A Few Too Many

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Big Tits

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Daria stared at herself in the mirror. A large smear of lipstick extended from her mouth halfway up her cheek. “Damn it, why didn’t anyone tell me?”

“Maybe they thought it made you look slutty.” Daria’s friend Sheena giggled. “God, I sound drunk.”

“You are drunk,” Daria pointed out. “I can’t believe you’re still on your feet.” She snatched a square of toilet paper from the role on the wall and scrubbed at the misplaced lipstick. “Good god, I can’t imagine how I must have looked to everyone else.”

“Told you. Shlutty.” Sheena giggled again. “I mean slutty. You look hot, Daria.”

“With lipstick all over my face?” Daria wet the toilet paper under the faucet, hoping that would help her remove the lipstick, but all it did was disintegrate the toilet paper. “Okay, fine. We’re leaving.”

“Hell, no,” Sheena said. “I’m just starting to begin… I mean, having to begin… I mean…”

“You mean you’re so drunk that if you don’t get home soon you’re going to pass out and I’ll have to find someone to carry you.” Daria shut off the water and checked the mirror. The lipstick was still visible, but she’d managed to get some of it off. “Let’s go while you can still walk.”

“I don’t wanna leave yet.” Sheena tried to grab Daria’s arm and somehow got her boob instead. “Oopsie, wrong body part.” She squeezed, and Daria gasped. “Or maybe not wrong,” Sheena said. “Sounds like you don’t mind.”

“Oh, quit it.” Daria swatted Sheena’s hand away. She had to admit, it hadn’t felt exactly unpleasant to be groped, but she wasn’t into women. And Sheena was too drunk to even realize what she was doing.

“Fine.” Sheena sulked. “If that’s how you feel, let’s just go.”

The two women left the bathroom to the applause of a few men who’d clustered near the door, probably hoping to overhear some girl-on-girl action. “I was washing my face, you morons,” Daria snapped.

“Yeah, but what were you washing off it?” one of the men responded.

“Lipstick.” Sheena grinned. “You guys are prevee- pervee- aw, hell, you know what you are!”

“Yeah, and I bet you’re just as pervy.” The man who’d spoken slipped an arm around Sheena’s shoulders, letting his hand fall to her tit. “Want to show me?”

“Leave her alone.” Daria took Sheena’s arm and yanked her away from the man. “She’s drunk, and I’m not going to let some skeeze like you take advantage.”

“Nah, she’s going to take advantage herself!” another man said. His buddies responded with catcalls and whistles.

Daria hauled Sheena to the exit. It was so past time for them to get out of that party. She should have paid more attention to Sheena’s alcohol intake; they should have left before Sheena got so sloshed. She just hoped she’d be able to get her friend back to her apartment before Sheena passed out.

“What’s your problem?” Sheena demanded as they went out into the cold night air. “I was having fun!”

“You were about to get gangbanged by a bunch of creeps,” Daria replied, scanning the street for a cab. Should she even bursa escort bother waiting for one, or would it be better to try to walk Sheena the half-mile to their apartment building?

“So?” Sheena giggled again. The sound was really beginning to get on Daria’s nerves. “A gangbang could have been fun.”

“I don’t think so.” No cabs in sight, and Daria had left her cell phone at home. So walking it was. “Come on, let’s move before any of those guys come out here.”

“I could make them ‘come’ out here.”

“Shut up, Sheena.”

She took a few steps, then realized Sheena wasn’t following. Rolling her eyes, she took Sheena’s arm again and dragged her along. “I don’t wanna walk!” Sheena protested. “The sidewalk won’t hold still!”

“That’s because you had too much to drink,” Daria muttered. “Walking will be good for you. The air might help sober you up.”

The walk, normally only five minutes or so, took nearly fifteen because Sheena kept stopping to complain about her feet hurting, or the sidewalk sliding, and once to remove her three-inch heels even though that left her to walk barefoot on cold concrete. Which of course gave Sheena something else to complain about. But by the time the women reached their building, Sheena didn’t seem quite as drunk as she had.

Sheena’s apartment was on the second floor; Daria’s was on the fourth. Even though Sheena seemed fairly functional, Daria decided it would be best to get her into her apartment before leaving for the night, so she got off the elevator with her friend. “You comin’ in with me?” Sheena asked.

“Yep,” Daria replied. “Just want to make sure you get where you belong.”

“I don’t feel so good.” Sheena fumbled her key out of her coat pocket and tried to get it into the lock. “Damn lock must have shrunk.”

“Yeah, I’m sure that’s it.” Daria took the key from her and unlocked the door, then ushered Sheena inside. “Okay, do you think you can handle getting your clothes off so you can get some sleep?”

“I’d rather get your clothes off.”

Stunned, Daria stared at her. “You’re still drunk.”

“Nope, just horny as hell.” Sheena patted Daria’s ass. “You don’t really think me grabbing your tit back there was an accident, do you?”

Yeah, definitely drunk. There was no possible way Sheena was making a pass at her. Daria had been friends with the woman for a couple years now, and there’d never been any indication that Sheena was anything but completely straight.

But Sheena’s ass patting had turned into ass rubbing, and Daria’s body was responding even if she didn’t believe she was interested. “You like this, don’t you,” Sheena purred. “You’re hot, Daria. I’ve wanted to fuck you since we met, you know that?”

“Get some sleep,” Daria said. “You’re still smashed.”

“Nope, I told you, I’m horny.”

Before Daria could stop her, Sheena pulled her closer and planted a kiss on her. An intense kiss. With tongue. Daria tried to pull away, but didn’t try too hard. She wasn’t into women, but it had been bursa escort bayan a little too long since there’d been any men around, and if the moisture in her panties was any indication her body didn’t care what gender Sheena was.

