A Late July Heatwave Ch. 02

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Note: please read “A Late July Heat Wave!” as a prelude to this story.


As I started texting a note to your sister’s boyfriend my cock started to stir in my pants thinking back to the scene of you on the kitchen table taking the hard cock of your daughter’s boyfriend deep into your sweet pussy. His cock was glistening with your pussy juices as we watched the shaft of his cock stroking in and out, your butterfly pussy lips grasping the shaft of his thick cock as he withdrew from you. The orgasmic expression on your face said it all as he drove his long thick cock into you and held his hips slammed against yours as he unleashed volley after volley of cum deep inside you. Later you told me that you could feel his cock pulsating and stretching your pussy and the feeling of being stuffed full of his cock made you orgasm several times while fucking.

I sent my text to your sister’s boyfriend to see what they were up to and asked if they wanted to come over for a BBQ. A few moments went by before I received his reply saying they were out shopping however, they could be over by around 4 or so. I let him know that 4 would be great as it gave us time to put things together for grilling and have some chill time by the pool. I let you know of the plans and you just smiled and headed off for the kitchen to get things ready for later in the day. I sat there in my recliner thinking of what mischievous thoughts were running through your mind while thinking to myself, I wonder if I’ll get the opportunity to have a taste of your sister.

A little about the family dynamics, both sisters were divorced and both had been married to black men. I on the other hand was white and your sister’s boyfriend was black. Your sister had once asked you, after she found out that we were dating, could I satisfy your needs sexually. You responded yes, no worries there! She hadn’t really believed you until one Saturday morning she had stopped by and saw my car in the driveway. She knocked on the door and there was no response. As she came around to the side of the house she heard the screams of your orgasms coming out through the balcony window. She texted you and said “sounds like you were having fun this morning, text me when you are free”. When you met up with her later that afternoon she asked you what was going on that you had so much fun. You told your sister that I had brought you to several orgasms by using my tongue, fingers and vibrators before turning you face down and ass up and proceeded to fuck you in the asshole.

You let me know that her jaw was on the floor when you shared the details of our love making session. Anyway, your kids were grown and out of the house and all of them accepted me into the family as I treated you respectfully and took care of their mom. While growing up, the neighbor kids especially the boys, always enjoyed coming over to the house as you were always making something good in the kitchen and on weekends you never wore a bra and your 42DD breasts had not dropped a bit standing proudly on your chest with big eraser sized nipples. Your boys always got teased from their friends how lucky they were to have a fox for a mom and how much they would love to get a hold of your big sexy tits. Your sister’s kids were younger and still in middle school. Your sister had not received the wonderful big tits that you did however, had an ass that was like two cantaloupes in a bag and giggled and just asked to be handled and fucked doggy style.

It seemed like time was flying by and your sister was ringing the doorbell and had then walked right in. This was the norm for your sister and you as the two of you shared everything. Her boyfriend soon followed behind with a couple of bags of goodies to include all the fixings for margaritas. I knew what your sister had in mind as she knew that Tequila always got you hammered relatively quickly. At a prior party you had gotten so bad off that I had to carry you up the stairs and put you in bed or you would have passed out in the living room with all the guests watching. It was during that party that you were dancing with your sister’s boyfriend and things were getting heated as you were twerking your butt on the front of his shorts to the beat of the music and it wasn’t long before he responded to you and was at full mast. You could easily feel his hard cock through his shorts rubbing against your sexy ass. As the song changed to a slow grind you turned to face him as his hands moved up along the sides of your torso and he caressed your large voluptuous breasts. You whispered to him asking if he wanted to put his hard cock between your tits. He responded by reaching back and grabbing your ass with his big muscular hands and pulling you into him. You could feel his hard cock throbbing against your stomach with desire giving you your answer. Your sister then stepped in and switched us back to our respective partners for the remainder of the evening before I had to take you upstairs.

