Meeting the Boss’s Daughter Ch. 20

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I watched as he left the room. I wanted to slap him for the words he said but I knew he was just having a hard understanding things I could not explain.

Why was I so afraid to talk to him, I don’t know. All I knew was that he couldn’t see past the events that happened at the office with Helena and my first encounter with Hunter. But he, Hunter, has been so much more than just the man he saw that day. I’ve grown to care of him immensely.

I pulled off the robe and climbed into bed, in hopes that things might sort themselves out one day. It took a while to sleep really, my predicament has troubled my mind. I thought it would be easy once I saw him again but… it wasn’t. And I drifted off to sleep.

A little while later, I groaned and shifted under the covers in the darkness. Something was … happening. I opened my eyes and felt something warm and wet between my legs. I gasped as I realized the hands holding my legs apart and my panties were gone. I could feel his tongue sliding around and inside me under the covers. I wanted to struggle to get him off me but his tongue had started to move so fast, flicking and teasing my clit. Oh god… my fingers clenched onto the sheets. How long was he in my room… doing this… Oh god, why does it feel so good, so intense… so quickly… I felt him release my leg and move towards my burning pussy, his fingers slipping inside me as his tongue continued teasing and biting my hard clit.

I was so wet, so… needy… Oh god please… I felt his face move away as his fingers took over, rubbing my clit faster and faster, alternating with his mouth sucking on me. His fingers again moving lower to my entrance. Why couldn’t I move? I couldn’t breathe as he rammed them into me and I could only scream as my body exploded in pleasure, my legs trembled, my back arching as the intensity washed over me. I gasped, trying to find control of my breaths. I pulled the covers off and Adam’s face came into dim view.

“Adam?” I gasped, out of breath, “Why are you… How did you get back in here?”

He smiled, moving up onto me, kissing my lips fully, “Does it matter?” he replied between kisses. He held me against him and rolled us both over, so I was on top of him. He slipped his cock inside me, filling me instantly. I groaned loudly as I stretched around him. “Ohhh you feel soo good inside me, Adam.”

“It’s where I belong, Katie,” he replied, holding onto my ass as I rode him faster and faster, gasping and groaning.

I opened my eyes wide with surprise, gasping as I felt another set of hands cup my breasts, a warm breath at the back of my neck. I turned and Hunter’s sweet face came into view, his lips on my neck and shoulders, his fingers tweaking and pinching my nipples.

“Wha…,” I started to say but before I could finish a sentence, he had his hand on my hair and pulled it back hard. Adam held my legs in place, his cock buried inside me as, while my upper body leaned backwards, giving Hunter the view of my chest, room for him to lean down and take a nipple into his mouth, while his hand took mine and guided it to his hard, thick cock. I could only groan and accept the pleasure I was getting while stroking his cock at the same time. His tongue started to swirl and flick about my nipple, sucking hard and long on it before releasing it, sending waves of electricity down my body.

Adam had his fingers on my clit, rubbing and teasing it quick and then slow and then faster like vibration that sent currents through my veins. His fingers and Hunter’s mouth on me was getting so intense, I could feel my body starting to shake. Hunter must have felt it. I felt his arms around me as he pulled me off of Adam, turning me over on the bed and rammed his cock deep inside me, stretching me open so instantly, bringing me over, making me scream as my entire body shook. He didn’t stop there, he pulled out and rammed back in, pounding me rough and deep and fast, and I loved it. I could feel… hear… my pussy wet and sloshing as his cock moved in and out of me. I couldn’t control my senses.

Adam sat up and his cock was my lips. I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock, almost its entirety inside. My moans were muffled, my thoughts blurred. I was getting stuffed with cock from both ends. Hunter would shove his cock all the way inside me, pushing my mouth against Adam, making his cock go deep to the back of my throat. He held onto my hair while Hunter onto my ass. One would slap my ass, the other would slap my breasts. They both fucked me at the same speed until I screamed and my body exploded and then they would trade places.

They turned me over to my back, Adam lifted my legs higher up against my chest so his cock reached even deeper inside me. Hunter would make me taste my juices on his cock, still hard and stiff. I held onto his thigh as I sucked on him, my tongue caressing his hot meat. I would take it out so I could lick and suck on his balls, feel him tense up, stop when he tells me to so he didn’t cum right away.

Adam would lean down and tug my nipple with his teeth and sit back up, holding onto my legs as leverage as he pounds my pussy hard and fast. He held my legs Ankara escort up over his shoulders and thrust his cock inside me, his fingers rubbing my hard nub as he built momentum. Hunter knelt beside me, steering my hair clear of my face. He always had an animalistic look during sex but this time, it was soft and caring. I wrapped my hands around his cock and stroked him, gasping as Adam filled me up and rotated his hips against me. He pulled out and slammed hard back inside.

