Forever Yours, Mom Ch. 4

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Chapter 4: The Bedroom

Tim followed his mother through the house and to her bedroom. She led him by his hard cock, her hand squeezing every few moments. When they were inside she set him down on the bed, and sat down next to him as well.

“Tim, have I ever told you that your father was the only man I have ever had sex with?” Time blinked, “No mom, you’ve never told me that” He said honestly. “Not even Erick?”

“I have done as much with you as I did with Erick, we loved each other, but he never once made love to me. And I only gave him head a few times” She was blushing a bit, talking like this to her son, but she held nothing back. “I want you to be my second, and my last.” Tim swallowed, staring at her.

“Mom” He whispered, “I don’t know what to say, I’ve never been with anybody, I would be…honored, more than any other thing could honor me”

That made her smile, “I want to be your only Tim, I want you to spend your whole life with me. I know we can never have kids, but … I can make you happy, and if you want kids, we could always adopt.” Tim didn’t know what to say, he was … amazed at her words, completely amazed.

“I-I” he stammered out, he loved her, so much. “Okay, I love you mom, I want to be yours forever, I want to have you every night from this one on, and I want only you”

She smiled at him, and kissed him gently on the lips. “Then come up here and fuck my brains out” She said as she crawled up onto the bed and laid out on her back. “I have been fixed, as you know, so we don’t even need to worry about getting pregnant” She smiled seductively at him as he moved up, he slid his arms around her neck as he pressed his body against hers.

“I love you so much mom” he whispered, looking down into her eye’s, and then kissing her, firmly on the lips, the kiss lasted. He rubbed his cock against the opening of her cunt for a few moments, until she bucked a bit and pushed him down inside of her, she was tight. He was the biggest thing she had ever had inside of her, a loud moan escaped both of their lips.

“Oh fuck” his mom panted kaynarca escort out as he slid fully into her. “Wait, wait … just lay like this a few moments” She was crying, from the pain and just, being so happy to have her son like this.

“Are you okay mom?” He asked softly, his hand gently moving to wipe at her tears.

“Yes, son, yes … I am great, I am so happy to have you, though this does hurt a little, give me a moment, to get used to the size of you, and then you can take me, like you will every night”

He smiled at her words, and just looked down at her, watching her silently, she was so beautiful. He moved the hand that had been wiping away her tears down to her breast, gently he fondled the one nearest it, caressing, pinching the nipple a bit. After awhile his mom finally whispered. “okay, you can start making love to me now” She kissed him lightly on the lips as his hips began to move, slowly, just rocking them really, she let out these soft little moans as he did. Her body tingling with pleasure. Slowly, so slowly his hips began to move faster, rocking against her, after a few moments he was pulling almost all the way out of her before thrusting himself back down inside of her, his own soft moans escaping from thin lips. “Yes, mom, yes, I love you.” His voice hoarse and throaty from the state of his arousal.

“Fuck me, Tim, fuck your mommy’s cunt you little bastard,” Her dirty talk turned him on even more, and he did not last long, finally he arched into her and he came, his cum shooting deep inside of her. He moaned loudly, and she screamed with him. She experiencing an orgasm at the same moment, her arms hook around his neck and she pulled his lips to hers, feverishly she kissed him, made out with him. She tasted his tongue, his lips. He tasted the faint taste of his own cum in her mouth, her lips, and her tongue. Her teeth scraped at his tongue as the continued to make out, he never pulled form her, never even getting limp.

Finally, after what seemed like forever their kissing stopped, and his mom looked up into his eye’s, küçükyalı escort smiling softly. “I love you Tim, as a son, and as the best fuck I have ever had” Her arms slid down his back, gently massaging his back. “I want to give you something else this evening, something I did not even give your father.”

Tim arched a brow, curious. “What’s that mom?”

“I want to give you my ass,” She said, she had tried to use a dildo on it, and once or twice had managed to stretch herself enough. The pain had been great, but the pleasure had been better. “Go to the bathroom and get the KY Jelly out of the bottom drawer of my sink.”

He wasn’t sure what to think as he slid out of her, still rock hard. He moved into the bathroom quietly and got the KY Jelly, that would make it easier to slip inside of her. He came back and she was laying there, tilted to her side and looking at him. “You have a great body, I don’t care what the people at your school say, you are the handsomest man I have ever laid my eye’s on,” He smiled at her, blushing a little.

“Mom” He said, in a kind of whiney voice. “You’re embarrassing me”

She giggled softly at him, “Your embarrassed of that? You just fucked your mom, and me calling you handsome is embarrassing, you’re a goof ball Tim. I love that about you. Come here” She patted the bed next to her and he moved sitting down next to her. “I am going to teach you all about pleasing me, when you have graduated we will move away from here, you will go to college somewhere that we may live together and not be frowned upon. We will never marry or anything of that sort, this isn’t some stupid incest story where the rules of genetics do not hold true, you are still my son, you are now also my lover.”

Tim nodded at her, “Okay, I will eventually want a child, then we can adopt one, or maybe even two.” Margaret smiled softly.

“Okay Tim, we will adopt a child or two, now” A mischievous glimmer in her eye’s. “Fuck my ass.”

He chuckled softly at her, “As you command, mommy dearest” He moved down the bed, and she sancaktepe escort turned over, he had seen movies where they did this, and he grabbed a few of her pillows, placing them under her stomach. “That will make this easier” He told her as he started to gently caress her bottom. He opened the tube and squirted some of it onto her anus, his hand moved gently, rubbing it along her crack, and then his fingers slid inside of her, coating there, so that he would slip in nice and easy. He also used those two fingers to widen her, get her used to having something in there.

He did this for awhile, her body tense at first, until finally she was getting used to it, and she slowly became more relaxed. And then finally started to bed. “Impale me with your cock Tim, fuck my ass, my beautiful baby boy. Fuck mommy’s tight little ass with that big cock of yours.” He smiled a bit, and his hand moved to grab his throbbing manhood, lifting it and pressing the head to her anus. He pushed forward gently, until just the head was inside. She gasped softly in a bit of pain, and pleasure. “Slowly,” She whispered.

“Slowly,” He agreed as every few moments he fed another inch into her, slowly impaling her on his cock.

“Oh, oh,” with every added inch she let out soft moans, finally when there was still about three inches left she pushed back, hard, forcing him the rest of the way in, she cried out softly in pleasure and pain. “FUCK ME!” She screamed into the bed. And he obliged, his hips starting to move, he pistoned his cock deep into her bowels, then back out, fucking her fast and hard. He bent over her and began to fondle her breasts. Then one hand slid down and started playing with her cunt, then it found her clit, and by the cries of pleasure he could tell she liked that. He continued to fuck her ass as he played with her clit, teasing it. She came three times before he even came once, then he finally poured another load deep into her bowels. Crying out softly with it, it felt so good to fuck his mother.

He rocked a few more times as he felt her body a few moments after he had come explode with another orgasm. When finally she kinda of slumped forward, he slipped out of her and rolled to lay next to her. She slid over on top of him, and wrapped her arms around her body. “Thank you.”

Stay tuned for more tales of Tim fucking his mom raw.