Your sister and you started chatting away at a 100mph in the kitchen while I set up the bar outside by the pool. It pendik escort wasn’t long before I had the blender whirring and pouring some strawberry margaritas for all with a light sugar on the rim of the glasses. I turned up the music to get the mood started for some fun. After round 2 we decided that the sun was down enough that we should change and jump in the pool. We had returned first to the pool and were enjoying the refreshing cool water when your sister and boyfriend came out. Your sister had on a two piece barely there bikini with a thong that you could hardly see as she did a twirl for all to enjoy. I gave her a cat call and she responded with a devilish grin. Her boyfriend was wearing a dark blue Speedo that accented his large cock and you could see it pointing to the Left. The material was stretched tight around his body enhancing the length and girth of his cock and I watched as you ran your tongue around your lips before giving him a cat call as well. He told you that your sister had bought it for him today while shopping and it was just for you!

They joined us in the water and we moved about the pool enjoying the water. Your sister told me stand still and spread my legs so she could dive down and swim through them. I did as she asked and could feel her body rubbing up against the inside of my legs as she swam through. She came up for air on the back side of me and then repeated this by going from behind me through my legs. This time as she swam through I could feel her hands on the inside of my legs and up over my trunks grabbing my growing cock as she swam through and surfaced on the front side of me. She gave you a wink and said it was your turn and told her boyfriend to assume the position. You took a deep breath and dove down swimming between his legs and you didn’t hesitate to caress his strong muscled legs on the way through. On your return trip it seemed to take you much longer to come back through his legs. Your fingers caressing his bulging cock, sliding your fingers across the material of his stretched Speedo from his balls to the tip of his cock and back again as you made your way back through your legs. As you surfaced you were smiling like a cat who at just ate the canary in the cage.

Your sister quickly stated that it was the guys turn and stood ready for me to swim through her legs. I took my time as I worked my way through caressing her upper thighs and sexy ass before coming up for air on the other side. I returned and took my time caressing the bare cheeks of her ass then sliding my fingers up between her legs to caress the soft folds of her pussy. As I surfaced you were grinning and already in place for your turn. As your sister’s boyfriend dove down to go between your legs your sister came over to me and stood in front of me. She pushed her sexy ass back into me as I grabbed her by the hips and pushed forward. My cock growing rapidly as the soft cushiony pillows of her ass cheeks felt wonderful rubbing against my cock.

As I looked over to you, your eyes were closed and your sister’s boyfriend was holding his breath and not continuing through your legs. We both knew that he had his hands all over your legs, ass and pussy. He surfaced on the other side took a deep breath and returned between your legs. We could see through the water that he had his head between your legs and was nibbling on your pussy. I reached down and took your sister’s arms and pulled them up and had her interlock her fingers behind my head. As her boyfriend surfaced my hands were moving up from her waist across her smooth stomach and my hands cupped her breasts through the material. I could feel her nipples harden as they poked against the palms of my hands. I used my thumb and fore finger to tug and twist her nipples through her bikini. You stood mesmerized by what I was doing and it wasn’t long before your arms were being lifted above your head. You interlocked your fingers behind the boyfriends head and your breathing was deep as you felt his large hands glide up the sides of your torso before reaching forward and caressing your large breasts. You could feel his cock pushing against your ass and the head of his cock was well beyond his Speedo as you felt it’s heat against you.

I lifted the bikini top off your sister exposing her medium sized breasts as my hands caressed, squeezed and toyed with her nipples getting them to their full attention. Her nipples were slender yet easily 1/2″ in length as they stood out proudly on her 38 C sized breasts. Her areola was dark and about the size of a quarter. Her boyfriend quickly untied your top from behind your neck and let it float away as his hands roamed all over your soft sexy tits. Your nipples were excited more than normal almost 1/2″ in diameter and 3/4″ long. You were moaning loudly as he stretched them out away from your body. I reached my hand down under the water and caressed your sisters pussy. My other hand tugged the tie on the side of her hip and the material was soon lost in the water.

