Ballet Club Ch. 07


When the dress rehearsal was over, I intended to get home and into bed, with my daughter doing the same. It had been a long day. I suspected that my encounter with Coach Shire would fuel some nice dreams and I was looking forward to it.

As my daughter and I left the school though, our devils came driving up in their small car. “How did they all fit in there?” I wondered. Don was in the passenger seat and he called us over. “C’mon, we’re going to a party!” It’s amazing how a few simple words can conjure up untold numbers of images. Partying with these guys, plus their friends? Of course it would probably be an innocent party just like any group of people would have, but my mind immediately went back to the party at my house, where my daughter and I were taken, deliciously and repeatedly, right in front of my husband.

“I don’t think so Don.” I answered him. “We should all get to b…..go to sleep.”

“C’mon Coach, take a ride with us. You owe me, remember?”

I did remember telling him to trust me, that I would make up to him his behaving on stage. But now? “I don’t know Don. Where is this party?”

“Mom, what difference does it make. You know you want to go and so do I. Let’s go!” my daughter joined in. Storm, who was driving, had already gotten out of the car and was helping my tiny daughter fit in the back seat with Willie and Chez. “Well, just for a little while, OK?” I said, not too convincingly. “I’ll get my car.”

“No,” Don said sternly, “You’ll ride with me.” He opened the door and patted his lap. Again with the loose sweats. Again with the very obvious cock lurking beneath. I climbed in without even thinking about it and we were off. Almost immediately I heard my daughter giggling in the back seat and I could only imagine what was going on back there. Though sucking Coach Shire’s incredible cock did give me an orgasm (I still can’t believe that I cum from getting my mouth fucked) it also left me craving some contact. The giggles, and now the occasional groan, from the back seat did nothing to quell the fire.

As we drove, I could feel Don’s cock begin to swell and run down his leg and mine. Each bump in the road sent a wonderful jolt through my body as the root of Don’s magnificent black dick ground hard against my lips. I was starting to sweat. “Let me roll down the window, OK?”

I reached down to grab the knob and had to break my contact with Don’s crotch. When I did, Don took the opportunity to lower his sweats, freeing his massive rod. He also lifted the back of my skirt, so when I settled back on his lap I had the wind in my face and his swollen shaft against my pantied lips. Like the first time I felt that feeling, on the stage at school, it sent shivers down my spine. And again, it looked like it was me who had an erection.

Although we were driving right through town, I was losing control. I reached under my skirt and pressed Don’s mighty shaft against my lips. I was so wet that my panties clung to his cock. I slowly ran my fist up and down his incredible length. God I wanted him to fuck me! From the back seat, I could now hear the slurping sounds of my daughter’s expert mouth on someone’s lucky cock. I wanted to watch that black spear disappear into my daughter’s tiny face over and over. In my mind I could picture it’s shining wetness and my daughter’s clinging lips, and see the bulge in her throat as she took the entirety of her devil into her. She had already received two loads from these devils today! Would she ever tire of it? Of mighty black hands guiding her head? Of massive shining black dicks pistoning in her mouth and throat? Of wonderful, warm, powerful jets of black man’s cum in her mouth and her belly? My god, would I?

I couldn’t take it any more. I had to have Don’s cock in me. I reached under my skirt and lowered my panties. As I reached to take them off completely, my ass lifted and Don lined the head of his wonderful tool with my begging lips. Soaking wet panties in hand, I settled back down and mercifully received Don’s cock into me. “YYESSSsssss!” Although none of these devils was as thick as Coach Shire (god what would his cock feel like inside me?!) they were far thicker than any men I’d known before them. From the position we were in, I could only get about half of Don’s fabulous length into me, but that too was more than I had known until these guys, thankfully, introduced me to the wonderful fucking they’ve been giving me.

We continued to drive through town and now the bumps in the road caused Don’s cock to drive into me, making my insides quake and my pussy soak. Even with the window down I continued to sweat as Don slowly fucked me, and I could feel my hair matting to my forehead. Though I was panting from the delicious feelings Don’s cock was giving me, I did my best not to moan or shout out when we hit a particularly hard bump. I was slowly approaching a powerful orgasm.

Soon though, we came to a red light, and Don’s cock came to a rest in my clutching fatih escort pussy. I used my muscles to grip and massage his cock, trying to continue the feeling his fucking was giving me. “Don….please….don’t stop….please…” I started to raise my ass off him, using my feet and arms to lift myself and drop down again, fucking him.

