A Sexual Awakening Ch. 02

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Group Sex

I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the fifth of the ten interviews I have worked on over the last three years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.

Chapter two.

Janice learns more about herself. James still holds the key. A riddle may hold her future.


When he wants to. James has this way of making you feel like you are the only person that matters. He gives you his undivided attention. He is a great conversationalist. Again only when he wants to. Today was one of those days. Today he was at his best.

Normally he is quite reserved. A man of few words. A trait you might expect from a forensic accountant. With all the drama he was dealing with today I felt closer to him than I had since he left for college. Not that I hadn’t tried to change that over the years. After we finished eating he held my hand and looked at me intently. He wanted to say something but then seemed to change his mind. He paid the bill and walked me back to his car hand in hand.

Nothing changed at the hospital. We spent some time watching Harold until the doctor arrived. He and James talked in private. When he returned the look James had wasn’t good. We drove back to the office. He was deep in thought.

“Please bring Bobby back to the office first. We will not be joining you for dinner. Tomorrow Russell and his people will be here. You will go shopping while they are here.” James was clear, concise and business like.

“Yes sir.” I casually replied.

“Not sir. James.” He corrected me.

It was all I could do not to say sir. This was all too confusing for me but I did as I was told.

“Ok James.” He took my hand and squeezed it but didn’t let go. I saw this as a good thing.

I went to the airport and picked up my youngest child Robert. Tall and lanky he looked tired and thinner than usual. He was glad to see me, his eyes brightened when he saw me wave. A hug. A kiss on the cheek. We waited for his bags.

“How’s dad?” He asked concerned.

“We were just there. No difference.” I tried to be upbeat but facts were facts.

“How long are you here for?” I asked as the carousel started. Bobby pulled three suitcases off the machine. “I am home to stay for now.” He explained as he handed me the smallest suitcase. “Jim says he has a project for me that may take some time.”

“What about …?” I hesitated before I mentioned his name.

“We’re done. This is all my life right here.” He looked at the bags we were carrying. “That’s one reason it took so long to come back to see dad. Jim said that he was stable and in a coma. Besides he told me he need to figure something out that would affect me. When I called yesterday he said things were clearer. I grabbed the first flight back.”

The ride back to the office was time to catch up. We talk occasionally but Bobby visits less than his brother. Bobby and his father have been all but estranged since he announced he was gay. Too bad he is such a bright young man. Talented, hardworking, just the kind of person that the company needed to help us these last few years. The fact that he was such a warm, fun, loving and inviting person just drew you in. James is a German Shepherd, strong, confident, aggressive, loyal but protective. Bobby is a Yellow Lab, laid back, playful, and even more loyal. But once you knew him, never a threat. Two more opposite brothers you have never seen and yet both so committed to the other.

We arrived back at the office as instructed. Mandy was leaving James office as we walked in. Something was different about her. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first. Then with my second look she had changed her clothes. She was wearing a different top. This time she didn’t have a bra on! She looked at me and grinned when she saw me check her out. What the fuck is going on? I started to get pissed again. I was going to confront her but just then James walked out.

“Robert! Good to see you!” James called out. Bobby ran to meet him. They embraced and hugged. “You look like shit! Brother you need to take better care of yourself.” James teased.

“You’re looking a bit stressed yourself!” Robert teased back.

“Janice bring Robert and I something to drink and join us.” He looked at Bobby. “Beer?”

Bobby looked at his watch. “It must be five o’clock somewhere!”

It was like they had never been apart. Mandy had left. I went to the store down the street and brought back some cold refreshments. I ordered some pizza’s something I knew they loved from there college days and rarely eat anymore. Back in James office he filled in Bobby on the condition of sarıyer escort his father and his long term prognosis. Only time will tell. The doctors are optimistic but preparing them for the worst as well.

He told Bobby about Latisha and Russell. They talked options for how to deal with her. They neither one liked her much but wanted to be fair to her. The pizza’s filled their plates. Thanking me for remembering how they each liked it. I didn’t eat with them preferring a smaller healthier meal for dinner. The talked turned to business. Hungry and tired I excused myself.