As her tongue probed Daria’s mouth, Sheena took one hand off Daria’s ass and slid it up to her tits. Daria felt her nipples harden as Sheena tweaked and rubbed them, alternating between the boobs. Daria moaned. She still wasn’t completely sure about this, but it felt too good to stop.

Sheena’s apartment was smaller than Daria’s, really just one room with a separate bathroom. Which meant the bed wasn’t far from the door. Without stopping either the kiss or the groping, Sheena pushed Daria toward the bed. Daria resisted for a moment, then thought, “What the hell? She’s drunk; once we’re on the bed she’ll probably be out for the count anyway.”

But when they were both on the bed, Sheena let go of Daria, sat up, and pulled off the spaghetti-strapped minidress she’d worn to the party. Underneath it, all she had on was a black lace thong. Her tits were small enough that she didn’t need a bra, but round and firm, with nubby little nipples that Daria was sure men loved to suck. Sheena struck a pose, one hand behind her head and one on her waist. “What do you think?”

“I think I need to leave now,” Daria said.

“Oh, come on, you know you like what you see.” Sheena took Daria’s hand and guided it between her legs. Daria tried to pull away, but Sheena held her hand there. “Show me what you do when you play with yourself. I want to get off.”

“This is ridiculous!” Daria said. “I’m not gay, I’m not bi, and I have no idea why you’re doing this!”

“Because you might not be, but I am, and you’re sexy,” Sheena said. “You do me, then I’ll do you. Who cares if you’re lesbian or bi? What feels good, feels good.”

Sheena had a point. And Daria had to admit the kissing and fondling so far had felt good. But Sheena had been the one making the moves. Daria wasn’t sure she wanted to reciprocate, even though her hand was between Sheena’s legs, touching her wetness, and…

It was just too easy to stroke Sheena around the thong, especially with Sheena still holding her hand, moving it back and forth. “Fuck, yeah,” Sheena murmured. “If you can seriously tell me you don’t want this, then you can go home and get yourself off. But I think it’s more fun with someone else, don’t you?”

It was nice having someone else’s hands on her. Daria didn’t think she wanted to have sex with her friend, but she wasn’t as against the idea as she’d been a few minutes before. Especially with Sheena writhing against her hand. Daria had always gotten turned on when the men she’d been with had responded to what she did to them. It was just as much of a turn-on watching Sheena.

She found Sheena’s clit and rubbed her finger against it. “Holy shit!” Sheena said. “You sure you’ve never done this before?”

“Only to myself,” Daria said.

“Well, keep bursa sınırsız escort on doing it to me, because I’m gonna, I… oh, fuck!”

Sheena bucked as she came, and Daria felt a rush of wetness on her hand. Although Sheena let go of her, Daria didn’t immediately pull her hand away. “Guess you enjoyed that,” she said.

“Holy fuck, yes. I have to catch my breath.”

Sheena breathed heavily for a few seconds, then abruptly pushed Daria onto her back. “Your turn,” she said.

Daria’s dress had been pushed up over her hips, which meant all Sheena had to do was slip her finger inside Daria’s panties. She did, thrusting a finger hard into Daria’s pussy. Daria let out a cry. “See, it is better with someone else,” Sheena said.

Daria was too focused on the pleasure between her legs to bother answering. Sheena’s finger found just the right spot inside Daria and pressed against it until Daria thought she was going to explode. When Sheena withdrew her finger and rubbed Daria’s clit, Daria did just that. “Fuck!”

Sheena wasn’t finished. While Daria was still having aftershocks from what had been one of the hardest orgasms of her life, Sheena pushed the crotch of Daria’s panties aside and lowered her mouth to Daria’s clit. “You taste yummy,” she said, then went back to licking.

Daria tried to protest, but Sheena’s mouth felt too good. With her first orgasm so recent, it was only moments before Daria came again. “Sheena! Holy… oh, my god!”

Sheena looked up with a lascivious grin. “Delicious.” She rolled onto her back. “Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to eat me out. This time, at least.”

Daria caught her breath and pulled her panties back into place. “This time? You think there’s going to be another time?”

“I know there will be,” Sheena said confidently. “You had as much fun as I did, Daria. Maybe even more. I’m not saying we have to get it on all the time, but if we’re horny and there’s no man around, why the hell not?”

Daria didn’t have an answer for that. She’d definitely enjoyed this, but she didn’t think she would want a second round. Ever. She got up and adjusted her dress. “I’d better get upstairs. And you need to sleep off your drinks.”

“I wasn’t drunk, Daria.”

Daria stared at her. “Yes, you were. I watched you drinking all those shots and beers, and you were staggering and slurring.”

“Yeah, I’m a damn good actress, don’t you think?” Sheena propped herself up on her pillows and winked. “I knew you’d never go along with this if you thought I was sober, or if you weren’t at least a little buzzed. So I decided to act like I’d had a few too many and see what happened.”

“You planned this?”

“Yep, since last week when you were whining about how long a dry spell you’d had.”

“I can’t believe you!” Daria yelled. “How could you trick me like that? You’re no better than- than a man!”

“Oh, I think I’m a lot better. And I think you thought so too.”

“I’m out of here.”

Daria yanked the door open and left, slamming the door behind her. As the door closed, she thought she heard Sheena say, “See you in a few days, when you’re horny again.”

Never. Sheena would be lucky if Daria ever spoke to her again, let alone… Let alone what they’d done tonight.

But as Daria rode the elevator up to her floor, she knew she wouldn’t be able to stick to that decision.

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