch that was obviously darker than the rest of the jeans.

“Look, it’s not a big deal.” He tried to let her off easily.

“Well, it is to me. I’m still planning to wait.”

“No, that’s not what I meant. I meant that if you want to stay a virgin it’s no big deal.”

“Easy for you to say. You’re not.”

“Well, actually it is EASY for me to say, because I haven’t been ‘not’ all that long.”

“Really? When did you lose it?”

“Well, in one sense that would be telling, and gentlemen do not kiss and tell.” He grinned. “Let’s just say that I had the good fortune to know a number of ladies that felt like you and I wasn’t fortunate enough to change their minds until not all that long ago.”

“Didn’t you get frustrated and want to dump them for someone that didn’t say ‘No’?”

“Well, they wouldn’t have intercourse, but we did just about everything else. So it wasn’t like I never got release.”

“They would help you ejaculate?”

Yikes!! How did this go from some nice petting of her fabulous tits to a clinical discussion of post pubescent mutual masturbation? Sure she was a couple years younger than him, but he could not believe that someone with her looks had not been fooling around for a number of years. She was 19 and he was 21. How nuts was this? “Yes, Lisa, they would make me cum” Maybe he could at least get it a little more graphic.

“And what about them? Did they have orgasms?”

“Yes. Why do you want to know all this?”

“Well, I want to know what you expect and I’m having some real problems with my feelings. I want to stay a virgin and I don’t want to have an orgasm until I have intercourse.”

“OK. Now THAT might be a big deal. I think you are going to get yourself really frustrated if you don’t let yourself go. I’m not sure why we’re talking about this, but I’m sure half the reason that my former girlfriends and I stayed ‘virgins’ so long was that we still had an awful lot of sex.”

“What kind of sex?”

I looked down at her crotch again and noticed the dark area had doubled in size and her nipples were pushing though her tank top so hard that you could see the areoles as well as the thick, hard nubs. Maybe this talk would not be a waste of time.

“Well, at first it was mostly just feeling each other until we came.” She looked a little confused, so I added, “I would rub her clit and finger her pussy and she would stroke my cock.” I hoped that a little more graphic talk might give her an idea.

“But you ended up doing more?”

“Well, with my first girlfriend, it took a while to get to sucking and eating, but once we got there, we really got into oral sex. It was , no IS, great. I love eating pussy.”

There, I could see her breathing change. Yeah!

“So your other girlfriends gave you satisfaction orally?”

Damn, what was with this so clinical shit? “Yes, they sucked my dick until I shot my load. And I would return the favor and lick their pussies until they came – sometimes more than once.”

“Did you ejaculate into their mouths?”

“Again, that sometimes took time. Not at first, but eventually. One never did like it, probably why we ended up fucking.” I was definitely tired of the Sex Ed class, but it seemed to be getting her hot. “Look, do you really want to talk about this or would you like to go back to what we were doing?” I asked and pulled her back close to me, kissing her and caressing her right along the underside of her breast.

She gasped. It was a spot that I had already found that I knew she liked. My thumb flicked across her nipple and I felt her mouth suck my tongue inside. Now we were getting somewhere. I pulled her back with me, into the corner of the sofa, letting her be more on top. I was hoping that she would feel less threatened. Her mind and her body were clearly on two totally different paths and she was obviously trying to figure out how to reconcile them.

I kissed her harder, she responded, so I played with her breast some more. But as my hand slid down her stomach, hoping to feel what was making her pants so wet, she once again, pulled up and said, “I’m not ready. Maybe you should be with someone else.”

This was definitely going to be torture. “Lisa, I’m really wild ankara escort about you. We were attracted to each other from the moment we met and I’ve been dying to have some time alone with you for the last week. I’ll try to be patient, but I think you need to let go on the idea that you cannot cum without intercourse. Like I said the virginity is no big deal, but you and I both need to have a release.”

“I think I should go now,” was all she said. Seconds later she was out the door and on her way.