I left James office the door open. I checked the outer office and backed up my computer then I turned off all but a few lights for the night. I left in my car and started home. Reaching in my purse to check my phone I found the keys to the rental car. Not knowing if Bobby needed the car I decided to return to the office and drop them off. Besides they would probably leave the pizza’s set on my desk all night instead of putting them in the refrigerator.

Riding up the elevator the office looked just like I left it. I unlocked the front door and walked past the receptionist area down the hall to the main office.

“Please James I need this!” Bobby cried out. The way he said it suggested they were in the middle of something important.

I stopped just short of the corner not wanting to interrupt. I figured I would just leave the keys on the receptionist’s desk with a note.

“Robert you just can’t run to me every time your lover leaves you and expect me to fuck you just to make you feel better!” I almost gasped as James said it.

“One time. I only asked you one time!” Bobby blurted out. “It’s not like I ever asked you to suck me or let me fuck you!”

“Suck one cock and you’re a cocksucker for life!” James spat back. “This is the second time. I told you then…”

“I know. I know. But this is different. I was going to ask him to marry me. Then…”

“Robert if we do this there will never be another time do you understand?” James said sternly. Somehow I knew James wouldn’t say no. Not to Bobby. Not after all they have been though together. Not after James stood up to his father for Bobby.

“I promise. Do this and I will never…!”

“Not again!” I heard the faint sound of a zipper lowering. A mumbled moan followed. “You have sucked way too many cocks!” Jim groaned.

“This is still the best one. Too bad you’re so stingy with it!” Bobby teased.

“Sorry but dudes are just not my thing. Now get at it before I change my mind!” Bobby must have because his voice crackled. I listened as Robert sucked and slurped. My pussy wanted attention. I held off not wanting to make any noises. I listened as James groaned.

“Take it all you cock sucker. Don’t lose a drop!” James hissed. He was cumming. I could feel it clear across the expanse of the office. I assumed he was filling Bobby’s mouth with his first load.

The sucking and slurping didn’t fade as Bobby continued to work James back to another erection. I knew it because that is what I would do if it was me. Only it wasn’t. It was my gay son. Backing against the wall I listened further. I heard some rustling like a condom wrapper open. Then what sounded like someone spitting.

“Oh god you’re so big!” Bobby cried out.

“Do you want me to stop?” James grunted. My fingers pushed my panties to the side before slipping in my pussy.

“God no. I want it. I need it! Please don’t stop!” Bobby begged.

What followed was the coupling of two brothers one silently trying to help the other. I slid along the wall until I reached the floor. My pussy soaked fingers probed my ass trying to replicate what Bobby was feeling. Pussy juice flowed over my fingers. My clit burned for attention. The noises coming from the other room were growing louder. I couldn’t hold off any longer. With my legs splayed two fingers just inside my ass the other strummed my clit. I was on the edge desperately waiting for their clue. I didn’t have to wait much longer.


“Do it Jimmy. Let me have it. Let me have it all!” Bobby yelled as I started cumming! “Fill me up. You know how much I need this!

He called him Jimmy! This is the second time in two days. I haven’t heard him called that in over twenty years! Bobby started babbling, James was grunting. I was writhing on the floor. Then there was complete silence. I was still sprawled out on the floor hoping they couldn’t hear my heart beat. I looked around for a tissue. The bathroom was out of the question. I would have to pass by a large opening to reach it.

“I love you Robert but never again!” James said sternly.

“I know. I love you too. I promise. Never again.” Robert replied.

“Clean this off my desk and wait here. I’m going to the restroom.” James said clearly.

I sprung up to my feet. James would be walking past me soon. The restrooms were on the same hall I was in just on the other side of the opening esenyurt escort to the office. I ducked into the reception area just out of sight. I heard James walk across the office to the hallway but when he reached it he stopped. His steps were getting closer not further away. My heart pounded.

“Show yourself slut!” James whispered firmly.