I moved your sister to the edge of the pool and lifted her kartal escort up to sit on the edge. I moved a towel under her sexy butt so she was comfortable as I positioned her feet on my shoulders. As I started to kiss from her Right knee down the inside of her thighs she reached up with her hand and was rubbing my head encouraging me and tugging it closer and closer to my final destination. Her skin was velvety soft as my tongue and lips nibbled and caressed my way closer to her clean shaven pussy. You and your sister went every two weeks to the wax salon and you had just been 3 days before so I knew she would be nice and smooth. My tongue finally found the place I was searching for and I ran my tongue from the that soft patch of skin between her pussy and asshole all the way to her excited little clit. My tongue swirled around and around before my lips caressed and nibbled on her clit sucking it into my mouth. She moaned as her first orgasm swept through her body making her legs shake and I was just getting started. I latched on to her clit and started hummmming causing her hips to lift up against and grind her pussy into my face wanting more as she bathed my chin with her pussy juices.

I heard the water splash next to your sister and her boyfriend joined her sitting on the edge of the pool. It wasn’t long before you were between his legs and mesmerized by his hard long black cock sticking out of his Speedo’s. You lowered your face so your tongue could lick the crown of his cock, running your tongue in circles before lowering your lips to suck the head of his cock into your mouth. The actions of your lips rimming the head of his cock made him swell up even larger as you cupped his balls with one hand through his Speedo’s and worked your fingers around the shaft of his cock. Your fingers could not fit around his shaft and just like with your daughter’s boyfriend you couldn’t wait to see how it filled your excited pussy. You used your hands to pull his Speedo’s forward and down over his cock as he lifted his hips for you. Your fingers wrapped around the shaft of his cock once again and slowly stroked him as you took each of his balls into your mouth and enjoyed each them as they filled our mouth. You had told me previously how much you enjoyed being fucked doggy style and having your lovers balls slap against your clit and it made you orgasm so hard.

I moved my tongue down to your sisters asshole and ran my tongue in circles as my thumb flicked her clit back and forth. As I move two fingers inside her sweet love channel her hand joined mine playing with her clit. She looked over and was watching how you moved up her boyfriends hard cock with your tongue. Wiggling back and forth on the soft spot just below the head of his cock and his cock jumped slapping hard against your face. She squealed with delight as my tongue entered her asshole and her fingers were rubbing her excited faster as her pussy juices coated my fingers. I moved up to enjoy the sweet taste of her pussy juices, something that I loved from you as you would squirt in my mouth. I moved my mouth to her clit and started a side to side then up and down motion as my fingers worked in and out of her pussy. The thumb of my other hand rubbing circles around her asshole.

She watched as you started to begin your descent down the long 10″ length of her boyfriends cock. Your lips were being stretched out due to his thick girth however, you wanted to feel his cock deep in your throat. The first 6″ was pretty easy for you, as you withdrew you left his cock covered in your saliva making a slurping sound. I knew your cock sucking abilities were some of the best I had ever experienced as even after cumming twice you could still revive my cock for a third go around even though I was already over 50. As you continued a slow steady up and down motion taking him deeper and deeper we could tell he was starting to enter your throat as you were making a gargling sound. He was leaning back with his hands on the deck around the pool looking up with his eyes closed trying to hold back from cumming too soon.

We could see that his cock was coated heavily with your drool and you were almost there. Your sister reached over and placed her hand on the back of your head pushing down gently as you opened your throat muscles. We could see your throat expanding as his cock pulsated when your nose hit his stomach and you had taken the entire length of his cock. You came up for air and proceeded again to swallow this large throbbing thick cock, your sister enjoying the part of helping you. This was something she had not been able to achieve and was amazed at your ability to do so. We watched as you repeated this several times before he reached up and held you by the back of your head and unleashed a torrent of cum. Load after load of cum shooting down your throat and we could see the muscles of your throat milking his pulsating cock.

