Breakdown Dilemma


I nervously looked out of the front door. It was getting dark around 9 o’clock this time of year and on this mild evening the dusk was slowly turning the sunny day into a moonlit evening.

No one could be seen, so I quickly skipped to my car and threw my bag onto the passenger seat, jumped in and started up.

I was nervous as earlier I had dressed in one of my favourite slutty outfits and was now off out for a sexy drive wearing my feminine outfit along with makeup, wig and heels!

It was around 6pm that I started my preparation for the evening with a shave of any body hair that was where it shouldn’t be, then showered with a soft creamy lotion to soften my skin. I had already laid out my outfit, but first applied some foundation and blusher, blue eye shadow, some long false lashes adding mascara and finally a sexy gloss red lipstick.

My new seamed stockings had a cute lace top which I pulled slowly over my smooth leg to reach the suspenders on the right side, then repeated on the left side, clasping the suspender clips symmetrically onto the stocking tops. My black “French” knickers then complimented my lower half, hiding my semi hard penis that was getting excited by my dressing game.

I recently bought a stretchy shiny black dress, cut across the shoulders that I easily pulled up my slim body to define my shape.

A stiff brush allowed me to shape a sexy brunette bob type wig, but before putting on, I clipped some long dangling earrings to each side and a tight silver necklace. Now as I slipped on the wig, I could see my feminine side come into focus.

My sexy outfit felt and looked great, so I was now ready for my first venture outside, although this was only to be to get to the car, then drive around quite roads for a while before returning for some personal fun!

So, with my bag and heels on the passenger seat, I set off on my drive.

I felt so sexy as I drove through the back streets into the local industrial park where all was shut up for the night. I wanted to risk stopping and going for a walk, so looked for the quietest part of the estate and parked up.

My pumps were swapped for my black patent 3-inch heels and I swivelled out of my car door to step up into the darkening evening. Another cautious look around and no one about, so I picked up my handbag and walked from the car. The excitement was intense as I walked a few yards away from my security zone of a car.

I saw a bench used in a smoking shelter and gingerly sat down. In my handbag was a new pack of Berkeley Menthol king-size cigarettes, so sexy when being smoked. I opened the packet and pulled out a new white cigarette, placed it between my red lips and struck a match to light the end. Wow, I loved feeling so sexy as I smoked like a real slut, sat on a bench in the middle of an Industrial estate. I wanted to rub myself already but resisted to wait until safely back home when I would be desperate to masturbate.

As I walked back to my car, my confidence grew as I wiggled my hips and smoked my cigarette sexily until I stubbed it out on the ground and stepped back into the car. With my heels still on I went to start my old car. I turned the key without any result. I tried again, and again. I’m not very good with cars, so started to get frightened as my car wouldn’t start and here was, I stuck in the middle of nowhere dressed as a slut.

It was a few miles to walk home, so not easy in heels and risky of being caught. Eventually, my only solution was to call the breakdown company, the RAC, that I was subscribed with.

“How can I help you sir” requested the women answering my call after several buttons to get the right department.

“Um, I’m off to a fancy-dress party” I lied, “and my car won’t start”.

“OK sir, no problem”

After giving my details and location she kindly advised that a patrolman would be with me in 10-15 mins.

Now I was scared. I’m dressed all slutty and in an industrial estate nowhere near a main road so what will the patrolman think? I will just go along with the Fancy dress story if anything is said, although I wish that perhaps he thinks I’m a woman and doesn’t say anything!

The breakdown truck lights shine brightly as the lorry turns into the estate and I see it park up behind my car. I sit tight.

The driver jumps from his cab and I can’t help noticing that he is a good looking 30 something dark haired guy. His overalls are braced covering a white tee that expresses his muscular arms and chest. His tanned skin offers a kindly, yet strong face with a neat even smile through nice sized acıbadem escort lips.

As he strolls to my driver’s door, I wind down the window.

“So, What’s the problem, uh…..miss?”

He called me miss, that’s good.

