Girl’s Night Pt. 07


This a continuation from an earlier story. It contains fetish themes of forced feminization, public humiliation and other erotic themes that may not be to everyone’s taste. If you enjoy these, please read on and leave comments as to how you’d like the story to evolve or what you like. Enjoy. – DB


Fisher slid across the passenger seat of his Jeep, maneuvering the seatbelt between his breasts.

“Say cheese!” Sophie said, taking a picture with one outstretched hand. Fisher smiled in spite of how humiliated he was, and then gasped as he watched the instagram app open on her phone.

“Hashtag sissy,” Sophie remarked as she posted the picture and then started the engine. “Hashtag mistress, hashtag cocksucking slut, hashtag domme,”

Fisher slunk bank in his seat as the Wrangler maneuvered out into traffic.

“Don’t worry Candi,” Sophie said, punching the keypad on her phone, coasting to stop at the end of their street. “only 30% of my 600 or so followers are guys. And sit up straight, sexy. I want everybody to get a good look at you.”

Fisher sat up straight, his corrected posture thrusting his fake breasts forward obscenely. And now, as they traveled the city streets, every bump and pothole on the road jiggled his massive globes, threatening to pop them out of his ill-fitting bra. He stared straight ahead when they came to a stoplight, but the looks from the men crossing the street did not go unnoticed.

“Who do you think they were looking at baby?” Sophie asked him, giving his thigh a gentle squeeze.

“Oh,” Fisher said with a forced smile, “definitely looking at the trashy whore in the passenger seat.”

“I think you’re right,” Sophie answered, winking at Fisher, “She does look easy.”

“You’re quite a hit. How cute, you’re blushing again. Should I let these guys know we’re going to the mall Candi?”

“Please don’t Sophie,” Fisher said quickly, “I’ve been a good girl, haven’t I?”

“You have,” Sophie said, “I think we’ll just let them follow you along for the day on your adventures via @candiglamxoxo. You already have 23 followers.”

“What?!” Fisher exclaimed. “What did you do!?”

“I made you a new account and I tagged you in my picture, and then they got to peruse the pictures from last night.” Sophie explained. “And guess what, Catherine and Veronica are already big fans…”

“Ohhh, gohhhd,” Fisher whimpered, “how did they…”

“I told them silly,” Sophie answered, “I was your first follower. I’ve been very busy this morning while you were catching some beauty sleep. I synced it your phone too, so now you’ll be able to post every little outfit you try on today. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

“Yes,” Fisher answered reluctantly, “it sounds like a lot of fun Sophie.”

“Glad to hear you say that,” Sophie said, “because the first store we stop into you’re going to be trending world wide when you tag your picture ‘outfit of the day’.”

Fisher felt his face go flush, and when the light changed he had never been so glad to see a green light in his life. His relief quickly faded as he realized the route Sophie took led them to Central Boulevard, a heavily traveled, and slow moving 4-lane street, that, given the time of day would be packed with shoppers and cars. His massive chest rose and fell as he tried to calm himself, but a horrific sound from inside the pocketbook beside him, shook him to his core.

“I’m a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!

You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere

Imagination, life is your creation

Come on Barbie, let’s go party!”

“You’d better answer your phone Candi,” Sophie said, turning in her seat, “could be important…”

Fisher pried open the pocketbook and saw the sparkly pink case that now held his iPhone. Hi picked it up, the glittery monstrosity shimmering in the sunlight and there on the screen a text notification from “Domme Jennifer”. He swiped it with one manicured finger, and swallowed slowly as he read.

Saw your sexy pic! You should take a selfie like the girl in the picture.

Of course, Fisher thought, a fucking duck-face, how appropriate. He looked down as his phone swooshed.

Don’t forget to post it when you’re done, already got 20 likes on my repost!

He cringed as the jeep slowed to a stop and sure enough the light up ahead was red. Fisher pressed the button to flip the camera, raised the obnoxious phone, pouted his lips and snapped the picture. He sent it to Jenny as a middle-aged man and woman pulled up beside them in a newer model BMW. Fisher made eye contact and the man smiled immediately, eyes quickly dropping to his chest. Fisher turned away quickly, waves of nausea washing over him.

“What’s wrong Candi?” Sophie asked, seeing the horrified look on his face.

“The guy,” Fisher said, “they guy next to us, in the Beamer, he, he smiled at me and checked me out.”

“Silly girl,” Sophie said, turning to look at him, “he probably thinks you’re cute.”

“I’m not cute!” Fisher said defiantly.