Through my hazed mind, I heard a voice. “Hello Jenny!” I turned and looked out the window. In the car next to us was Mrs. Smith, mother of one of the angels in our club, and a beautiful woman herself. “What, er, what are you doing?”

Oh god. What to say? What to do? Here I am a few feet away from the parent of one of my students, on the edge of a massive orgasm, impaled on the giant black cock of another student. Could she see? Did she know? Even through my panic I could picture the many times that the cock now throbbing inside me had passed through the sucking lips of the daughter of the unsuspecting woman beside me. Oh god.

“I….we…, these boys are in the… troupe with your daughter. I just wa-ahnt to brush up a few things before the-uh… performance tomorrow.” As I spoke, I could feel Don flexing his cock inside me and I fought hard to suppress the urge to cry out.

“Well boys, nice to meet you” Mrs. Smith said, reaching her hand out. Don reacted by turning his body toward the door and reaching his own to her. When he did this, he pinned my body against the door, sending several more inches of his well lubed cock deep into me. “Unngg!” I cried in surprise.

“Jenny, are you alright? You look, well, different.” Don took Mrs. Smith’s tiny white hand in his own huge black one and she seemed to forget about me. “My daughter has been a different girl since you boys joined the club. All she talks about is how much she enjoys her rehearsals and how you boys really know how to treat a lady. I’m glad you’re treating her right and I hope you keep it up. A lady likes to be treated right by a man, isn’t that right Jenny?”

“Y..yes….yes….” Don continued to keep me pinned against the door. His left hand held the mirror outside the door while his right held Mrs. Smith’s. In his position he was free to move his lower body and he took full advantage, fucking me as we faced Mrs. Smith. My hands clenched the door, my knuckles white. I tried desperately to keep my upper body still as my lower body was pumped. Don’s cock was now reaching a good depth and I wanted to hide and I wanted to cum. As I looked into Mrs. Smith’s beautiful face I fought the urge to tell her “He’s fucking me….he’s fucking me.”

“Well, I’d like to have a little get together at my house after the performance tomorrow,” she announced. “Will you come? I hope you will.”

“Yesss. I’m going to cum. Don… I’m going to cum…..can we go…..please….?” I was on the verge of an incredible orgasm. I just couldn’t hold it.

Mercifully, the light changed and the car took off, leaving Mrs. Smith behind. “Ohhhhhhhhh godddd!!! Unngggg!!! unngggghh!!! ungghh!!!!…..Donnnn….cumming….ssooooo…..ggoooooood!” I cried through clenched teeth. Don kept me pinned against the door as he fucked me through my orgasm, and I occasionally made eye contact with someone on the street as I came. “Ohhhhh….uuummmmm….” I hummed as my body shook and my pussy clenched Don’s wonderful cock embedded deep inside me. My orgasm was really powerful and Don kept slowly pushing in and out of me, slicing me with his length.

After a while I relaxed against Don’s powerful black frame and he settled back into his seat. He hadn’t cum and his cock was still magnificently hard inside me, but as I settled into his lap I lost some of his length. My body felt tired but energetic at the same time. I wanted to make Don cum inside me. I milked him with my muscles and undulated my hips to get as much friction as I could. That combined with the continued bumps in the road soon got me climbing back toward orgasm. But I needed him fully inside me.

I lifted myself off his lap and turned around as best I could in the small car. Once I was facing him, I straddled his legs and took hold of his mighty black shaft, still slick with my juices. Oh how I loved to hold this big black meat in my hand. But I really did need it inside me, and I guided him to my lips and slowly lowered myself on him with a satisfied “aahhhhh.”

Now that I was facing him I could also see my daughter in the back seat. She was lying prone, face down across Chez and Willie’s laps. Her pants and panties were around her knees and Chez had at least half of his big dark dick inside her, her little white hand stroking the considerable remainder. She also had about half of Willie’s hard black dick in her mouth, her head resting on his legs. She held his cock too with her tiny hand and stroked him into her suckling mouth. Only an occasional moan or whimper interrupted her otherwise serene silence, while both Chez and Willie moaned çapa escort and grunted as she pleased them.