Hunter leaned down and I felt his lips on mine, sucking on mine, his tongue inside my mouth, exploring. I felt him groan as my hand tightened around his cock and stroked faster, the same speed that Adam was moving in and out of me. I held onto Hunter as my body tensed up and I could only cry in despair. My nails dug into his shoulder as my body arched and Adam groaned as my pussy clamped around his cock and my body exploded in pleasure I couldn’t even describe anymore.

Hunter held me close, Adam pulled out and kissed my thighs gently, moving up to my tummy. I was exhausted and I only then just realized my nails were still digging into Hunter’s shoulders. I wonder if it had drawn blood. I pulled his cock into my mouth again, sucking on him, as much of him as I could, gliding my tongue around along the length of his cock. He gathered m hair and held them off my face in a bunch.

I could feel Adam’s lips running all over my body, his fingers brushing gently against my clit, ever so slightly running along my slit to my ass then back again. My muffled moans never ceased to fill the room, my hand stroking the base of Hunter’s cock while my mouth worked on the upper half. Adam got beside me, his cock in hand as well and I took turns sucking on their cocks. They both groaned in pleasure, each of them playing with my breast, occasionally slipping down between my legs. God, I wanted them both. I sucked one cock while my hand stroked the other. They would hold onto my head and fuck my mouth, pushing their cocks deep inside, making me take as much of them as I could.

“Oh fuck,” Hunter groaned. He pulled away and laid on the bed, tugging on my hand to get. I climbed onto him, his towering cock entering my pussy, making me moan loudly as it filled me. He pulled me against him, so our lips met and his hand toyed again with my nipples. I felt Adam pushing my ass apart, positioning his cock at the entrance.

I gasped in surprise, but Hunter had his hands on me, holding me still against him. I looked at him and he smiled, “you’ve done it before,” he said.

“Yeah but… it wasn’t with both equally big cocks,” my fingers tensed at his chest as Adam started to push his cock inside me.

I closed my eyes, unsure that I wanted him to keep going or to stop. He stopped though, as soon as he felt me stiffen up, leaned down and kissed my back, fingers reaching for my clit. “Relax, Katie, You know I’d never hurt you,” he said as his lips spread kisses down my back. Hunter kneaded and pinched my nipples. They both knew exactly where my body weakened to.

Hunter pulled me face down to his neck, so his mouth was right at my ear, “Lose yourself to the pleasure, baby, you’ll love it. Just let go.”

I closed my eyes, burying my face in Hunter’s neck. He lifted my ass up a bit, so he didn’t have his full length inside me. Adam coated his cock with spit and my juices, and then I felt him back again, trying to get inside my tight ass. I felt him push at it with the tip of his cock, gently and then a little more pressure and I could only groan loudly as his cock made its way inside me.

“Damn, that is so tight,” he moaned out as his cock continued to enter me, filling so full and tight. They gave me a moment to adjust to them before they started to move, together, in and out of my ass and pussy, slowly.

“Oh god…,” I cried out, I felt so stretched and filled. I sat up a bit and both their hands reached for my breasts again, teasing, tweaking… turning me on. I couldn’t believe they were both inside me, as the same time, it was… indescribable… so good. My eyes closed and both my holes clenched around them.

“Oh fuck,” Hunter groaned out, “You’re squeezing the life out of us.” I felt his hands on my thighs and Adam’s on my ass. “I think she’s loving it,” Adam called out. I opened my eyes and Hunter was grinning up at me, “I think she is,” he answered back.

I felt their grasp tighten and Hunter’s cock started to move faster in and out of me, and Adam followed. Both cocks were stuffing me full and it felt so good, my body moved with them, my tight holes clamping around their cocks, squeezing them as they pulled out and easing up as they moved back in.

“Fuck, your ass is so tight,” Adam groaned out as he started to slam harder into my ass. Hunter did the same, holding me in place as his cock pounded at my pussy.

I could feel the intensity building inside me, I wanted to explode.

“That’s it, baby, cum hard for us,” Hunter urged on. They were both moving in and out of me so fast, one pushed in while the other pulled out, again and again. I couldn’t… oh my god… Ohh…

Hunter reached up and pinched both nipples so hard, and Ankara escort bayan Adam took one hard thrust as he buried his cock deep in my ass. It was just too much. I screamed my lungs out as my body shook and convulsed like I had never known it to, like the world had blackened out…

I sat up in bed, gasping, alone in the dark. Oh my god, I thought to myself, my chest was heaving, my hands were shaking, my breath in gasps. I slumped back down on the pillows, tears dripping down my cheeks.

