In-House Convenience Pt. 02

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It was a laundry day again, and I, being only 5’2″, was stretching on my tippy-toes to retrieve the wash for transfer to the dryer. The laundry room was in the basement of the apartment building. Being alone, I didn’t worry that my miniskirt was probably hiked up to show my bikini panties tight over my pussy. I was making my third dive when I felt hands on my hips pulling my panties down! I yipped and stood up.

“Don’t worry, Melanie, my dear, it’s only your friendly landlord, collecting some rent!” said Edgar, as he put Donald Trump’s favorite wrestling hold on me.

“I used to go to a laundromat near campus, just to watch co-eds in miniskirts or short shorts bending over the washing machines as you’re doing. I wanted to do to them just what I’m going to do to you!”

“Please, no! Someone will catch us!”

“Then, don’t waste time. Help me couple with you, release your inner slut, and excite me to cum quickly!”

“I was only supposed to model for you for $50-$100 off our rent!”

“You’re getting $100 a month off by earning extra credit. Besides, it isn’t as if I haven’t had you once already!”

With his hand on my back, he pushed me down and bent me to his will. He stripped my panties to my ankles. I stepped out of them and he pulled my thighs wider apart. I felt his finger, moistened with saliva, rub up and down my slit deeper and deeper until he turned it inward to penetrate and finger-fuck me. He was making me wet; I couldn’t help it. Then, he withdrew his finger. I heard him smack his lips.

“I love a taste of your honey! That’s it, baby: get on your toes and present yourself to me so I can easily get all of my cock up you! Now, let me get a good grip on your big tits!”

As my husband Ted called him, this “lewd dude” then penetrated me and shoved his hands under my blouse and bra. He squeezed my breasts until some of my milk leaked out. One thrust brought him halfway up, and his second thrust possessed me.

“God, your nipples are erect! You’re ready to be fucked, like a bitch in heat!”

I guessed my husband would approve and praise me for exciting a 58-year-old lecher, old enough to be my father, so much that he not only came back for more of me, but recklessly mounted me over a washing machine in the laundry room. I was becoming excited by Edgar’s lust and lewd response to my charms. I imagined telling my husband and his reaction: stripping me, throwing me down on the bed and furiously fucking me. I couldn’t help moaning as this dirty old man rutted between my legs.

“I wonder how many fucks it will take to break you in to the pleasures of putting out. You and your husband should thank me for proving that you’re woman enough to satisfy more than one man and enjoy doing it! Thank me for making you a more exciting woman to your hubby!”

With these egotistic remarks, he speeded up his thrusts, withdrawing almost, only to ram his cock home again. I covered my mouth to silence my squealing. Suddenly, he parked his cock all of the way in me.

“Why did you stop?”

“Do you like it? Do you want more?”

Edgar twitched his cock in me Tüyap escort bayan several times, and my pussy squeezed back, which felt so much better than shaking hands!

“I’d like you to finish, before we get caught!”

“Your snug, wet cunt feels so good that I want to make my cock at home in you!”

“You’re just a visitor, an unwelcome one, so hurry up!”

“I need encouragement. Say ‘Please fuck me and cum in my cunt!'”

“Just do it!”

“I can wait until you ask me politely, because your big tits feel so good in my hands, your milk tastes so good, as I lick it from my fingers, and your juicy cunt is paradise for my cock!”

“Alright, fuck me and cum in my cunt, you bastard!”

“That wasn’t polite! Just for that, I will punish your pussy!”

He speeded up a little but fucked a lot harder. I couldn’t help cumming on his powerful cock again. He heard me try to smother a cry of pleasure and probably felt my pussy get wetter for him.

“Damn, you’re a choice piece of ass!”

I felt his cock erupt as he kept slamming it into me. The spasms of my pussy served to squeeze his cock, good to the last drop, as he lingered making his deposit. Finally, his cock slipped out. He slipped my panties back up.

“Save some of my spunk to show your husband that you are being a good slutwife. The proof is in the pudding!”

He had injected plenty of his cream into me, and I added my own cum to the pudding. I wondered in what other parts of the building he might lurk to waylay me. There was the area in the basement for tenants to store possessions, but I didn’t need anything from our cage, for the present. At any rate, it should be safe for my return to moving the clothes into the dryer.

When I entered our apartment, Bob looked up from his book.

“What happened to you? You look tousled, and your thighs are streaked wet!”

“Edgar happened to me! He crept behind my back and trapped me between his dick and the washer! I was so afraid that someone might see us that I just let him hurry up and fuck me.”

“Did he hurt you, physically?”

“Physically, he made me cum, twice! Emotional pain is something else. It was embarrassing to be taken by him in public, and shameful that I enjoyed it!”

I saw a big bulge in Ted’s’s pants.

“Do you want to see what he did to me?”

“Yes, let me make it better.”

I laid a towel on our bedspread, removed my blouse and skirt and lay down. Bob stripped in seconds. He got onto the bed, saw that my panties were soaked, and peeled them off me.

“How do I look?”

“I’m sorry, but you look extremely sexy!”

“Your cock tells me that! Are just going to gape, or husband me and re-possess me?”

He spread me wide, lifted my legs up and pounced.

“Do I excite you more with another man’s sperm in me?”

“I think he got you all sexed up and ready for more!” he said as he thrust all the way home.

“He was reckless, led by his dick, mad with lust for you!”

“I didn’t think a man his age could do it so often.”

“You inspire him. He’s a sex addict, Escort Tüyap addicted to you!”

“Do you want me to let him keep collecting rent from my pussy? I can’t just let him photograph or milk me anymore, because he’ll fuck me, too!”

