Female Paroxysm


The following story is based on a complimentary comment that the renowned author Peterswiftt received for his great work “Too Late My Awakening.” That critic shared in one short sentence the deep compassion for her Mother that became the inspiration of this rendition. Though total fiction, I hope I’ve done her justice.


I had a very happy child hood, my Mother and I had always been extremely close and her and my Father were always known by their friends and neighbors for their deep affection for one another and when he wasn’t working they were inseparable. A true love story since their marriage to one another when my Mom was barely seventeen.

When Dad died unexpectedly at the age of fifty seven, my Mother was so devastated that she came to live with my husband Steve and I, short term. That was several years ago, if you get my drift.

About four years after my Father’s death, is where our story actually begins. Mom started having some real health issues: Lower tummy pain, bloating, horrible bouts with depression and violent mood swing issues to the point where we had to hospitalize her.

When all of her tests came back negative, my husband Steve and I wound up in the office of her attending physician Doctor Timothy Jason, for consultation.

“Your mother of almost sixty two years of age is quite a healthy woman.” He remarked.

“Yes doctor we know. She is very active and extremely health conscious. The woman works out on a tread mill and stationary bike every morning and refuses to eat anything she considers to be unhealthy.” Steve responded: “She the picture of health, so my question to you is … Why are we here?” He asked impatiently: “Could those tests have missed something important?”

Noting that Steve was getting a little agitated over my Mom having to fork out a lot of money to cover her medical expenses that not only lead us to this meeting, but gained her no solid results as to what was actually wrong. So I waded in: “Doctor we all know that her symptoms are real. Two weeks ago she was humming and singing, smiling and laughing, now this. In your opinion what do you think is causing her sadness, her physical pain and suffering?” I inquired.

“In my professional opinion, female paroxysm.” He answered with a look of confidence.

Steve was first to ask: “What is that?”

“Doctor is it bad … I mean those test results were negative!” I blurted out before my husband could finish his questioning.

“It’s a female condition no longer recognized by the medical field. Basically… To put it bluntly, your mothers condition stems from the lack of having orgasms.” Doctor Jason answered and he sat there waiting for our reaction.

Steve stood and said: “Sue, I’d better wait out in the waiting room for you. This is way over my head and I don’t want to hear anything else that I won’t be able to un-hear.”

All I could do was sit with my mouth open and stare at the doctor’s face, waiting for his laugh and a cruel punch line, suspecting that this had to be some sort of a sick doctor joke.

However, to my surprise he responded: “No, sit down Steve and let me finish. If you don’t believe what I’m about to tell you, feel free to Google it when you get home. Though rare these days, this condition can be quite serious.”

Then he went on to explain: “This was first diagnosed before the turn of the century. It stemmed from women having sex with their husbands without achieving orgasm. You guys have either heard or read the whole Masters and Johnson thing that circulated several years ago even here in the UK. It’s harder for the woman. Men back then didn’t know or understand that their wives’ physical, emotional and sexual needs are all basically one.”

And I butted in: “Why isn’t this recognized in the medical field anymore then?”

“Promiscuity would be my guess, wantonness immorality feelings in older women. You see this problem doesn’t exist much anymore in younger women, single or married. For a lack of a more eloquent way to put it, they masturbate. Sue your mother is basically horny.” He told me: “She hasn’t had a sexual release since before the passing of your Father and the woman, though post menopausal, is very healthy and still has those needs.

Steve looked as if he understood and said: “Thank God it’s nothing that serious!”

“On the contrary.” Doctor Jason responded: “It’s very serious and if left unattended, so to speak, her physical conditions will continue to deteriorate and could even lead to suicidal thoughts and even hysteria.”

Now Doctor Jason not only had a captive audience, but I knew this was no joke and he continued: “Like I said, we don’t recognize this in the medical field anymore. I told you to look it up so you know what your Mother is actually up against.

Then he went on to say: “In the old days, a doctor would simply massage or masturbate the woman’s genitals until she achieved a climax. Though these conditions were treated by physicians back then for well over a hundred years, this is unheard of acıbadem escort today for any number of reasons, including malpractice concerns and even legal issues.”