“You’re Resim Yükle right,” Sophie answered. “You’re sexy. Now turn and smile back or your selfie will be on your instagram, not Candi’s.”

“Sophie… please…” he begged.

“And add a cute little bimbo wave,” Sophie added. “Light just turned green, better hurry.”

Fisher turned and flashed his best fake smile, wagging his fingers at him, taken aback as the man’s smile grew even broader. The jeep pulled away and Fisher watched as the woman in the car slapped the man’s arm when the car behind them honked.

“Oh my Candi,” Sophie exclaimed, “already causing a distraction! Nice picture, slut” Sophie said approvingly, “you’re a natural bimbo, letting your bra peek out like that, love it.”

Fisher looked down and indeed, his shirt had opened even more, the scalloped lace along the bra cups clearly visible. He wished he could adjust himself, but he dared not, who knew what kind of humiliation that kind of behavior would merit.

Sophie turned to look at him, her eyes droping to his chest as well, then back up to his face. “Good girl, a true slut doesn’t care how much skin she shows.”

Fisher smiled at this off-handed praise, even if that wasn’t the reason. It would have been so easy to hate her, he half wished he could, but she was beautiful and she knew just how to keep him on edge. And he couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss she had planted on him this morning. He stared out to the boutiques as they slipped by, slowly relaxing and beginning to ignore the turned heads and glances, some furtive, some blatant. He continued to hope they for were the other woman in the vehicle, but in his heart he knew better.

“You’re awfully quiet over there Candi,” Sophie said, “what’s on your ditzy little mind?”

“Hoping all the guys looking are looking at you and not me.”

“You know that’s not true,” Sophie laughed. “most of them are probably wondering what it would be like to fuck your face and cum all over your big fake tits. Not to mention, you do have those big pouty lips now, perfect cock-sucking lips.”

“Yes,” Fisher agreed, “I know.”

“Know what?” Sophie asked, “that guys know you’re a whore whose face needs to get fucked or, that you have cock-sucking lips?”

“Both, I guess.”

“You won’t be guessing after tonight,” Sophie said. “It’ll be a documented fact. But, its already becoming a popular opinion on instagram, and twitter.”

Fisher trembled as the Coliseum Mall loomed in front of them, thinking of the hundreds of thousand of people, millions even, who could see his picture under that tag. Thankfully he wouldn’t have to hear the comments or see the looks. Sophie really meant to see how deep his thirst for humiliation went.

Sophie had enjoyed watching Fisher’s reactions to all that was being done to him. Weeks of planning this had really paid off, and she couldn’t believe the good fortune of meeting Jenny, evil little minx that she was. An innocent conversation had led to so much. She eased the Jeep into an empty spot in the parking garage and readied herself for what was about to come next for her sissy. She wondered how weak he would be by the time they left, and she wondered if his weakness would spell out complacency tonight at the club. She smiled up at him, took his hand and led him toward the entrance, ready to expose him in so many amusing ways, ready to tease him unmercifully and so ready to make him beg her not to stop.


Fisher clutched Sophie’s hand desperately as she breezed them through the automatic doors to the sprawling shopping center. The brightness and the bustle of the afternoon shopping crowd greeted him, as did smartly dressed women, scantily clad girls and what felt like a million eyes on him. It suddenly occurred to him that in addition to his wardrobe, the fact that what appeared to be two women holding hands would only increase the attention he garnered. However, the only thing that was keeping him sane was the comfort of knowing she was next to him.

“Where should we stop first?” Sophie asked, perusing the directory. “It’s a walk over to Bloomingdale’s, I can have a nice stroll with my little slut, show her off a bit and let her get a few things once she gets comfortable.”

“Sounds perfect,” Fisher said, “except for one thing.”

“What’s that?’ Sophie asked, a quizzical look on her face.

“I don’t know if I’m ever going to be comfortable,” Fisher answered.

“You will be,” Sophie said, “Think how you’re going to make me proud as you prance through the mall in your fuck-me shoes, tits bouncing in your bra, your cock trapped in your pretty panties…”

“Please Sophie,” Fisher replied softly, “not so loud… people will hear you…”

“You shush, you know you love it you little slut,” Sophie said, giving his hand a squeeze. “No I want you to go on ahead, it’ll give me a chance to see how good your ass really looks in those short shorts.”

Fisher looked at her, jaw dropping. Walking alone? No, he couldn’t.

“Oh my,” Sophie said, “you’re blushing again. Now get going, slut.” She slipped her hand from Fisher’s and slapped him sharply on his ass, laughing as he squeaked and stumbled forward awkwardly.