I contemplated if he was bluffing then I just remembered my car was in the lot. He knew I was here all along. I stepped from around the pillar I was standing behind, he was just steps from me. James didn’t look happy. He walked up to me glaring at me with scorn. He reached out and took one hand of mine moving it to his face.

“No Master not…” I started to say. His other hand snapped up and put a finger to my lips silencing me.

He licked the fingers I had in my ass. He licked them clean. Taking his time to make sure each one was clean. Keeping me in his gaze he released that hand and reached for the other. This time he took the one that was rubbing my clit. Again he took his time removing my wetness from my fingers. His finger still pushed to my lips he hesitated several moments.

“Your panties now!” His finger followed my lips as I bent to slip my panties off. “Tomorrow you will wear none when you come to work!”

Afraid to speak I nodded slowly. He took the panties.

“Don’t be late for work.” James moved to the reception desk and took the keys to the rental off the desk.

I slipped out the door as he locked it behind me. I was a complete wreck. James knew I heard him and Bobby. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. What he did was so not like him. But then it was Bobby. And they had done it once before? I drove in disbelief.

I was at my desk when Mandy showed up. Today’s outfit was as revealing as yesterday afternoon. Robert came in and stood in front of my desk. He almost looked like a different person. Still too thin but he was glowing. It was like sunshine pushed away a dark cloud he was under.

“Jim said you could help me with some files mom.” He bubbled.

“Janice. When I am at work I am Janice!” I corrected him. Mandy looked up then back at her desk as I gave her a glaring look.

“Bullshit. You’re my mother. You are mom. I don’t care what anyone else calls you. For me it will be mom.” Bobby gave me a silly look telling me he really didn’t care if I wasn’t happy with him. “Now about those files mom!”

I huffed as I led him into the file room and pulled out what he needed. James walked in as I sat back at my desk.

“Janice will you come in my office.” He walked into his office closing the door behind us. He looked out at the offices. Everyone was working at their desk. He moved behind his desk and directed me to do the same. “Bend over slut!”

I contemplated refusing but just for a second.

“James what if they see?” I asked as my tits mashed against the desk

He pulled up my dress exposing my bare ass and pussy. My heart raced not knowing what would happen next

“Then I suggest we do this quickly so they don’t!” He opened a drawer I heard him pull on latex gloves. He was fumbling around for what seemed like an hour. The whole time I was looking out the office windows. Without warning he placed a slender slippery butt plug in my ass. He did it so quickly I almost didn’t have time to gasp. “There now stand up!” He spanked my ass.

“Mandy is going shopping with you!” His fierce glare shut me down before I could object. “She WILL be going with you. You will purchase six pairs of different panties and bra’s. Mandy will make sure each item fits you to the instructions I provide her. You WILL do exactly as she says without complaint. If she refuses to do what I have instructed she will be punished. If you don’t do what she says you will be punished even more. Are we clear?” James asked pointedly.

“Yes Master.” I was red as a beet. This was just not fair!

“Good now tell her to get in here. You will go back to your desk and wait.” He slipped the gloves off like he was a doctor.

I went out and sent Mandy in. She was in there for some time when the thought of looking crossed my mind. I picked up a file and stood to take it to the file room. I glanced in his office she was bent over just like me. She saw me. I looked up James saw me too. I went and left for the file in the room knowing I would need to retrieve it later. She was standing and heading for the door to James office.

“He wants to see you before we leave.” Mandy said before I sat down. I went to his office and closed the door.

“Slut. When you are done shopping for yourself and only when you are done with your shopping. You will purchase a bra and panty set for Mandy. You will treat her as she treats you. No better no worse. You will then take her to lunch wherever she wants to go. I need you both back here at two. No later.” He looked at me to see if I understood.

“Yes Master!” I turned to leave.

“Slut you will be punished for leaving your desk.” My avrupa yakası escort back was still to him.

“As you wish Master.” I closed the door as I walked out.

“Mandy are you ready to go?” I asked a bit peeved.

“Yes mistress!” She whispered. What did she just say?

