Cold Sweet Revenge Ch. 02


Cold Sweet Revenge Ch. 2

In her bedroom, Arabella got ready for the day. She picked out some pretty, pink bra and panty set. She hooked on the bra; her cock started to firm. As she pulled up her bikini panties; her cock was fully erect. It stuck halfway out the top of the waistband but at least the gusset held her balls tightly. She spotted her copy of “One Thousand and One Nights” and chuckled. “That Genie must have been a woman that also wants revenge on men!”

Last night, after being used and abused, Arabella angrily wished that she could make those men feel what she feels. She awoke the next day and found she had morning wood where her womanhood used to be. She could use it on those who used her.

Her mother, Shannon has already left for her first of a double shift at the resto/bar she worked at. Her Step-father Stu actually had a work day today so Arabella found herself home alone.

Because of her full size, Arabella had to wear three quarter to full size cups to support her Double D sized breasts. This one she put on was a tight three quarter and with boob adjustments could produce the perfect cleavage that Chris her boyfriend loved.

Arabella spotted a garter belt hanging from out of her lingerie drawer. She paused for a few seconds than then grabbed them with some stockings. Even if it were warm out, Arabella often wore stockings. She enjoyed the feeling of her legs being surrounded by the tight nylons and the tautness of the straps against her thighs. Her skirt barely covered the lacy tops. She picked out her highest stilettos and slipped them on her feet.

Standing in front of her full length mirror, Arabella loved the way see looked. She caressed her boobs with one hand as the other wrapped around her firm erection. She watched the reflection of herself masturbate. “Oh fuck that feels so good! No wonder why guys love it when I jerk them off.”

Her knees and legs started to tremble enough that standing was difficult. She laid back on her bed and continued to stroke her meat but couldn’t really see herself anymore. She raised her spread legs over her head. Her raging hard cock pointed directly at her face.

Extremely flexible due to her cheerleading, Arabella’s head was now between her knees. Her erection was less than an inch from her face. She licked the tip and moaned. Slipping her arms behind her thighs, she pulled back as her dripping knob pressed against her lips. She licked her clear pre-cum. “It tastes different than cum! Sweeter!”

Arabella’s lips sealed around her angry red knob to suck more of her nectar. She took in more and more of her shaft until her lips met with her base. A finger slipped under her panties and played with her butt hole. She actually hated it when Chris fuck her ass, but this felt so good and she pushed a digit inside.

She sucked harder and fasters. Her finger fucked her ass and matched the pace. Her balls tightened and them a sudden gush spewed her hot white cream into her throat but too much to swallow. Her cum spurted out over her nose and cheeks.

Arabella released her legs and laid back on her bed panting and gasping. “Oh gawd! Wow! Gives me a whole new perspective on blow jobs for sure.”

Cleaning up a bit before putting on some make-up and clothes before dashing off to college, Arabella çekmeköy escort couldn’t help but think of how she wanted to use her new appendage. As she walked, the garter straps tightened against her white thighs. Her cock was erect but contained inside her panties.

“Woo… Woo!” Catcalls from the construction lot. “Hey honey! You must want it. You always take this way!”

“Bobby. Don’t embarrass yourself.” Said one of his co-workers. “And don’t include us in your shit!”

“Yeah, yeah!” Bobby answered sarcastically. “What’s she going to do, Scott?”

“You never know!” Scott warned. “She might give it to you in the end.”

Arabella had no time to deal with Bobby the asshole right now. Unlike previous encounters, she wasn’t scared or threatened. She thought to herself. “Take your time and think of an appropriate punishment for that jerk.”

School was hard that day, literally. Anytime a cute girl with a tight bod walked by, Arabella’s cock had a mind of its own and got rock hard. While her panties contained her erection, Arabella was aware of the protruding bump in her skirt.

In sociology class, she felt her erection get even harder. Ms. Smith, Ms. Alyson Smith was Arabella’s mentor and favourite prof. As teacher’s pet, she sat in the front row for an unobstructed view of the late twenty something instructor. As Alyson wrote on the white board, Arabella noted how her bum wiggled in her tight slacks. Turning to address the class, her tight tee shirt did little to hide her firm “C” boobs. “Okay everyone. That’s your assignment for next class. See you!”