Steve asked: “So what are you saying then? What do you suggest we do? We can’t just let her continue to get worse.”

The Doctor thought for a moment and said: “I would advise Sue to take her for a drive, explains the importance of this to her and the two of them need to go in an adult toy store and pick out a vibrator for her to purchase. Maybe if she hears that from another woman, specifically her own daughter, she will not only tend to be more receptive, hopefully, she’ll agree.”

“Woe, Doctor, wouldn’t this be better coming from you?” I questioned trying to avoid the inevitable: “Couldn’t you explain this to her from a medical stand point of view?”

“I did.” He answered: “Let’s just say she was less than receptive to that idea after hearing it from me. I have filled out the paperwork for her release and you can take her home, but please consider what we’ve talked about.”

For the next two days my husband looked at my Mother differently and I even noticed him checking her out at times. Perhaps he always did, but after that consultation I really seemed to notice it more. He even went so far as to get a little too close to her in the pool and she laughed and joked and pretended to fend him off. The funny thing is, that evening when Steve and I had sex it was off the hook.

Also, the next morning my Mothers happy pool play induced mood had disappeared and she seemed crabby and even a little more distant than usual and I became frightened.

The following evening I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed and I heard my mother on the other side of the wall fumbling around in her vanity drawers and I knew from talking to her earlier, she was feeling really down.

I collected my thoughts, took a deep breath and walked out and confronted Steve: “I want you to consider having sex with my Mother.” And his head jerked around and he stared at me in disbelief.

“Sue, what did you just say to me!” He replied and I actually knew that I had both surprised and embarrassed him.

“Look Honey, it would just be sex, you heard the doctor.” I started explaining and he cut me off.

“What makes you think that I would even consider such a thing with your Mother of all people?” He inquired.

“Look, my Mom is no dog, I see how you look at her, I’m not blind and I see the innocent patty fingers you guys play in the pool right out in front of me. I know how that seems to cheer her up short term, so don’t play dumb!” I told him.

“What about the sex toy thing that Doctor Jason suggested?” He asked.

“She immediately blew that Idea off three minutes after we backed out of our driveway.” I answered.

“Sue, is this a test? Because if it is … And I stopped him cold.

“No, I’m not playing: I answered

“This is a big deal.” He responded: “If I would agree, how are you going to feel after it’s over, have you figured that part of this out?” He asked.

“No different than I do now.” I attempted to reason.

“Now that’s a crock.” He scolded: “You throw things up to me now that I have either said or did years ago when your pissed off at me about something!”

“Well I wouldn’t about this. You would be helping her.” I continued to reason.

“You are serious, aren’t you?” He asked out of total disbelief.

“Steve, let’s not beat this to death and I don’t want her to hear us arguing over it. Won’t you at least consider it?” I asked: “This is hard enough for me to talk to you about without us arguing over it.”

He took on a bit of a wicked boyish smile and answered: “Under certain conditions, I guess I could consider it … But only if you are there at the time … Participating in everything.”

“What?” Flew out of my mouth, though I plainly heard every word of what he had just said. Steve had often over our years of marriage hinted for a threesome, but nothing like the odd mix he was now suggesting.

“All of us together.” He explained: ” These are unusual circumstances to say the least. Your imagination will be running wild if you know I’m with your Mother like that while your cooling your heels in the front room or somewhere else.” He confirmed: “I will consider this, but only as a full blown threesome.”

I guess that I should have been pissed over that last statement, well at least a little angry. Steve knew my position on the subject, he knew I would never agree to a threesome with a friend or a stranger. This proposition was hard enough for me to suggest, but a threesome with my own mother wasn’t something I would have ever considered as a cure for her set of circumstances and I really hadn’t planned on that forbidden twist: “Is that all?” I snapped back at him.

“No.” He answered and he thought for a minute and added: “No boundaries or restrictions of any kind.” He continued: “If we all agree to go through with this I want the full range of access. Access atalar escort to everything.” Then he stared directly in my eyes and confirmed: “Without exception.”