As his cock subsided and slipped from your mouth your sister leaned over to first clean off any final remains from her mans cock before grabbing the maltepe escort back of your head and bringing her lips to yours. Your tongues dancing around together enjoying the taste of his cum. Your sister had me get out of the pool and lay on my back after removing my swim trunks. My 7″ hard cock was standing at attention and ready for some action after watching your performance. Your sister said she wanted my cock in her pussy and I told her I wanted her to ride my cock reverse cowgirl so I could watch her ass shake as she bounced up and down. I watched as she knelt down placing her knees on the outside of my legs and reached back underneath her grabbing my hard cock and pointing in upward as she rocked back and slid my cock into her hot wet pussy. As expected her pussy felt amazing as she bottomed with the cheeks of her ass bouncing as our bodies collided. I reached up and grabbed her ass cheeks and helped her rock up and down watching my cock disappear as she bounced up and down. Her boyfriend helped you up out of the pool and removed your bottoms. She grabbed ahold of his swinging cock and had him standing in front her as she wanted both cocks pleasuring her.

You wasted no time in straddling my face, first feeding me your big sexy tits to suck on and enjoy your extended nipples. This always gets me rock hard and today was no different. You then moved forward placing your knees on either side of my head and lowering your delicious pussy to my lips. I could taste the chlorine from the pool however, I knew that would quickly change once you started flooding me with your orgasms. I started by sucking each of your extending pussy lips into my mouth and wiggling them back and forth, my nose rubbing against your clit. I took your butterfly pussy lips into my mouth and swirled my tongue around and around before sucking on them and pulling them out away from your body stretching 2-3″. I moved my mouth side to side and this caused your clit to be gently rolled back and forth between them and the friction brought you to your first orgasm.

During one of our marathon Saturday morning love making sessions I had brought you to 26 orgasms, large and small over a 6 hour period and I was always rewarded with your sweet nectar. My tongue danced on your clit as your sisters pussy was wrapped around my hard cock and I thought I was in heaven. My hands would alternate between squeezing your sexy ass and toying with your asshole to grabbing your sisters as they bounced up and down. I didn’t know if your sister liked anal however, from her response of my tongue on her asshole and my thumb playing with her I thought I would try again. I positioned my Left thumb against her asshole and stroked around and around in circles. Her moaning on her mans cock in her mouth gave me the answer that I needed. I slide my fingers into your sweet pussy for some lubrication and returned then to your sisters asshole. My thumb slipped in with ease as I felt her push down harder and adjust her hips for taking in both my hard cock and thumb at the same time.

I latched onto your clit and started to hummmm hummmm hummmm, the vibrations running though out your body and it felt like little electrodes encasing your nipples making them rock hard. The first one of your massive orgasms hit you and you showered my mouth and face with your pussy juices spraying me everywhere. I lapped up all your sweet juices with my tongue swallowing the delicious flavor. I went back to hummming on your excited clit as you screamed out in pleasure. The whole neighborhood was hearing you enjoy yourself for sure! I felt your sister adjusting her hips slightly as I felt her hand once again on my throbbing cock. Her fingers were wet and the feeling of her fingers on the crown of my cock had me soo close to shooting my load however, you ground your pussy into my face and I was distracted momentarily. I felt her placing the head of my cock against her asshole and slowly taking it in. Once the head of my cock slipped in she held steady for a few moments to get accustomed to the mushroom shaped head of my cock. It wasn’t long before she was rocking back and forth and the sweet sexy cheeks of her ass were caressing my cock as I went deeper and deeper. once my cock was fully embedded into her sweet sexy ass she start riding with a renewed vigor.

I didn’t know how much longer I was going to last until I got interrupted. Your sister’s boyfriend had turned you slightly and you were somewhat sideways riding my face as he was lifting up your hips as he knelt behind you. I released your clit and was sucking and tugging on your pussy lips as he brought your hips up higher. He put one leg across my chest and between you and your sister while placing the other on the outside of your other knee. I watched him position the head of his cock against your pussy lips and you instinctively pushed back onto his hard cock. He sank into your excited wet pussy with ease taking 8″ of his thick shaft. I watched your pussy lips stretch open and accept his large cock. The head of his cock reaching your inner chambers and you grunted loudly saying, Yes, fuck me deeper! His hands grabbed ahold of your hips and he started to work his cock deeper and deeper into your pussy. I watched as his balls started to slap against your clit as he thrusted his cock into you just like you told me you had enjoyed before with previous lovers.

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