As was the norm after class, Arabella met up in Alyson’s office but today would be different. Arabella sat in the chair in front of Alyson’s desk as her mentor perched her firm ass against the edge of the desk in front of Arabella. Carefully spiking the stiletto heel of her left shoe into the carpet; she crossed her right foot over. “Arabella. I have to ask. Is everything okay? I noticed some slippage in your work effort. Maybe we need to do something to help it out. Some sort of incentive perhaps?”

Arabella smiled. She let her knees part enough to show Alyson she was wearing stockings and the pink panties she had on beneath her skirt. “Ms. Smith. I think you are right and maybe I need some guidance. What do you suggest?”

A grinning Alyson uncrossed her feet and planted them apart enough to eliminate any misunderstanding of what she was suggesting. Arabella smiled back as she reached up and undid the button and zipper of Alyson’s slacks. Arabella pulled them down over Alyson’s bum. Alyson’s fiery red bikini panties were already showing wetness. Arabella pressed her nose against Alyson’s wet spot and breathed in the sweet fragrance. Arabella placed her open mouth over Alyson’s leaking hole to lick and suck all the juices she could.

“Put it on!” Alyson begged Arabella. “Put on the strap-on so you can fuck me!”

“I won’t need it.” Arabella turned confused Alyson around and pushed her over the desk. She reached under her skirt and pulled aside her thong to let her solid cock fall out. Arabella strong hand held the teacher down on the desk as she stood behind and pressed her hips against Alyson’s bum. She rubbed her dick back and forth along her mentor’s panty covered slit coating cevizli escort the shaft with slippery goo.

“Oh my!” Cried Alyson. “What is that?”

“Ready to find out?” Arabella asked rhetorically as she pulled Alyson’s panties down. She guided her knob along the dripping slit to combine her pre-cum with Alyson’s cunt juice.

“Oh fuck, Arabella! Put it in me!” Alyson demanded. “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Arabella obeyed. She pushed herself into the Prof’s hole. It slid in all the way meeting with no resistance. It felt so hot around her shaft that she thought it was on fire.

“Oh gawd! It feels so big!” Alyson groaned with pleasure. “It feels bigger than the strap-on! And so real! Now fuck me and make me cum!”

Automatically, Arabella started to repeatedly thrust her hips back and forward. She used both hand to grab Alyson’s ass cheeks and squeezed. Alyson cried out. “Oh yes! Yes! Spank me! Spank me hard!”

Arabella raised her right hand high. She paused and held it in the air until Alyson begged “Please!” Her open palm smacked hard against the smooth fleshy ass and already left a bright red hand print. “Please. Again! Spank me again! Fuck! I’m so close. Spank me!”

Arabella slapped Alyson’s ass harder and harder timing her fucking thrusts to maximize the euphoric effect. Alyson screamed out. “Yes! Yes! I’m cumming! Don’t stop! Fuck me!”

Arabella could not hold on any longer either. “I’m going to cum! I’m going to fill your cunt with cum!”

Alyson was too deep in her own climax and didn’t comprehend what Arabella warning. “Yes! Cum in me! Yes! I’m Cu…m… Uh…! Uh…!”

Alyson’s cunt squeezed and sucked on Arabella’s cock. Arabella could feel her cum boil in her balls. Like a volcano, her white hot lava erupted from her and spewed into Alyson’s womb. “Aaa… Aaa… Aaa… Aaa….. Fu…C…K…..!”

“Yes! Yes! Oh fuck! I can feel you cum inside me!” Alyson moaned loudly. “Don’t stop! Keep pumping my cunt! I want more!”

Arabella continued thrusting until she was too exhausted to go on and collapsed atop Alyson’s back. Her erection waned. Alyson’s cunt spat the now useless prick out. Her gaping hole started to leak the overflow of cum and dribbled down her inner thighs.

“Er… Arabella? What the…?” Alyson reached between her legs and realized from the volume that it wasn’t just her juices dripping down.