As soon as she went back to her room, I locked the door and lay down and slowly stroked my aching cock. Visions of her smaller hands rubbing my shaft, her nipples in my mouth and even my face buried between those burning thighs, rocked through my brain as I pleasured myself the way I had hoped she might. My cum shot high on my chest when my dick exploded and I felt like I was back in high school, not a senior in college. Oh, well.

Later that night, she called me. “Are you mad at me?”

“No,” I assured her. “Just a little frustrated.”

“Only a little?” She teased. It was one of the reasons I liked her, she was quick witted and even when serious, usually was willing to joke.

“Well, it’s little now, because I took care of it.” I figured two can play at this.

“Really? I got you that excited?”

“Lisa, I was rock hard before we even were talking. Talking about sex does not make it softer. I wanted to rub your parts and make you wild and have us get each other off so badly I thought I would explode. I could see you were wet and knew you were excited, too. I really wanted you.”

“Mmmm. I think I like knowing that.”

“Well, I jerked myself off and now I’m probably going to have to do it again. Talking to you brings it all back up.”

“You got an erection again?” Sheesh! Was this woman ever going to stop with the questions and the clinical talk. “Yes. Thinking about you makes my dick hard and wanting you again. Aren’t you wet again?”

“I never stopped.”

I groaned. God what a waste. A body like Venus and definitely one that was responsive and she wanted to cage it all up. What the heck was I doing? I pulled my cock out and pushed my shorts down and started stroking again. Wonder how she feels about phone sex.

Then she said, “Meet me after class tomorrow. Here in my room. Let’s have dinner together. Good night.” And she was gone.

I groaned louder and somehow didn’t roar when I came the next time. I knew that it would be a lot easier if she just said ‘no’ and didn’t want to discuss it. Talking about not having sex was definitely driving me crazier than thinking about having sex.

The next day I probably set a record getting across campus to her room. I had no idea how things were going to play out, but I had great hopes. After all, her body responses were at least on my side! I knocked on the door, and was surprised when there was no sound or response. I hoped she had not forgotten. I knocked one more time and heard a somewhat sleepy, “Yes?”

“Lisa, you said to come over after class.”

“Oh, that’s right, come on in.”

I went inside to find a darkened room with shades closed and Lisa lying in bed with just a sheet covering her lucious form. Going immediately to her side, I bent down and kissed her and then felt her bare arms pull me tight to her face and the passion of the previous night was there as if there had never been a pause. It took me a second to realize it was BARE arms, and then as I attempted to encircle her, my fondest dreams were dashed, but not totally dismayed. She was wearing some fairly skimpy top that was probably part of a pajama set. Three o’clock in the afternoon was not a bad time to start out in pajamas. I kissed her some more.

“So, did you dress like this for me?” I teased a little.

“Actually, I did,” she replied. “I normally sleep nude.”

I just groaned. “Well, there was no need to get dressed on my account.”

“Oh, but there is. I don’t want to make this any harder than it already is.”

“Lisa, there is no way that you could make it any harder. It is like a rock.”


“more like all day”.

“Wow. I didn’t know. So tell me about the other girlfriends that were virgins. What kinds of things did you do that kept you from being too frustrated.”

Man! This girl could shift gears so fast, I better be careful. My libido was probably going to suffer from whiplash.

“Well, at first I think most people would call it a lot of mutual masturbation. As we got more and more brave, we would rub each other’s parts until we came. At first underneath the clothes, but eventually we would take them off. Then with the last two, I really got into oral sex and we did a lot of that to satisfy each other. Why are you asking this? Did you want me to show you, too.”

“Well, sort of.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Without even stopping to think, I kicked off my shoes, and slid next to her on the bed. Still outside the covers, I had one arm under her head and kissed her and my other hand started caressing ankara escort bayan her breast. We kissed passionately and I felt her hard nipple between my thumb and finger and played with it, squeezing and pulling making it even tighter and longer. She moaned.

I was so tempted to slide immediately down toward her hot pussy and rub her there, but remembering her sudden departure the night before, I decided to stick, for now, with her breasts.

“I thought about what you said last night and I’m not ready to change my mind, yet,” she said. “But I also don’t want you so frustrated that you don’t want to see me. So for now, here is what I want to do. If you aren’t happy, I’ll understand. But I hope this will let you feel like you can keep seeing me.”