Fisher looked around to see many faces looking in his direction at the sudden outburst. He grinned sheepishly as he heard Sophie’s soft giggles behind him, and then fell into step as he was told, bag in the crook of his elbow, heels clicking leisurely on the tiled floor. His chest bounced with every step, and he felt the feminine sway of his hips become more and more pronounced as his strides became rhythmic. He came to the main promenade and turned to his left, the foot traffic here much more congested than the entrance hall. Immediately self-conscious as a group of college girls in sorority shirts gave him the once over and rolled their eyes, he cringed as he heard Sophie call out to him.

“You’re such a ditz today Candi,” she said, loudly enough for the girls to hear, “Bloomingdale’s is the other way. We just looked at the map. Sometimes I wonder if you have silicone in your tits, and your brains.”

“Fake plastic bimbo,” one of the girls said, and the entire group laughed.

Sophie smiled as Fisher walked passed, every humiliation he suffered from people other than her only adding to the fun. She stared at his ass, the denim stretched taut over his round muscles, licking her lips at the thought of peeling them off his hips and fucking him in one of the dressing rooms, his ass tight as the jeans kept him from spreading his legs. She loved the idea of him desperately trying to keep quiet, while she ravaged and tormented him. Maybe she would just make him change with the door open while she watched, either way, he would be frustrated and she would enjoy herself.

Fisher was turning redder by the second, knowing full well he was being recorded. He tried to concentrate on his task, but it was proving difficult, as he was reluctant to point out something feminine to try on. He took a deep breath and stopped in front of the window display of Beach Bunny swimwear, and pointed up at the nautical themed mannequins.

“Can we stop in here please Sophie?” he asked demurely.

“Sure Candi,” Sophie remarked, her mind working quickly, “they have really nice bikini’s to show off your new curves.”

“I know,” he admitted hesitantly, “Can I try some on?”

“Of course Candi,” Sophie said, kissing his cheek, “I can’t wait to see how hot your tight little body will look.”

“I’m a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!

You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere

Imagination, life is your creation

Come on Barbie, let’s go party!”

Fisher jumped as the ring tone seemed to echo throughout the spacious hallway and people walking by turned to look at him, a mix of humor and ridicule on their faces. He looked up at Sophie as he saw a message from her, her evil grin knowing the message was going to be another humiliation. He opened it up and saw the video still of him walking. He quickly saved it to his phone and opened his @candiglamxoxo account. Oh fuck, he swore to himself, 11 comments. He ignored the notification and posted the video, tagging it #sexystrut as instructed in Sophie’s message.

But Sophie wasn’t done with him. She had seen the notifications on his phone. “Why don’t you read me the comments while we browse Candi? And put some bimbo on it.”

Sophie laughed as Fisher’s jaw went slack and he looked back and forth between her and his phone.

“C’mon baby,” Sophie pleaded softly, “relax and have fun. I am.”

“Ok…” Fisher acquiesced. “I’ll try…”

“Good girl,” Sophie said, “nice and loud now.”

“MrMargin says ‘Hey beautiful, can I get a follow?’, StylinProfylin says ‘love to slip between those pillows #flbp'” Fisher paused. “Whats ‘flbp’?”

“Future lower back problems,” Sophie said, covering her mouth as she laughed loudly. “A popular gallery on The Chive. I’ll have to keep an eye out for you, you little cyber slut…keep reading.”

Fisher shook his head in disbelief, “kittycatherine says ‘cant wait to see how your fake tits stack up to my real ones tonight’, localceleb1927 says ‘want to see more’, trucktrack and zerozerozero both say ‘beautiful’, and whatmakesvictic says ‘hope you’re not having a ‘hard’ time being a sexy bitch today. See you tonight #pornstar’.”

He paused suddenly, looking at female mannequin adorned with a string bikini.

“You always loved that look,” Sophie said, scanning the tiny suit on the display.

“Do you think I can pull it off?” Fisher asked.

“With that body?” Sophie said. “Of course. Maybe something in a lighter color.”

“I’d like that,” Fisher said, feeling a hint of a twinge between his legs.

“Me too,” Sophie said. “What do the rest of the messages say?”

Fisher paused and looked at his phone. “‘Nice’, ‘hot’, ‘sexy’ twice.”

“All from guys?”

“I guess so,” Fisher said. “Judging from the screen names.”

“Amazing, Passing with flying colors.” Sophie said, “imagine how you’ll do tonight in a dimly lit club baby.”

