Birthday Wish

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Lisa parked in the driveway of Luke’s house. It always seemed bigger on the outside, but she smiled knowing that she was spending her first night at the age of 18 with him, even though he was 25. He had always been kind to her, always knowing that he had to wait for her to turn 18 before anything got too serious, and tonight was the night he could finally have her. She got out of the car, and went up to the door, knocking loudly. From inside, she could hear Luke’s voice calling out, “Come in!” in his usual tone.

“Hey there Lukie Pie! Guess who’s finally 18?” She called in, smirking at the ideas that were going through her mind of what they would be doing tonight. Luke came out of the kitchen, wearing his normal cut off t-shirt and shorts, smiling. “Well, look who decided to show up for some fun tonight,” he said, eyes inspecting her body. She wasn’t necessarily fat, but she filled out her body well enough to have slight curves. “I was wondering when you’d show up.”

“Well, you know my bahis şirketleri mother. She’s a light sleeper.” Lisa laughed as she walked over to Luke, embracing him. She could feel his manhood through his shorts, and she shuddered at the feeling of it rubbing up against her freshly shaven vagina. “L-Luke, I want you. Right here, right now.” Lisa looked up at him, her cheeks red and her eyes wide. Luke looked at her and smiled.

“I have a special present for you tonight, Lisa,” he said, as he looked over her, as two of his friends came in from behind Lisa, grabbing her arms and legs. Lisa gasped and tried to look behind her, unable to see the two men behind her.


“Shh,” one of the men said from behind her. “We aren’t hurting you. This is your present for turning 18.” One of the men started to kiss her neck as the other started to take off her shorts, and Luke came up and took her shirt off, leaving her in her pink bra and panties. She tried to fight it, but soon she was bahis firmaları softly moaning from the kisses assaulting her neck, watching Luke as he reached around and unhooked her bra.

As her bra hit the ground, Luke went onto his knees and started to suck on her already hard nipples, looking up at Lisa. The man who wasn’t kissing her neck pulled her panties down, revealing her shaved pussy. He slowly started to rub it, feeling her get wet as she moaned louder with each breath. Before she knew it, she was on the floor, with Luke and the two men pulling their pants down, revealing their throbbing cocks. Lisa gasped and looked at all three, envisioning them penetrating her in all of her holes. She sat up and took the middle man’s cock into her mouth, slowly taking it all in as she took the other two cocks into her hands, slowly rubbing them. She could hear all three men moaning, as she moved around the three of them, taking each cock into her mouth, tasting all of them. She then stopped, and kaçak bahis siteleri looked up at the men. “Fuck me please.”

Luke and the two men looked at each other and smiled, as Luke put Lisa on all fours and got under her. One man went behind her, and the other went in front of her, as all three entered her at the same time. Lisa was overcome with a high level of pleasure, as she could feel all of them equally assaulting her tight virgin holes. As she moaned onto the man’s cock in her mouth, she could feel Luke and the man behind her starting to intensify their thrusts, making her moan louder. Was this all a dream? There was no way this could really be happening to her.

Soon, all three of the men switched, so Luke was in front, and the two men were fucking her pussy and ass. Lisa had tears streaming down her face from the pain, but she was moaning with pleasure as all three men moaned louder than ever, and came inside of her. Lisa’s eyes opened wide as she took all three loads, swallowing Luke’s hot load, and feeling the hot, sticky goodness flow into her pussy and asshole. The men pulled out, and Lisa collapsed on the floor. Before she passed out from the pleasure, she could hear Luke whisper in her ear, “Happy birthday.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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