“What are you saying?” What do you mean?” I asked.

“Sue …If I agree to do this, I want something out of it too.” He answered as if he were trying to smoke me off so I would forget about this whole controversial subject all together.

Now the thought of him trying to manipulate his own private outcome of our conversation like that, did aggravate me and I decided to call his bluff: “Wait here.” I told him.

I walked into my Mother’s room to find her buttoning up her pajama top. I took her by the hand and said: “Mom, please come with me.” And I walked her back into our master bedroom where she was facing Steve. I went up behind her, reached around front and unbuttoned her pajama top saying: “It’s time we get you straightened out.”

Out of surprise and confusion she was starting to object to my actions when Steve came up to face her. He hugged her neck, knelt and pulled her pajama bottoms to the floor: “Flo, Just relax and go with this.” He softly told her: “This is our gift to you.”

As he slipped off his bottoms: “Sue! Get undressed, your Mother will feel more secure if you’re here join us.” He directed

I went instantly shaky: “This is actually happening.” I thought.

My hands and legs were trembling as I fumbled to untie the top of my nightie.

While looking on my Mother standing there totally nude, I wasn’t sure what to do, I didn’t know how to proceed, though I knew that it was me that initiated all of this my mind fought for a way out.

But there wasn’t any.

When I saw Steve’s hands take my Mother’s breasts and start rubbing, fondling and compressing them, a quick feeling of sick sexual stimulus came over me and I climbed up on our bed and that sensation blended with mild embarrassment, total confusion and continuous escalating arousal.

Mom’s head was now back and I could see Steve nibbling on her ear and down the left side of her neck and knowing from experience the rush of pleasures that those actions of his provide, the emotion of jealousy entered the mix. But somehow gratitude came over me and I knew from her sighs and soft moans of acceptance, she was now deep into this and there could be no turning back.

Steve moved to her right and I watched his hand drop from her breast, move slowly down over her belly where it started to gently work her crotch. I saw her legs slowly and instinctively part and as my hands went to my own, I found myself uncommonly wet.

Without turning to face me, Steve instructed: “Move down to the foot of the bed, lean back on your forearms and spread your legs for me.” And as I scurried to comply, he moved in behind my Mother, directed her forward between my open knees, gently bent her over at the waist and pushed her face down deep between my thighs.

I had never known him to be so sexually strong and emotionally determined like he was that night. I had never seen him in such control this way and it was almost hypnotic as my own Mother and I complied to his every direction without any questions, concerns or hesitation.

As her nose touched my pubic hair and her tongue found my clit, I brought my feet up on the bed and spread my knees as wide as they would go. I put my hands on the back of her head and while reassuringly petting her, I laid back on my elbows and tried to pretend that she was someone else.

I watched as eight fingers of my husband’s hands lay apposed near the top of her crack and I actually felt a tickle from a rush of air go through my trimmed pubic strip as she took in a deep breath through her nose the exact moment his thumbs went deep in between her cheeks.

I both felt and heard my Mom’s single long moan against my inner lips as I watched Steve’s thumbs spread her ass wide apart. I could tell by the sound of his breathing and the look on his face as he studied every fold of her flesh that he was not only sexually charged over what captivated his gaze, but that he knew with great confidence he could now experience all of her, in every way that he desired … And all with my total approval.

In utter disbelief I watched as he knelt behind her and pressed his face in between her open cheeks and I could tell from the way he nodded and raised his head that his tongue was experiencing the flavors from within her. When he lifted his nose to rest just under her tailbone, I knew from the elevation of his eyes and the motion of his face, that his tongue was now deep in her ass.

I watched in an arousal of sick excited anticipation as he stood directly behind her and when his right hand reached down to position his throbbing cock, I knew within seconds he’d be in her.

With one slow forward pelvic motion, there could be no denial that he indeed was in and as he took hold at the top of her hip with his right hand, he placed his left four fingers on her tailbone and from my own experience with him and aydınlı escort the movements of his forearm, I knew that he was pushing his thumb deep her ass.

I saw my Mother’s head snap back and an expression from a trace of discomfort mixed with the pure pleasurable look of lust on her face … And he started.

