A Steamy Soapy Shower


I open the shower door and turn on the water. Feeling the water pelt my left hand, I know the water is not hot enough. I turn the faucet slowly until steam forms in the shower. Holding out my right hand, I turn it palm side up then palm side down feeling the stinging pelting of the searing water shock my nerves. When I remove my hand I notice the flush glow created from the intemperate water. Steam billows from the top of the shower door as I start to remove my workout clothes. Looking down at my sweaty muscular body, I watch my cock roll from its restricting jock and protrude half swollen in its girth and length in anticipation of following your command.

I quickly enter the steamy shower, rising to my tip toes from the immediacy of the burning water dousing my neck, back and buttocks. Acclimating to the tingling burn, I turn my chest into the sear, feeling the trickles of heat matt my chest hair as it runs down my abs, moistening my plush mound of hair below and tickling at my growing ache. I breathe in deep through my nose, close my eyes, and move my face under the heat as I envision you with me.

Feeling the heat pour over my face and through my hair, it is you who raises my nerves to this heightened sensation. It is you who lathers up my hair with shampoo çekmeköy escort massaging my scalp with your fingertips, working from the small of my neck up to my temples in delicious circles of strawberry scented suds. I roll my neck in an arc from right to left and back as you delicately work behind my earlobes. I purse a smile as I feel a squeeze and a twist on each lobe, then feel fingers search over my checks and chin reaching to the tip of my nose to then dance lightly over my closed eyes in a shower of soapy caresses. A quivering moan escapes me as I gasp for a breath.

I reach down to work more soap into a creamy froth to cover my body. I cross my arms to work each forearm and bicep then up to my shoulders and across my chest, pausing to twist and pull at each nipple as I know you would and desire. Closing my eyes to savor the pinching twist, I groan deep in my throat your name, “oh Jody.” I spread my fingers as I creep my open palms down my taut abs, then pulling my hands out to my sides to round down over my hips as I arch my back. My cock pulses out as it darkens in its blood filled hue. I see you smiling at me with a leering tease, to which I can only bite my lower lip in anticipation to fully comply and satisfy you.

Running my hands cevizli escort down my legs then back up, I reach my heavy sack, squeezing and twisting my ripe plump balls. With hands full of suds, I pull on my throbbing cock, grasping my tip with my left hand and running my right hand down my shaft. I continue to my balls pulling the tip of my cock to up and to the left while stretching my balls down and to the right. I whimper and quiver, “Mistress please…” I see you now doing the stroking up and down on my aching cock, as my plump head pulses. How I wish to stroke and lick you, with all the delicious pleasure you give me.

As I work my cock right to the point of no return, I suddenly stop and dig my soapy hands into my buttocks, grasping hard to retain my seed. Using my right hand, I lather between my sweet round ass cheeks and begin to massage my fleshy star. My cock quivers at the first touch. I circle my needy hole with my index finger. Feeling its tight pucker, I press my finger into its resistance to which it gives way to its tight warmth. I squeeze down hard my finger, then release and work my finger in deeper feeling the soft flesh within. Again I tighten on my finger, feeling the donut shaped muscle squeeze my finger. My hole is your needy erenköy escort cunt. I begin to work my finger slowly in and out of my ass, clenching my finger hard as I penetrate deeper and deeper with each stroke. I whimper out, this time, “fuck me Mistress Jody please.”

I begin to rock my hips as I work yet another finger into my need cunt. I grunt out your name, “Mistress yes, fuck me yes Jody please.” I close my eyes to see your beauty take complete control of me. I feel a tight grasp and pumping on my cock, as my two fingers work in and out of ass while my hips thrust faster and faster. I am gasping and spitting, “fuck yes please Mistress, yes please Jody, my lover, yes please, ahhhhhh.”

I shudder as my needy cunt locks down on my fingers as cum jets out onto my chest, shoulder and chin. Pulsing, shaking, twisting and moaning I continue cumming and lick at my cum, tasting my sweet salty treat. My ass clenches and releases, clenches and releases on my fingers as my orgasm converts into an ongoing drive. I shudder helplessly as I slump onto the shower floor, squeezing my fingers slowly out of my used hole while my cock gently pulses down into a thick limp vessle.

I lay huddled under the steaming mist, the after shocks roll through me endlessly as I see your face smile at what I’ve done to myself. I watch the water swirl and run down the drain as the sound of it pounds in my ears, I whisper your name. The hot steam relaxes me fully and I watch as the shower water mixes with my yellow piss and swirls down the drain.