“Nothing when I turn the key” I squeak nervously.

A nice bright smile answers as he says “well, would you mind stepping out for me so I can try?”

I open the door and for the second time this evening, I swivel my legs and heels out to the pavement. He gazes, still smiling, as I turn and I watch him look at my legs, then up my body before settling on my blushing face.

His sexy smile engages me to smile shyly back.

“You look great love” he comments, “Your fella must be a lucky guy”

I chuckle as he brushes next to me and gets into the car.

He tries the ignition with no luck. “Battery!” he exclaims!

“Oh dear, what do I do?” is my ignorant response.

“Why don’t you go and sit in my warm cab and I’ll change the battery and see what happens” he sensibly suggests.

I walk to the lorry with him alongside. He proffers his hand to help me step up the wagon. His firm grip excites me as I clamber up, accidently exposing a stocking top which catches his eye again.

I sit on the passenger side of the bench seat as he closes the door.

I watch with increasing excitement as he professionally goes about his task and replaces the battery. His strong arms easily lifting out the old and dropping in the new. His calm and confident walk makes me drool, especially when he looks up and waves whilst he goes to the back of the lorry.

As I look around the cab, I see it’s a neat tidy and clean truck with a sleeping area behind the front bench seating. I see he reads health and fitness magazines and I notice an old copy of a sex magazine under his other reads. I can’t help but pull it out and have a look. It’s an old-style hard core showing tarty girls blowing big sexy guys and similar exploits. I look at the big dicks in the pictures and again get excited.

Suddenly the cab door opens.

“You like my mags then” he laughs.

“Um Yes, sorry, couldn’t help pick it up”

“it’s ok, it can get a bit lonely out all day on the road” he suggests.

“What pictures do you like” he asks.

Slightly shocked, I look at him, his sexy blue eyes and full lips and just stare, before turning my gaze back to the “dirty” magazine.

I turn the page to show a big cock just about the enter a slim girl’s mouth and point it out to him.

“Yes, that’s a good one, I like that as well” He again laughs.

“Well, your car is all done, so if you give me your credit card or cash, I can give you a receipt and be on my way.

Oh no, what a fool I am, as I came out without any cash cards or anything to pay with, not expecting to break down.

He notices my shocked face and probably guesses my dilemma.

“I’m Sorry but…” I start to say, but he buts in “Don’t worry, is there anything else you can do perhaps to pay for the battery?”

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“Well, it’s been a long day and I haven’t seen my girlfriend for a few days, so, you know, I’m kinda in need…?” he says, again smiling a sexy grin.

I start to see where this is going and ask “well, maybe, what do you have in mind?”

“Perhaps you can do for me what the girl in the picture was doing to that guy?” he replies.

I’m now very nervous, but also so excited.

“Ok, but can I smoke?”

“Oh Yes, babe” he says, “I Love a sexy slut smoking” as he climbs up into the cab.

I light my cigarette, turning to blow a soft stream of blue smoke in his direction. “What’s your name” I ask. “You can call me Joe, and yours?”

“I’m Sammy hon” I advise.

With that he leans towards me and slowly his face comes to me as he kisses my gently. His full mouth and lips pressing against my lipstick covered mouth. His tongue probes and pushes my mouth open as we start to snog. Mixing our wet hungry mouths and entwining our tongues into a deeper and long snog. I break to draw on my cigarette, but he pulls me back to take in my smoke as I exhale into another deep kiss. He is, oh so sexy.

As we continue to kiss, I can’t resist but to reach toward his waist and I feel his firm stomach through his tee shirt as my hand slides up across his smooth tight chest. He responds by kissing my neck, allowing me to see more of this hunky guy.

My hand brushes his hard nipples as I start to caress his chest but slowly move down and back out onto his overalls. I can atalar escort see a large bulge pressing on the leggings as my hand moves to the zip restraining his member.