Seeing my little baby impaled on these two huge black cocks ratcheted my senses up and I started really fucking Don, raising my ass up so that the head of his cock just grazed the root of my clit, then slamming myself back down on him, feeling his full length pierce me. I remembered when I first took Willie’s cock into me and how much it hurt. Now I squeal in delight when I feel these black monsters push into my cervix.

“Ungh, ohh, ohh, ungh, fuck, me, Don, fuck, me, ungh” I grunted into Don’s ear as I fucked his cock and watched my daughter. Don’s powerful black hands gripped and guided my ass on and off his cock. Even with the windows open, the sounds and the smells in the car were incredible, and I knew I was going to cum again soon.

My daughter’s hands started to stroke erratically and her hips started to slightly buck, making her soft white ass cheeks jiggle around the big black cock stuffed inside her. Her once steady humming became a series of high pitched moans into Willie’s cock, and then I saw Chez stiffen. His cock pulsed in her tiny clutching hand and I swear I could see each pulse stretch my little Kitten’s pussy lips. He thrashed his head from side to side, grabbing her little ass and trying to push more of himself inside her. Then I saw the whiteness of his cum oozing around the pinkness of her lips and the blackness of his still pulsing cock as she overflowed with his juices.

Then Willie let go with his classic cry and lifted his hips off the seat, sending more of his abundant length into my daughter’s mouth. I could see his cock pulsing as well against her sucking lips, which had turned white with their grip on his powerful spear. I could see my daughter’s little throat working to swallow his always considerable load as she continued to sing her own orgasm through her sucking mouth, and I could hear it too. “HHHmmmmm!! Gulp gulp. Mmmmmmm! Gulp. Uuummmmm! Gulp.” Then the three of them relaxed and settled back down, my Kitten remaining lying on their laps, impaled on their softening, shining black cocks.

I had to cum! I knew that I would cum when Don came inside me and I pleaded with him, “” Don surprised me by shifting his weight forward, letting my back fall against the dashboard while he held my ass up with his hands. In this position he was able to truly fuck me, pulling his long black cock fully out of me and slamming back in, hard and fast. Oh god, this is what I needed! To be fucked, just fucked, by this big black man and his big black cock. He was fucking me so fast and hard that there was no rhythm to my cries. I was near to blacking out and near to cumming, with or without him. But I desperately wanted to feel him cum inside me. I loved that feeling so, so much. “Fuuuuccck meeee!” I cried, urging him to finish us both off. Instead, he stopped completely. I rocked against him, crying in dismay until I heard Storm stay “yo man, we’re here.”

What?! No! I was so close, so damn close. I continued to grip Don’s cock inside me, my eyes and jaw clenched shut, trying to get there. But Don pulled his cock out of me. “Don..” I hissed, “don’t stop. Please…please…fuck me. But Don opened the car door and slid out from under me. He stood there, his beautiful black cock shining with my wetness, pulsing and throbbing. He had to be close to cumming. I reached for him, trying at least to get him in my mouth. If I could just get my lips around his cock I was sure he’d cum. But just as a large drop of precum touched my tongue he pulled away. Oh god, why was he doing this? And now I have his taste in my mouth?! “Don,” I cried in a last ditch effort, “fuck my mouth… please?”

Don leaned down to me, cradling my head in his large black hands, his cock only inches from me, my mouth open to receive him. Yes! “Coach, just come inside for a while, OK?” Shit. He straightened up and strained to put his large erect cock back in his sweats. How could I go inside like this?

Then my daughter, alone now in the back seat, brushed the hair from my forehead and said quietly, “Mom, if I had a cock, I’d fuck your mouth good, believe me.” Oddly enough, it sounded like such a sweet thing to say that it calmed me down. “Don’t worry,” I told her. “I’m not done with him yet. Let’s go.”

We caught up to our devils, now our escorts, just as they were entering the modest house we’d parked near. Only as I crossed the threshold did I realize that I was no longer wearing panties, and that I smelled of sex. I guess we all did. I was just going to stay near Don and the other guys anyway.

When I entered the house, though, I got quite a shock. The house was full of, well, devils! Guys who looked, and were built like, Don and the rest. Like my daughter once told my husband, they were very big. Very big and very sarıyer escort black. “Wh….where are we?”

“I thought you knew, Coach. We’re on State campus. This is the jock frat house. We’re hopin’ to get on the team next year so they invited us to their party. Just have fun, OK?”

