Black Power Exchange

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My name is Carol Jean and I’ve got something quite shameful to confess. In the eyes of the world, I am a strong Black woman. I stand five feet eleven inches tall, lean, with dark brown skin, long black hair and pale brown eyes. I hold a law degree from the University of Suffolk in Boston, Massachusetts. These days, I teach Criminal Justice at the University of Toronto in the Province of Ontario, Canada. Privately, I’m a BDSM freak and a complete submissive. Nobody knows this about me, especially my colleagues. And one of my closely guarded secrets is that I’m the biggest slut on campus. The kind who puts the chicks with super short skirts to shame, even though I dress conservatively.

My husband Trevor Winston is a Sergeant with the Toronto Police Service. He’s tall, dark-skinned, athletic and absolutely stunning. A handsome brother of Jamaican and British descent. Trevor and I met while he was visiting family members in South Boston. We immediately fell in love. He convinced me to move to Canada after I lost my job with the Boston City Prosecutor’s Office. Let’s just say the Prosecutor’s Office didn’t approve of a Black female prosecuting attorney who gives a free pass to a Black man accused of beating a white ex-cop for calling him names during a barroom brawl. I was strongly encouraged to resign. I don’t miss my old life in Boston. I adjusted well enough to life in Canada and I’m making good money here. I’m now a permanent resident of Canada. Life is good.

Unfortunately, life is also quite boring for me these days. So I make my own fun. Tonight, I’m having some fun with Dick and Kitty Rogers. They’re a white couple from the city of Orleans whom I met at a BDSM convention in the city of Toronto, Ontario. Dick is six feet tall and lean, with light brown hair, alabaster istanbul travesti skin and pale green eyes. He’s of English descent and works as a schoolteacher in Brampton, a suburb of Toronto. His wife Kitty Rogers works as manager of a Tim Horton’s restaurant in downtown Toronto. She’s around five-foot-six, plump and big-bottomed, with blonde hair and pale gray eyes. And they’re both extremely kinky people.

When I first met Dick and Kitty, I thought they were quite boring. White folks always seem boring to me, especially in the Confederation of Canada. Well, when I got to know Dick and Kitty, I was in for a surprise. A nice surprise actually, come to think of it. They were really cool, open-minded people. Both of them hailed from the United Kingdom and were new to the Confederation of Canada. They were friendly and not bad-looking either. At the convention, they flirted quite blatantly with me and I must say I kind of liked it.

You see, I’ve got some sexual fantasies which aren’t exactly mainstream. I am into role playing with a racial element involved. Some call it Race Play. And I love to play the role of Black Female Slave for white women, white men and the occasional kinky white couple. Well, Dick and Kitty were perfectly okay with acting out my most twisted and forbidden fantasies. They’re really into interracial sex. They have been known to take sexy Black men as well as Asian women and Hispanic women into their bedroom for kinky fun. Dick is bisexual and has a thing for well-hung Black men. His wife knows and is cool with it.

Dick told me of fond memories he had of his best friend and former lover Woody Anderson, a handsome African-American Architect from Metropolitan Atlanta whom he met in the city of Toronto three years ago. Woody was hired by a istanbul travestileri Canadian corporation to build three new schools and when the project was completed, he returned to his native Atlanta, Georgia. While Woody lived in the city of Toronto, he and Dick used to hook up regularly, and Kitty also joined them in their erotic fun and games. Woody was very dominant and both Kitty and Dick loved getting fucked by him. Wow. A bisexual white guy playing with his chubby white wife and his Black male lover at the same time. Amazing. Well, Dick’s wife Kitty is also bisexual and has a thing for tall, big-bottomed Black women. That’s right up my kinky alley. It’s almost as if we were made for each other.

Right now, I’m completely naked, kneeling before Kitty and I’m eagerly sucking on her chubby white toes while her husband Dick watches. He’s stroking his long and thick, uncircumcised white cock while I suck on his wife’s plump white toes. Kitty smiles at me and fingers her pussy while I suck her toes. Kitty sits on her big white butt, completely naked on the couch. And she’s enjoying what I do for her. She’s fanning herself and constantly giggles at the sight of a tall and absolutely sexy Black woman kneeling before her. And I like that a lot. I’m so excited that my own pussy is wet as a puddle. I just love these kinds of games, shocking as it may seem. I get off on that sort of thing. Sorry if it’s too mind-boggling for you to understand. Everything I do and everything you see done to me is done through my own consent, trust me on that one.

Once I was done sucking her toes, Kitty put me through hell. She smacked me in the face for doing a sloppy job. I apologized profusely. She called a filthy ghetto whore, a dumb Black slut and a piece of trash. I nodded understandingly travesti istanbul and continued to apologize. Kitty spread her chubby thighs and ordered me to lick her pussy. Meanwhile, her husband Dick came up behind me and began fingering my pussy. I felt his hands spread my big Black butt cheeks wide open and he rubbed something cold against my asshole. Lubricant. Moments later he pushed his big white cock into my asshole. A big and tall Black woman getting fucked in the ass by a white guy while she licks a white woman’s pussy. Now you’ve seen everything!

Kitty repeatedly smacked my face and berated me while I licked her pussy. Meanwhile, Dick grabbed my wide hips and slammed his dick into my asshole. He kept calling me a big-booty ghetto bitch who was made for fucking. While fucking my ass and berating me, he spanked my big booty. Dick’s big white cock filled this big-booty Black woman’s asshole completely. He fucked me roughly and pounded my ass until he came, flooding my asshole with his manly spunk. Later, we switched things around. Dick shoved his cock out of my asshole and into my mouth. I sucked his cock, tasting my ass on it. Meanwhile, Kitty came up behind me with a strap-on dildo and a whip. She thrust her dildo into my cunt and whipped my ass while fucking me. Intense feelings of pain and pleasure, shame and ecstasy coursed through me as this sexy white couple completely dominated me.

Afterwards, Dick spread his ass cheeks and ordered me to lick his white male ass while his wife Kitty roughly thrust her strap-on dildo deep into my asshole. They berated me the whole time they fucked me. They called me a filthy Black slut, a dumb ghetto bitch and a totally disgusting and filthy wench. This only made my pussy get wetter as they put me through this sweet torment. I lost time of how many times I came. Afterwards, I thanked them for a wonderful time. This was definitely one of our more memorable sessions. I returned to my husband and regular life with a song in my heart and a post-orgasmic blow. How awesome was that?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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