I can’t wait to see what he has, it’s so exciting, I moan softly while he sits back and watches my face as I undo his zip. His braces are already dropped to his side allowing me to pull his overalls gently down. I drop down and undo his manly boots and pull them off, smelling his sweaty aroma from his day at work. I softly pull off his socks and caress his feet making him smile and touch my head in the cramped space in front of him.

“Let’s nip into the back” he suggests.

I follow as he kneels on all fours and climbs across the seats. I watch his cute bum as he moves swiftly into the back, his white boxer shorts expressing strong thighs and lower back.

He turns as he lays back and looks at me as I follow into the back.

I can now see his large penis through his boxers and can’t wait to expose this beautiful tool.

My hands fumble at his boxer tops as I pull them down letting his cock bounce out into the open. His boxers are quickly discarded as all I can look at his cock.

Its beautiful. About 7 ½ inches, foreskin pulling back over a large pink head. There’s slight vein pronounced down the smooth shaft leading to quite large balls drooping below and succulently hanging in expectation. There’s a small crop of dark pubic hair above his cock, but mostly all is smooth and silky down there.

My hand gently touches his shaft. He smiles sexily.

I run a finger down from the head to the base as I lean forward looking at his eyes as my tongue slips from my mouth, wet and hungry. I lick his cock at the base, running my tongue wetly to the tip, then around the head, pulling softly on his foreskin. His cock hardens even more and seems to be growing as my lips explore his cock shaft waiting for it to enter my eager mouth.

I lick down onto his ball sack, then gently bit into the folding skin before taking a testicle into my mouth and softly sucking, tasting the sweaty salty manly aroma. Joe moans again as he places his hand on my head, lifting me up.

He looks so hot and my face moves to the pink shining helmet, now leaking pre cum from its small hole. I lick it. Taste it. Spread it on my lips making the redness shine. Then my mouth engulfs the mushroom shape and slides down his gorgeous cock about half way. My eyes look up a him as I purse my lips and suck slightly before sliding my mouth back up to just under his helmet, then back down again, sucking harder, up and down several times, sucking his tool. He makes soft sounds of excitement as my mouth works his cock. My head moves off his shaft leaving a wet glean as I then run my tongue flicks at his frenulum, such a sexy part of the cock. My snake like movements keep tight to his foreskin folds as I move everywhere on his penis.

“Come up” he then tells me.

“lift your dress and show me…”

I smile as I sit up and lift my stretchy dress revealing my stockings. He stares at my legs.

I slowly pull aside the gusset of my sexy French knickers allowing my balls to hang free and expose my 5 ½ inches, standing, straining rigid. Again, his smiles as he holds his own cock gesturing towards mine. I follow his lead and move my smaller tool onto his. His grasps both and starts to jerk them together. Wow, my first frottage session almost overwhelms me as I shake with anticipation and ask “Joe, babe, please fuck me”

“Of course,” he responds, as I move up his body, my penis now over his flat muscly stomach.

I reach into my bag “Would you like me to smoke?” I ask in hope.

“Oh yes, I love your slutty smoking”

I take out another cigarette and light it, blowing smoke toward him.

As I position myself over his cock, he takes hold and guides towards my desperate tight anus.

I lean near his face as he slowly pushes against my sphincter.

I push down, again slowly as his wet cock pushes through the barrier making me cry out with pleasure and pain as he slips swiftly into me.

I lean further and we have a long Smokey kiss as his hips start to push up making his cock throb inside of me. The feeling is incredibly as he fucks me rhythmically, kissing me, holding me, giving me his manhood.

My prostrate produces its fluid from the rubbing of his cock as I start to leak onto his tummy, a constant edge of orgasm amazingly sexy…..but suddenly the lovemaking is broken by headlights dazzling in the large door mirrors of Joes truck.

We stay motionless, aydınlı escort Joes big cock deep in my ass as I sit up looking at him searching his thoughts.

We hear a car door open and shut and footsteps…” Hey Joe, its Frank, are you OK in there?”

“oh, hi Frank, yeah all good” stutters Joe in response.

“We picked up a woman on the CCTV getting into your truck, so just making sure all ok?” continued Frank.