“Look. I really want to not scare you off. I can be patient.”

“But at some point you will not be patient and someone else will be more interesting. It’s happened before to me and I don’t want it to happen again. At least not with you. Anyway, just be quiet for a minute, while I tell you what I have in mind.”

“First. I want to stay a virgin and I still think I want to wait to have an orgasm with intercourse. Don’t groan like that. For now that’s not changed. But what has changed is that I want to try some of the things your other girl friends did and help you stay as satisfied without sex as I can.”

I stopped her talking with some more passionate kissing, and pulled her closer to me and lifted a leg over hers, rubbing my crotch on her thigh. She broke the kiss before I was ready to stop.

“But if I push you away, like that, I want you to respect my wishes, that I am not trying to reject you, but only trying to stop myself. As you noticed last night, my body definitely wants things my mind is not ready to do. Please, if I am going to do some things, understand that there may be other things which I find too hard to take and have to stop. Does that make any sense to you?”

“Yes. But can’t you trust me that I won’t go further than you want to go? I never forced myself on anyone else and I’m sure they had some of the same urges. In fact I know they did, because we talked about it.”

“Well, as I experienced last night, I’m not sure the urges that I have could be controlled and I might just go too far and it shouldn’t be just your responsibility.”

Damn! This was getting far too complicated. Too much talk. Not enough action.

“OK. It sounds to me like you are all set to make a speech about what we can and cannot do. I don’t mean to sound flip, but why don’t you give me the list and let’s try it.”

“Well, that’s exactly why I wanted you here now. I thought in the afternoon, before dinner, we could try a few things and see.”

“So what did you want to try?” God, DAMN, I was anxious.

“You promise not to think I’m weird or anything?”

“I promise”

“Well, you told me last night that you ‘relieved yourself’ after I left. How would you feel about letting me watch?” I sighed so loud, and she looked dismayed.

“No. It’s a good sigh. In fact it’s a really exciting idea. But I want to know one thing. Am I doing it all alone, or are you willing to help me?”

“That’s the part I’m not sure about. I think I want to touch you, but if I don’t will you be upset?”

“Mmmmm. I think we can work that out. But as I stroked myself last night, I thought about kissing you and feeling your breasts and even sucking on them. Do you think I could touch you and kiss you?”


I stood up and decided the time for talk was done. Either she was going to change her mind and run (or in this case, send me running) or we were going to go further than I think she had ever gone. I started taking off my clothes. I undid my pants and pulled my shirt off over my head. Then pushed down my pants. I left my briefs on, but my hard cock was straining the fabric and actually stretching the elastic away from my waist.

Surprisingly, she reached up, as I stood next to her bed, and rubbed my dick, feeling it’s shape beneath the cotton. I groaned.

“I guess he’s ready,” she teased.

“Oh, he’s ready all right. Are you?”

“Uh, huh.” She flipped back her sheet and made room for me to lie next to her and then she surprised me and sat up and took off her top over her head, baring her fabulous tits.

I pushed my briefs off and let her see my hard cock, and lay down next to her, turning to her and kissing her first. It’s not just foreplay. I love kisses, they turn me on, and I have always decided on pursuing relationships largely based on how well someone kisses.

I slipped an arm under her head pulling her close to me and with my free right hand I caressed her now naked breast, fondling the nipple and pulling it, watching it grow ever harder. Finishing my kiss, I moved my mouth down to the same nipple and licked around it in a circle. Then instead of kissing or sucking her nipple, I kissed the underside of her breast and sucked right there, eliciting a moan of delight. THEN I sucked her nipple and felt her whole body shiver.

“Go escort ankara ahead, Lisa, rub my cock. Feel it, play with it. While I caress you.”

This time she groaned.

Tentatively she slid her hand down my stomach. Her hesitation was both tortuous and at the same time incredibly sensual in the amount of anticipation she created. Waiting to feel that first contact of her hand on my sensitive skin, it was all I could do to keep from grabbing her hand and pushing it onto my dick. I stopped sucking on her breast and watched her hand move lower, so slowly. And then she stopped as her hand crossed my navel.