Have fun? I didn’t know whether to be terrified or turned on. Being near my black devils had always turned me on, and now I was in a house with about thirty of them! And as far as I could see, my daughter and I were the only women at the party. I backed up reflexively and backed right into Don, his still swollen cock coming to rest against my ass. I was starting to sweat again.

“Yo yo yo! The new boys are here!” came a cry from somewhere in the crowd. A lot of the guys in the house were already looking our way, wondering (like me) what I was doing here. With Don’s cock still pulsing at my ass, I just wanted to take him back to the car so he could fuck me and take me home. But still, as the crowd scanned us, I couldn’t help but check out the men nearest me. They were all casually dressed, many of them in sweats or loose shorts and tee shirts. As they moved I could see the unmistakable swaying of black cocks under the thin material of their clothes. Don’t any of these guys wear underwear?

Don was walking forward, pushing me with him with his hard cock pressed into me. I didn’t know if he was trying to torture me or hide his massive erection. Either way, I stayed with him. The man who had announced our arrival came through the crowd and over to us. He was big and muscular, with light black skin. He greeted each of the boys and then turned to me. Don introduced him as Steve and told him who I was. “Madame you grace us with your presence. I’m the president of the fraternity here, and I am at your disposal. And may I say, I love your perfume.” My perfume? Oh damn, my smell. He knew. “And, who do we have here?” he asked, looking at my daughter. I introduced them and she said, unexpectedly, that she was looking forward to going to State next year. “Ah, in that case let me introduce you to someone.” Then he shouted “Where’s Mo!”

Through the crowd came an absolute giant of a man. He had to be over seven feet tall and about 300 pounds. His skin was black as coal. He wore a State basketball uniform that hung loosely from his muscular shoulders and broad waist. His crotch was nearly at my eye level and I couldn’t help but notice the movement under his shorts as he approached. Oh my god.

Steve introduced Mo to my daughter and me. He told us that Mo was also going to start at State next year on a basketball scholarship. He had just come over from Africa and nobody could pronounce his name right, which is why they call him Mo. He and my daughter immediately started a conversation and Don whispered in my ear “I think she likes him.” “You think?” I replied. “I wonder why?” I clenched my ass around his cock for emphasis.

Willie announced that he was going for drinks, and he left with Storm and Chez. Don told me “let’s find someplace quiet.” Oh yes. Finally, finally he was going to finish what he started. He walked forward again, guiding me with his cock through a sea of big black men. He stopped several times, always leaving his pulsing meat pressed in my ass, and spoke to several of the guys we met. They all hi-fived Don and I was both dying of embarrassment and arousal. With no panties on, Don’s shaft wedged in the cheeks of my ass, and each pulse brought new beads of sweat to my brow. If he didn’t get me to a “quiet place” soon, I was going to drop to my knees in the middle of this room, I knew it. The desire I’d felt in the car to make him cum had returned with full force.

Unfortunately we were interrupted by Steve, who came back to us and engaged Don in conversation about football. He invited us to sit. I was going to cry. Seats were hard to come by but we found a small sofa and I sat on Don’s lap with Steve sitting next to us. As I sat on Don, his long hard shaft wedged further in my ass. I knew I was wet, and I could feel my juice running down my ass, causing my dress to cling to my skin and Don’s cock. Don was telling an animated story about some game, and as he spoke he shifted and jumped, causing his cock to grind into me, just making contact with my lips. I couldn’t think straight. Steve was talking to Don but looking at me. I already knew he could smell me. Then I could see the stirring in his groin. Oh shit, his cock was growing right next to me! I couldn’t help but watch, as I clutched Don’s cock in my ass. Steve’s shorts developed a noticeable tent, and the head of his cock traveled further down his leg, lifting the leg of his shorts. I was mesmerized by it. Much more of this and I was going to cum on the spot. I had to get out of there. “Uh, fellas, um…where’s the ladies room?”

Steve offered to show me and I tried to refuse. Don suddenly shifted to get up and I fell forward, putting my hands out for support. Accidentally (really!) my hand came to rest on Steve’s cock. Oh my god, it was fat and long and very hard. I gripped it without really meaning to. The world around me was fading out, and I wanted, truly wanted, to feel Steve’s hands guide my mouth to his cock. Right there in the crowded room. I was lost.