“Frank is the Site Security guard” whispered Joe, “Its ok, he’s a pal of mine”

“Yeah she’s fine” said Joe, then shocked me by suggesting “Come on in and have a look!”

The Truck door opened and up stepped a tall dark-skinned hardened man of 40ish.

“Well, well, well, Joe, you’ve pulled a hot one here I see” he stated with a glint in his deep black eyes.

“Mind if I join you” he asked.

“Not me Frank, what about you Sammy?” Joe looked at me.

“Um, oh, I’m not sure……” I coughed, but my cock was still erect, and I could feel further excitement at the prospects of being in a threesome…..” Well, ok why not” I managed to say.

Frank removed his uniform swiftly to reveal a rugged manly frame, not quite as fit as Joe, but still all man!

As he dropped his pants, a long semi erect snake grew in front of Joe and me. A thick 9 inches of juicy dark meat, foreskin pulled back below a beautiful shining pink burble of cock.

I started to slide up and down Joes cock as Frank moved his massive dong to my face.

I kissed it gingerly, not sure if it would fit in my mouth, but in need of my first double cock insertion.

Frank straddled over Joe as he pushed his cock onto my lips, Joe started thrusting, but I also noticed he started to lick Franks arse…..Have they done this before I pondered?

Now Frank was moaning as I started to suck his cock, his bum being licked and my hole being fucked, what a great position we were all in.

Joe started to thrust harder and faster as I sucked tighter and hungrier….Then Joe exclaimed “I’m cumming” as I felt a throb and stream of his hot sperm shoot up my colon, feeling like an enema with so much cum flooding my rectum.

My smaller cock was now streaming semen onto Joes belly as I continued my orgasmic position.

Franked pulled his cock from my mouth and twisted side on, so his cock was between Joe and me.

I quickly lit another cigarette and went to kiss Joe just as Frank positioned his cock between both our mouths. We mutually kissed and licked this grand cock as we also rubbed our tongues together between cock licking.

This was so too much for Frank as he sat back a little and grasped his manhood and started to jerk fast, pulling on the skin up and down, swaying it from side to side, Joes mouth to mine, then his head tilted as he screamed “eat it you bitches”

With that a huge shot of cum blasted from his cock, catching my face and then over the seat in front, the next shot was directed at Joe and hit him on the nose and eyes, a third back at me, but better aim and into my mouth before a magnificent fourth spurt splashed onto Joes beautiful face.

I drew on the cigarette as Franks Cock started to droop, the kissed Joe, licking the cum from his nose and sharing in his mouth along with my smoke. I kissed and licked all of the hot white juice from his face, then sucked hard on Franks softening cock making sure I had every last drop. They both smiled at me, seeing me licking my fingers of the cum as I pulled on my own cock to finish my extended orgasm into a frenzied spurge of my own cum onto my dress. Phew, that was a hot session I thought as I sat back and looked at the wonderful men.

Let’s get out of the truck said Joe, adding “I need a pee after that”.

We all jumped down, but as I started to walk back to my car, Frank grabbed me “Where you goin’ Bitch” he shouted, “You have a final job to do, get down” he demanded as he pushed me onto my knees.

His cock was in his hand, as was Joes, both a few inches from my smudged redden face and I saw then smile at each other as first Joe then Frank delivered a stream of hot yellow pee onto my face. “Drink it babe” laughed Joe, whilst Frank pushed his cock into my mouth, still pissing and telling me to “Drink it slut!”.

I strangely enjoyed being pissed on and in by these guys as they finished their relief.

They dressed and I saw them kiss each other’s cheek as Frank walked to his car “Let me know when you get the next slut Joe”.

Joe laughed and looked at me. “You were Great Sammy, Thank you”

“Try and break down again round here if you can, I know Frank will want to fuck you next time!”

Joe jumped back to his cab and drove off as I struggled back to my car.

What an evening I thought, although now getting light as I drove back home, can’t wait to break down next week!