“He is getting a lot of bang for his buck!”

“You’re a lecher, too!” I kicked him but couldn’t help laughing.

“I’m proud of you for having the power to excite him so much and for enjoying sex for its own sake. Now you can enjoy your body with a lot more sex!”

“I hope Edgar doesn’t have a heart-attack sometime when he’s on top, pinning me down and screwing me to the mattress!”

Bob fucked me harder. We French-kissed. He told me how exciting I was. He praised me for expressing and enjoying my sexuality. We made passionate love.

My husband, baby and landlord were keeping me busy as they vied for my attention. The shame and revulsion I felt about submitting to Edgar were overcome by the naughty thrill of exciting his lust to see me naked, suck my milk, feel me up all over, and fuck me senseless. By the time he ate my pussy and finger-fucked me, I was orgasmic and ready to be fucked by the nearest cock. Since he brought me my orgasm, it felt fair for me to give him one and welcome his cock inside me. The thrill of his cock possessing and fucking me always gave me another orgasm and made me want to receive his sperm.

Bob encouraged me to let Edgar milk me daily. Between nursing my daughter and suckling Edgar, I was on an emotional teeter-totter from maternal to erotic! Edgar and I would agree on a time each day. I knew he would want access to both breasts, my bare thighs and eventually, my pussy, which, if it weren’t already wet from his manhandling me, he would make it wet with his tongue and finger. Since he wanted to find me in a state of undress, I wore a short, low-cut, flimsy negligee to make it easy for him to explore my body.

“God, you look good enough to eat! Sit down on the couch and serve me your milk and pussy!”

I had dispensed with the little bra and bikini panties that came with the outfit. I had begun to accept and respond to his lewd behavior. He opened the ribbon holding my negligee together and claimed my swollen breasts. My nipples were erect in anticipation of his attentions. He grasped my left breast, kissed it, licked my nipple and took into his mouth. While he sucked, he squeezed my tit to make it squirt milk into his mouth. With his other hand, he caressed and massaged my other breast. Continuing to suck me, he employed both hands to caress my bare thighs from my knees to my hips. Then he coaxed my legs apart and felt me up the insides of my thighs to my pussy.

“How friendly of you to dispense with panties for me! It tells me you want me to feel your cunt and give it a lot of TLC! I’ll heat you up, darling, to give me some TLC, as in Tits, Legs and Cunt!”

“Don’t you want me to pose for photos?”

“I was in a hurry and forgot my camera!”

“But your dick you have always with you!”

I quietly submitted to the excitement that his lewd words and lewd Tüyap Escort explorations of my body now gave me! He devoted about ten minutes in leisurely enjoyment of each tit. As he caressed my thighs, knelt at my feet and pulled them over his shoulders, my pussy grew wet in anticipation. I knew he’d make me cum, and then I’d want him to fuck me. It had been only two days since he’d last fucked me. I was already hoping I had the power to excite him to do it to me again after only two days of rest. I knew, unlike a 58-year-old man, that I had the power to enjoy sex every day.

Edgar spread me wide and inhaled deeply the fragrance of my excited sex. He looked at me and smiled.

“The scent of your wet cunt is intoxicating. Feed me your nectar!”

With that, his tongue parted my pubic hair, licked up and down my slit, licked deeper my inner labia apart and thrust into me!

“Such a naughty wife deserves a good licking!” He exclaimed before diving back.

He added his middle finger to probe my womanhood. He licked and finger-fucked me to an orgasm.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god!” I exclaimed, sounding blasphemous to myself.

“I love when you feed me your cum! I think you’re ready for a good fucking! Do you want me to fuck you now?”

“Can you?”

He showed me his stiff cock.

“Yes, please, fuck me!”

“Suck the cock that’s going to fuck you!”

This was another dirty pleasure for me. It was past time that I felt his cock in my mouth. I cradled his cock on my tongue. About the only time I take orders with enthusiasm is for sex. I swirled my tongue around the head of his dick and sucked about 4 inches into my mouth.

“Look me in the face while you suck me! Oh, that’s a good girl! You can tell your husband that I grade his wife a B+ as a cocksucker.”

He was now impatient to fuck me. He pushed me onto my back, spread me, rammed his cock up me, and made me cum on it.

“How often do you like to be fucked, now that you have a second sex partner?”

“Every day,” I gasped.

“I bet you could enjoy it twice a day,” he said, as he began fucking me hard.

“Yes, twice a day!… Though, I guess I’d better get back on the Pill, before you impregnate me!”

Edgar experienced coitus interruptus!

“Do you mean you’re risking pregnancy to receive my sperm?”

“Does that excite you?”

“Hell yes! Does it excite you?”

“While you’re fucking me it does. After you’ve cum a big load in my pussy, I feel scared.”

“Better get back on the Pill and keep your beautiful, voluptuous figure. I can milk you for years yet.”

Flattered that, for the extra thrill, I risked him impregnating me, he clutched my swollen tits until my nipples oozed milk, and rutted between my thighs, like an Alpha male. Of course, I was back on the Pill, but it was fun playing with his mind! He grunted and groaned. I felt his cock jerking and spurting; I eagerly received his sperm into my spasming pussy.

“Oh, Melanie, now that I’ve broken you in to be a slutwife, you know you can enjoy sex with any man. All he needs to do is feel you up, grab your pussy and lick it to get you in heat for his cock!”

“That may be, but you’re the only lewd dude I know!”

Based on Edgar’s carnal knowledge of me, I began to wonder how much sexual power I had to excite men. There were plenty of them at large, not getting enough, or any pussy.

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