As God Intended

Public Sex

St. Lucius: As God Intended.

This story is definitely inspired by some of the work by my favorite authors “imjustasteph,” and “theSparkZone.” It also owes some to the whole NIS thing, but it is maybe a little different. Everyone is at least 18 yrs old.


I don’t know what is going on with this school. It doesn’t seem legal. If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me. Right now I am naked and under my covers. I don’t have any hair. All of my clothes are gone, but my parents promised to give back my pajamas on the weekend.

It is all because of this weird school. My parents won’t tell me much about it, but it doesn’t make any sense to me. It is supposed to be some kind of religious school. “Covering your body is covering God,” is what the principal said. She was wearing clothes though.

So we had to go to this doctors’ office; well I it was really more like just a building. My parents dropped me off and I went in. The receptionist told me to sit down and I sat down with some other girls that looked about my age. I waited there, and waited…

Eventually the receptionist said that the doctor was running a little slow, and to “please just get undressed now.”

We were all in shock! “What? Don’t we get robes or something?”

“No, you bağdatcaddesi escort won’t need robes. Did you guys shave your little pussies?”


“Doesn’t anyone check their email?” She sounded upset, but not surprised-“You were supposed to shave before you got here. We don’t have all the time in the world. Obviously!”

I started to take off my shirt and the other two girls did too. I don’t usually wear a bra, so I was topless. The other two girls had bras on. They really had kinda large breasts. I’m not a lesbian, but I am a little envious of larger boobs.

“C’mon! He will be out in just a minute!”

Before we knew it, we were all naked. Three nude teenagers just waiting in the lobby. We were distracted, and the receptionist had swooped up all our clothes. We were suddenly aware of the air conditioning…

Thinking about that now, my skin remembers the sensation…it was tingly, like being kissed but not on your lips. Lying in bed, I start to rub myself just a little as I think about that reception area and what happened next.

“Ok, you can go in.”


“Just down the hall.”

“What about our clothes?”

“You won’t need them…”

I didn’t know what she meant, but I’d beykoz escort find out. All three of us naked teenagers went down the hall. We had our hands over our parts, but there wasn’t really anyone around that we could hear.

After what felt like a really long walk, we made it to the room. It wasn’t very big. The doctor said “Hey, very nice. Oh, I see you have not shaved. Well, don’t worry. You can when you get home. Also, we will give you lotion so that you won’t need to keep shaving. It is not good for your skin. Alright, well we are really in a time crunch so ill hand out these forms for you to fill out, and then I’ll need to do some physical examination, but I can do that while you are working.”

“Are we going to get robes or something?”

“No, no. Didn’t you guys read what you signed up for?”

“We didn’t sign up for anything!”

“Well, ok. Your parents signed you up…Well; basically this is a religious school. It didn’t used to be, but the new principal had kind of a conversion, and has realized that the body is beautiful. It is sacred. So the idea is that you will all get to know your bodies and each other’s, and that will bring you closer to the lord…its all in the pamphlets.”

“What kind of crap is that!?”

“Well, don’t caddebostan escort look at me; your parents are the ones that signed you up for it. Maybe the free housing had something to do with it.”

In my bed, I kept getting tingly thinking about that meeting. The questions were pretty basic, but some of them asked about sex stuff. What was even more uncomfortable was the physical exam.

“Ok, now the next part is a little weird, but I’m just doing what is required by the school. I need to measure some sensitive parts.” He used a strange little plastic ruler and measured our nipples, and our areole.

“Why do you need to know about our nipples?”

“Well, it is all part of the exam.” I guess it had to do with developing a “baseline.” Whatever that meant. Then the next thing was to measure us while we were aroused! We were all probably pretty nervous, so we were all ready kind of breathing hard. We started breathing harder though when we were asked to squeeze our nipples until they were at their maximum length!

I was really getting turned on now, just thinking…”Warning. You are aroused. Please masturbate to orgasm!” Oh shit. I forgot, that they also implanted these weird robot bracelet things. They keep track of how aroused we are. We are supposed to be listening to our bodies and masturbating to orgasm whenever we get aroused. Some stupid thing about “listening to God.” The stupid bracelet knows everything!

That’s when my stupid stepsister busted in!

“What’s going on in here?”

End of ch1