I couldn’t believe she said that! I looked at the two other gals in the office to see if they heard her. They sat closer to the receptionist and seemed oblivious. I looked back at Mandy. She was embarrassed but seemed thrilled to have said it. I grabbed her hand to lead her to my car. I stopped at the front door and went back to my desk. I pulled the container from the drawer and placed it in my purse.

“What did you call me back there?” I demanded to know.

“Sir said I was to call you Mistress when I was with you today.” Mandy said almost boasting.

“Well I am not and don’t call me that!” I explained as we got in the car.

“He said you would say that but as Master I listen to him before you.” Mandy explained.

“Well I won’t tell if you don’t” I replied rudely as I pulled out of the lot.

“I will. I swore to tell him anything he asks.” I looked at Mandy, I could see she was sincere. “I will not lie Mistress.”

“Good then tell me this. Have you fucked him?” I almost screamed at her.

“I am not allowed to talk to anyone about what we do in private.” She bowed her head in shame.

I was stuck with her. If she wasn’t allowed to talk then we will do what we came to do. Shop.

“Where would you go to shop for lingerie?” I tried starting over.

“The first stop would be at the mall. Then there are the more intimate stores for something special.” Mandy offered.

The first stop didn’t have much to offer we liked. Mandy felt we were in the wrong store. She chose the next one. It was for a younger crowd but I had to admit the selection was stylish. We chose (well she did) three panties. We walked to the changing rooms so I could try them on. The attendant explained that we couldn’t go in together. Mandy handed her the garments and we walked out. I guess that was my first clue this was not just shopping.

The next store she asked first. The young woman that waited on us explained we could go in together but any panties I tried on would need to be purchased. The bras could be returned if I put it over my blouse.

We went in with three matching sets. I pretty much knew my size so we entered the changing room together. I lifted my skirt only enough to slip the panties on. They were much sexier than I would have picked so they felt odd but fit well. Mandy picked up my skirt and looked at them. She reached to touch them. I pulled back.

“What are you doing?” I whispered.

“I was instructed to check each garment personally.” Mandy informed me. “Sir insists I check each one unless you refuse! Then I need to call him.”

Mandy waited for my decision. I made no move to stop her. Mandy moved closer her hand slipped over my hip and around to my ass. She fondled each cheek and then had me turn. I was nervous she would feel the butt plug but she didn’t go that far.

Lifting the back of the skirt she looked at the back. She bent me forward then slipped her hand between my legs. She bumped the plug as she caressed my pussy from behind. She slipped her hand around to the front standing me up. Mandy felt the smooth skin inside the material

“He will definitely like these!” Mandy whispered in my ear. She started pulling them down stroking my legs. She held the next pair up for me step into. Mandy looked at my pussy as I lifted each leg. “Allow me Mistress!”

She slipped them in place she fondled me just like before only this time she pushed firmly on the plug. My pussy dampened.

“You have such a nice ass Mistress!”

I held my breath this time as she helped me from behind. I bent over her hand slid over the bare skin of my ass. I took a deep breath as she pulled the butt plug slowly out just a bit and watched my ass draw it back in. The last pair of panties were the sexiest. The front dipped down just above my clit. Mandy took her time fondling every inch.

“Now the bras.” She happily announced leaving the last panties in place. I expected to put them on over my top but Mandy insisted on trying each one on my bare chest. She fondled and caressed another three times.

The bras weren’t designed to support my DD sized tits but they looked sexy. My nipples would stick out through anything short of a winter parka. The sales girl was surprised I wore one pair out but seemed happy with the sale. We looked around the other stores but with limited time we decided to hit some smaller specialty shops.

The first one was very helpful the panties I bought were similar to the ones I came in with just a bit different. The lady there was large chested like me and recommended two bra’s that just supported the lower part of my tits. She called it a shelf bra. One was just that the other had a pad that could be slipped up to just cover the nipple. Mandy made sure she fitted each one to me perfectly.

Mandy wanted to take me to one last shop. We walked in. I knew right away this was a specialty shop geared to the Goth crowd. Everything was black or studded. She talked to the attendant and asked for a peephole bra. The girl showed them to us but I could see right away with my mass this would only be for show.

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