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Alexis Tae

Linda was spending the night at my place after a night once more filled with frustration. It seems no matter what I did I could not give this girl an orgasm and to make it more difficult she wouldn’t allow me to give her oral. She was so self-conscious of her vagina, well not her vagina but her labia, that she didn’t want me to see it. It is true that she had extra large labia but I thought they were sexy. She told me she always thought she was a pervert and was humiliated by not only her pussy flaps as she called them but also be her sexual quirk. According to Linda, no man or girl could make her cum nor any dildo or vibrator either. She told me there was only one way for her to climax but it was a secret and she refused to divulge it to me.

In the morning when I awoke, she was already up and as I passed the bathroom door, I heard the tub running, thinking that maybe we could take a bath together, in I walked. She screamed “Get out, get out,” but all I could do was stand there and stare. She was sitting in the tub, her legs splayed open and her feet on the wall with the spigot between her legs. The water was running full force onto her twat as she held herself up by holding the spigot.

“Please I’m so close, just go,” but I couldn’t I was rooted to the spot and then when I could move, instead of leaving I went to her. I dropped to my knees and began Sefaköy escort to kiss her deeply as I softly pinched her nipples between my fingers. Luckily, for me she was so close that she came without my distraction interrupting her. She had a violent climax and I feared for a second she might even pass out. She turned off the water then got out of the tub and put a towel around her. I grabbed her arm and drug her back to the bedroom where I pulled off the towel, then I pushed her wet body on the bed. We fucked like animals and I came, hard deep inside her as she wrapped her legs around me. After as we lie there together I told her the bathtub scene was one of the strangest I’d ever witnessed. As soon as the words escaped my mouth, I realized what a faux pas I’d made. She buried her face in the pillow humiliated at what I’d witnessed and now was teasing her about it. I held her close and apologized profusely all to no avail. I could tell she was crying and that only made me feel worse. Eventually she calmed down and even felt better after I promised to make her breakfast.

It was during our breakfast in the nude that I talked her into telling me her story. The first thing she said was that the reason her labia was so huge (these are her words not mine) was because she pulled on them so much as a child. She said that all her friends Escort Yenibosna seemed to be able to get off by fingering themselves but no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t climax. The spigot method was found by accident, as she happened to be sitting at that end of the tub one time when her mother turned the water on to warm up her bath. The Water splashed perfectly on her clit, it felt good, and after her mother left the bathroom, she turned the water on again and came for the first time almost immediately.

She told me I was the first person ever to witness her ritual. I said it was a tremendous turn on just seeing her orgasm and that I wanted to watch again and with some reluctance, she agreed. I got into the tub first and with my legs spread she got between them, this way I could support her and she wouldn’t need to hold on to the faucet. Right away, she saw that this helped as she leaned into my crotch while she exposed hers. She turned the water on full force and as I kissed her nape, I rubbed her sensitive nipples. She came almost at once and as she slid back out of the full force of the water, she felt my erection. She lifted herself up and allowed my cock to enter her and once inside I pushed us back into the water flow. I wanted to time our climaxes together but I just couldn’t hold out and I came first with Halkalı escort bayan her following shortly after.

The next week I happened to be in the hardware store and as I walked down the aisle, I looked up to see the hand-held shower-heads. I grabbed one, and headed for checkout not even thinking about what I came in to the store for in the first place. I took it home installed it and then went to Linda’s work to tell her I had a surprise for her. She got so excited and wanted to know what it was but I wouldn’t tell, not even a clue. After work, she rushed to my house where I made her close her eyes as I walked her to the bathroom. When I told her to open her eyes, she didn’t even notice the shower-head was new as of course, she never used the old shower-head. However, when I showed her how it worked she began ripping her clothes off to give it a try. Believe me, it worked worked good as she tried all the different nozzles.

Poor Linda always thought she was a real odd ball for the way she masturbated, as she was sure she was the only girl in the world who used water to cum. I remember one time we went to a hotel that had a Jacuzzi tub by the pool. Linda climbed into it and straddled one of the jets thinking no one in the world would know just what she was doing. Of course, she was wrong and although she may be one of the few, where water is the only way she can get off there are millions and millions of girls who love the water jet method of masturbation.

Linda and I parted ways years ago; I guess it was not meant to be. I have no idea where she is now but I can guarantee, wherever it is, she has a hand-held shower-head in her bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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