No longer able to stand, a wobbly Arabella fell back into the chair. Alyson turned and stared at the semi-firm penis between her student’s legs. “What the fuck, Arabella?”

Arabella related the story of what happened. “Weird, eh? I don’t understand it either. I just woke up with a cock!”

Alyson thought for a moment, then smiled. She lowered herself to her knees, parted Arabella’s legs and cleaned off the gooey cock with her mouth. Rock hard again, Alyson climbed onto Arabella’s lap and lowered herself onto the big, hard boner. “Either I’ll have to go back on the pill or you’ll need to use a condom.”

Classes done. Alyson fucked. Arabella left school for home. This time she was unintimidated about walking past the construction site. As she neared the work zone, she took a deep breath to steel herself.

“Hey Baby! Back again?” Bobby called out to Arabella as he habitually did. erenköy escort “Come here. I know what you want.”

“Bobby. You got to stop harassing the girl.” Said Anthony his co-worker. “It’s going to get you into trouble. And if management finds out, you’re out of here.”

“Fuck management. Those pussies won’t do a thing. Union rules.” Bobby laughed back. “Come on Sweet thing. Come to Bobby!”

Bobby and Anthony were stunned when Arabella stopped and turned to them. She glared directly into Bobby’s eyes and then moved towards them until she was face to face with her aggressor. “Well Bobby. I’m here! What do you have for me?”

“Uh… Er…” Stumbled out of a cowardly Bobby’s stunned mouth. “I… I…”

“What’s a matter? Pussy got your tongue?” Arabella smirked. Before he could answer, she took a hard grab hold of his testicles and squeezed. “Or maybe your balls?”

Wincing, Bobby groaned in pain. He looked over at Anthony who was joined by a couple of other guys. All of them smiled at his predicament.

Arabella used her other hand and grabbed his throat. He was surprised how strong her hold was; stronger than he could resist. She applied enough pressure to make his eyes tear as he was pushed back against the pick-up he was leaning against. Arabella undid his jeans and let them drop to his ankles. She took hold of his four inch, skinny penis. “Just as I thought. Not much down there. Not worth my effort.”

She crushed her hand tightly so Bobby’s knees buckled and fell to the dirt. She clutched a handful of his dirty, greasy mane. With her other hand, she lifted her skirt and pulled aside her panties letting her thick, eight inch, uncut cock slap him in the face. “Now this! This is worth YOUR effort.”

“Guys! Please! Help me!” Bobby begged for saviour.

“Stay away!” Warned Arabella. “I’ll snap his neck!”

The guys were shocked at first but then just stood back and watched. “Like we told you Bobby. Payback is a bitch!”

Arabella placed the tip of her cock against Bobby’s lips. When he refused to open his mouth, Arabella slapped his cheeks with her shaft. “If you don’t open your mouth, you’ll be sorry!”

He still refused. A foot quickly ascended between his thighs and smashed his balls. As he opened his mouth to scream in pain, Arabella shoved her erection in. “If you’re thinking of biting it, you’ll be in more pain and unable to walk for a week… maybe never.”

With her hand full of his hair, she used it to move his head back and forth. She moaned slightly. “Mmm… Bobby. Feels nice. This can’t be the first cock you’ve sucked.”

Arabella hips was thrusting against Bobby’s face forcing her cock deeper and deeper until she was slamming the back of his throat with her meat. Her head tilted back. “Oh Bobby! Here it cums!”

Arabella smashed against the back of his throat. The first couple of wads went directly into his belly. She pulled back and filled his cheeks until her sperm gushed from between his lips or out his nose. She pulled out completely and jerked her cock to completely cover his face with her cum.

Balls emptied, Arabella let go of Bobby. He fell onto his hand, choking and coughing as the goo dripped from his face. Arabella put her cock away. She bent forward and warned him. “If I ever disrespect me or if I ever hear of you disrespecting anyone again, I’ll be back. Do you understand?”

Bobby acknowledge her warning as his co-workers cheer and applauded. “Come back any time! We’ll tell you if he does it again.”

Arabella turned and continued her walk home.