“I can’t even think about that right now Sophie,” Fisher said, “I’m too busy trying to shop.”

“Oh my god,” Sophie said, “was that actually an attempt at a joke?”

“Yeah,” Fisher said, “I guess I’m relaxing a bit.”

“Wonder how ‘relaxing’ it’ll be when your naughty little cock starts stirring in your tight shorts?” Sophie whispered, cupping his ass forcefully in full view of those around them.

Fisher heard a male voice say ‘dammmn!” and he quickly scurried to his left to elude her grasp.

“Not fair Sophie,” he said quickly, a small grin on his face. “Can we please just try something on?”

“Take these,” Sophie said, handing him a few different tops and bottoms she had gathered, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

Fisher took the swimsuits to the back, trying to ignore the quizzical look from the sales girl, and let out a deep breath as the full length door closed behind him. He turned toward the mirrored wall, garish phone in hand, turned his back to the mirror and twisted his hips so both his ass and his breasts were accentuated. He smiled and looked into the lens, snapping the picture like Sophie wanted. He could feel himself blushing as he posted to instagram, but he moved past it, his shorts tight against him, no mistaking that the numbing spray was beginning to wear off. He hashtagged it, ignored the follow requests and the likes, and raised his eyes to the mirror, managing an uneasy smile as he surveyed the sight of himself.

He started by untying the knot in his shirt then unbuttoning it, unconsciously holding his breath as he tried to use just his fingertips, his long nails making him look dainty and yet humorously awkward. Hanging the tiny shirt on a provided hook, he took a moment to himself to touch the bra stretched across his massive breasts. He traced his fingers over the contours, until he gasped when his hips twitched involuntarily.

“Everything ok in there?” a familiar voice asked.

Fisher opened the door a crack, red faced, his breath sharp and ragged. “Sophie, I… I think I need help, I can’t do this myself.”

“Ok baby,” she replied sweetly, “I’d be happy to help you. But I’m going to take lots of pictures… those breasts deserve to be photographed…”

“Sophie… I…”

“Just smile and say ‘thank you’,” Sophie said as she slipped inside with him. “I promise you won’t be sorry…”

“Thank you Sophie,” Fisher said, the ache between his thighs growing more urgent by the second.

“Of course baby,” Sophie said, “soon you’ll realize how beautiful you are, and then you can let all your cares fade away, but give it time, we’re just getting started…”

Fisher nodded, trying unsuccessfully to stop trembling as Sophie’s fingers deftly unclasped his bra, and his breasts fell free, tugging ever so slightly on his skin and swaying with almost natural movement. He sighed again when she kissed the back of his shoulder and spun him to face her, her hand covering the expanse of denim between his thighs, pressing his trapped erection to his body.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she whispered, “somebody is excited to be here, aren’t they?”

A shrill whimpered yes was all he could manage.

“I bet you never thought you would be in a ladies dressing room, trying on bikinis for me, did you sissy slut?” He hand squeezed and released Fisher as she spoke, each word making his body and face contort perfectly until he was leaning against the wall, his fingers flat against the pale yellow paint to keep him from collapsing.

Fisher looked down at Sophie fearfully, knowing what her hand was bringing him closer to, the reality of it terrifying him to his core, but he couldn’t bring himself to ask her to stop. If she wanted to humiliate him here by making him cum, he was sure he deserved it, and he was doubly sure that he would enjoy the punishment for it.

She pulled away abruptly, smiling a truly malicious smile as he panted in agony. “So which one should we try on first?”

Fisher didn’t know if the choice really was his but he whispered ‘pink please’ as her eyes burned into his.

“How did I know you’d pick that one?” she teased, pulling a hot pink polka dot push up top from the pile of swimsuits. “Is it because all sissy sluts love pink?”

“Must… must be Sophie,” Fisher said, peeling himself off the wall, his legs feeling like jelly atop his 6 inch heels. He let her fit the top over him, straightening immediately when she fastened the swan clip at his spine and adjusted the straps. He swallowed hard as she turned him toward the mirror by his waist, keeping her hands there as he saw his reflection in the tight fitting top. His breasts protruded obscenely from the cups, the strappy center exposing his deep cleavage and massive orbs of flesh. He winced as Sophie slipped her hands from him and retrieved her phone from where she left it on the bench.

“Strike a pose and smile, Candi,” she instructed, grinning mischievously as she captured both him and his reflection in the shot. “That’s perfect… straight out of a Katie Perry song, daisy dukes and bikini on top… Next!”