“Want me to show you?” I offered.

“OK” I let go of her breast and moved down and covered her much smaller hand with mine and putting my thumb under the tips of her fingers, I lifted her hand off my stomach and carried it over my erection and set it down right at the base. Her hand almost naturally curled around the shaft, but not very tight, and I kept my hand on hers, and curved it around and then slowly moved her hand up and down my cock.

“Just like that. Slide up and down. Not too tight at first. Oh, GOD, that feels good to have you stroking me.”

“Really. You like that.” She seemed almost surprised.

“Does it feel good to rub your breast, if you do it?” I asked her.

She blushed. Almost bright red. “Yes.”

“And does it feel even better when I do it?”

Her blush got deeper, if that was possible, “Oh, Yes.”

“Well, it’s the same for me. It felt good last night when I stroked my cock and made myself cum. It’s going to feel even better to have you stroke it and make me cum.”

And with that I kissed her, and just let her hand do what it seemed to want to do. She pulled the skin a little too much and didn’t slide with the right touch that experience would give her, but it felt so damn good to be fondling her breasts, kissing her and having her hand on my cock, I had no complaints. I lay back and shut my eyes, and reveled in the feelings.

I wanted to have control and make the afternoon last and last, but it just felt too damn good and besides, wasn’t cumming the point? I tweaked her nipples again, and left her to jerking me off, waiting for the feeling that I knew was not far away. “I’m getting close, lover. Move your hand a little faster I really want to cum.” I pleaded.

She jerked it faster, making it whip up and down as well as sliding her hand. I briefly thought about the fact that with her doing it, I was likely to shoot all over, but only briefly. I mostly thought about how good her tiny hand felt and how much I wanted to be shooting my cum all over her hot tits.

“Faster, babe. Faster,” I begged and pulled her head to mine and kissed her some more. Still lying back, I asked, “Put your breast in my mouth, let me suck it while I cum.”

And she moved her body and held her tits right next to my face, letting me suck one and then the other as her hand whacked at my cock, rubbing it faster and faster. As soon a s I clamped on her tit, I felt my balls tighten and knew the time was here. Holding off for one or two strokes, I finally let my cock explode and shot two ropes of sperm out of my dick and onto us, some landing on her shoulder, some on her tit and some on my stomach and chest. The next explosion sent one to her face and she gasped and let go of my cock as it emptied itself and I took over the last few strokes milking the final juices.

I had groaned a deep guttoral sound as the first few explosions occurred. As my spent cock dribbled the last few drops, I sighed and then realized that now her hand was on mine as she watched it finish and looked over the ‘damage’ she had caused.

I put my head towards her to kiss her. Before our lips met, she asked, “Was that okay?”

“What do you think?” I replied. “Doesn’t it look like you made me feel good? It was fantastic!”

We kissed and kissed and kissed. She didn’t let go of my cock that was slowly shrinking in her hand.

“And you aren’t upset that it wasn’t inside me?”

“No, I’m not upset. I would LOVE to have it inside you. Believe me. But this is a real good second choice. But could you let it go, now. It gets very sensitive after it cums and is soft.”

“Oh! I’m sorry!” she exclaimed, and she let it go like it was an electric eel. “I didn’t know.”

“Hey, it’s ok. It’s fine.”

I held her close and kissed her some more.

“Uh, what should we do with . . . this,” she pointed to all the cum on her and me.

“Oh, I thought you knew. It’s your job to eat it.”

She let go of me like she was bit and jumped up and moved away as far as she could on the small bed, “NO WAY!!!!!” I had truly grossed her out.

“I’m just teasing. We can wipe it up with towels or tissues, or it can just be rubbed in until it dries. Rubbing it in leaves a crusty film until you take a shower. But it IS edible and won’t hurt you.” And I showed her by catching a small amount on one finger and putting it in my own mouth. Then I started to rub what was on my chest and stomach into me, smearing it around and feeling it start to dry. She bravely did the same. And I helped her finish. Then much to my surprise, before she was finished, she took her fingers to her mouth and sucked on two of them, licking them clean.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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