Steve began with his signature slow gyrating rhythmic pump, but within seconds his over anxious male impatience kicked in and he was pounding her for all he was worth.

The wet, almost sloshing sounds of her sex became masked by the loud slapping noise created from the tops of his thighs hitting the bottom of her ass and as that expression of pleasurable lust screwed her face into a look of total frenzied disbelief … She pushed herself up on her hands and she started to cum.

My arms went around her neck, my hands petted the back of her head as my lips spoke: “Momma this is for you, feel it, accept it … That’s it … You need it. Reach for it!” My palms found her hanging breasts and as I tweaked her nipples hard, I both watched and felt her break into a warm wet sweat before collapsing forward to her chest with her head back in my lap.

As I raised my head to face my husband and give him an approving nod of appreciation, I saw him stop, reposition himself, and I knew from the way he was posturing the height of his pelvis, he was preparing to take her anally.

While looking me directly in the eye, Steve’s face once again took on that wicked little smile and as he began to work his fat cock up my mother’s anus pushing it deep into her lower bowel she reacted: “Oh … Steve … No dear … Not there …Please!” Mom huffed out, forming her words with more of an exhale of air then that of her own voice.

But Steve persisted.

As his forward thrusts became progressively deeper, Mom’s simultaneous grunts and growls from discomfort changed and transformed into constant moaning coos of lustful pleasure and I watched him break out into his own sweat as he continued that fast, hard merciless anal assault on her ass.

Only moments after achieving continuous full depth stokes, I felt, saw and heard my own Mother go multiple and there was no denying that Steve had taken her on the shortest road to recovery of all time.

He stopped holding his final thrust at full dept, frozen like a statue and watched with me as wave after wave of long overdue, deep rooted, orgasmic pleasures crashed through and washed over her body and right during what he had perceived to be the chill of her final rush … He ever so slowly pulled out of her ass.

Mom remained bent over at the waist with the left side of her face now resting on my right upper thigh and her breathing seemed both far too rapid and excessively shallow.

“Mom, are you alright? I asked her, now feeling definite remorse and having strong and haunting second thoughts over the actions that I had orchestrated only minutes ago that very night.

She sucked in a deep breath and finally replied: “My God Sue, that was far beyond wonderful sweetheart. I am well past alright, I’m euphoric.”

Even though there could be no doubt that my Mom was totally satisfied sexually, I could still detect a worried tone in her voice and as her tears welled up, I asked: “You don’t need to be concerned Mon, what is it about what just happened here that is troubling you?”

“Troubling me?” She answered: “I do not want to be the one troubling you and I don’t intend to be the one causing trouble or burden between the two of you.” She responded.

“Mom, we’re the ones who brought you into this. What would make you feel that you’re causing us any problems over it?” I asked her: “All of this was done right out in the open and we both agreed to do it for you.” I explained.

She hesitated, then answered: “Because I know after what I have just experienced … I’m going to want it again.”

Steve was at my side of our bed and without a single word of request he placed his right hand at the side of my neck near my head and he gently pulled me to lay on my left side and told me to roll onto my belly.

After I complied, he attempted to enter my mouth and knowing that my mother was only inches away, I looked up at him, violently shook my head and mouthed the word: “NO!”

His left hand was on the back of my head and I watched his shiny, sticky package come close to my lips and I knew that his intension was to finish himself off in my mouth.

With instinctual and intentionally noticeable reluctance directed at him, I attempted to turn away but his right palm was under my chin and as he gently lifted my face for access to my mouth, I closed my eyes and felt the warm soiled head of his cock touch my lips.

Carefully at first, he pushed himself all the way down my throat to where his wet slimy ball sack actually stuck to my chin and I caught a whiff of my Mother’s feminine scent in his wet, neatly trimmed pubic hair.

The mounting arousal from her scent on him in combination with its stimulating pungent flavor was rapidly overcome and totally ruined by my instant realization that all of it had originated from my own Mother. Knowing the essence of her was what I was smelling and tasting on him and the fact that is was now deep in my mouth actually caused me to gag.