My phone rang, it was Hunter.

“Hey,” I answered, trying to sound optimistic.

“Hey there,” he said, “Are you alright? You sound upset.”

“No, I umm… I’m fine,” I replied, wiping the tears away.

“Come on, Katie, you can always tell me,” he answered. “Or do you need me to come over?”

I couldn’t keep myself from sobbing lightly, I wanted to say yes but I knew it would only complicate things. “No, I’m okay.”

“I assume you’ve met with him then?” he replied.


“So why the tears? Did he hurt you?”

“No, no. I just… I have to choose, don’t I?”


“Between you and him…”

He was silent for a moment.

“Listen to me, Katie. Don’t think about it as a choice right now. Just enjoy the moment.”

“What about you?”

“What ABOUT me?”

“Well… You’ve done so much for me, taken care of me… I can’t just… “

“Katie,” he interrupted, “don’t make me a choice out of guilt. It can’t be fair if you based it on the time we were together, a time you didn’t get to have with him. You understand why it had to be that way, why things started the way it did with me. As much as I enjoyed it, I still want to keep living it, but I don’t care to deprive you of a time you haven’t fully explored yet. I believe in choices. I want you to make yours. It doesn’t have to be now, or tomorrow, or next month, do you understand me?”

“When then?”

“Whenever you’re ready, if it should take you another three years or more, then so be it. And I promise you, I will wait for that time, if it should be for me or not. I will be here whenever you need me.”

It only made me feel worse, that he was still so nice despite knowing I couldn’t pick him over Adam. He quickly changed the subject and asked about all the other events of the convention. His company was one of the major sponsors, so I was there with a job as well. He asked about my stay at the hotel, if I was pleased with the service. He told me I had to get back to sleep, and I regrettably mentioned that I had a disturbing dream and didn’t want to just yet. He persistently asked what it was. I had to tell him, but I thought that a summary, a VERY SHORT summary would be alright.

He laughed so much, my sadness from earlier had melted away and turned to a bit of laughter as well.

“You know, they say dreams are part fantasy, part desire,” I could tell he was grinning when he said it.

“And you’re implying what?”

“That it’s a scenario you might want to have happen, deep down in your sub-conscious.”

“I really doubt it.”

“You can always ask him if he’s open to it.”

I laughed, “oh god, please stop. I don’t think you would be open to it yourself.”

“Oh really? You think I wouldn’t be mature enough or secure at all about myself to do anything that would bring you to great heights of pleasure?”

I was silent.

“Did you cum in the dream?”

I didn’t answer.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Were you hot for it when you woke up then?”


“Come on, tell me.”

“I know you’re only trying to cheer me up.”

“Good god, no. I mean, I was at first but I am now absolutely intrigued by your dream… much more intrigued at your state just rethinking it now.”

I smiled to myself, “goodnight, Hunter.”

“Goodnight luv,” he answered back and the call ended.

“Does she know that you’re right here at the bar of her hotel?”

Hunter grinned as he took the shotglass waiting for him at the at the counter and downed its contents in one gulp. “No,” he told the grinning bartender as he placed the glass back down.

“Have you been eating shit for breakfast? Tell her,” he said as he refilled the glass.

“Not today, mate,” Hunter answered, donning again the newly refilled glass and dropping some bills on the counter.

The bartender shook his head and looked around, “Ah well, what do I know. Half the ladies here already have their eyes on you. Why waste time on the one upstairs, eh?”

He received only a smile as a reply and a quick wave from his customer.

Hunter got up and turned to leave. He felt a hand on his arm and looked up to meet the smile of a woman in her early 20s.

“Buy me a drink?” she smiled as she asked, her hand slipping to his chest.

“Not today,” he smiled as he took her hand off him and left the bar.

Hunter thought of Katie on his way out, wondering as well if he should have told her he was there but his smarter self knew it wasn’t the right thing to do. He had offered her this opportunity to figure out what she wanted, whom she wanted… Seeing her on the side would Escort Ankara be… Cheating.

She had spent the last three years with him and although it might have started with her assuming she was a prisoner or, as Helena might have enjoyably assumed, some sort of sex slave bending over to his will every time, she wasn’t. It was a difficult start, she fought him constantly, thought him a monster, a rapist, and all the horrible things she could come up with. He mustered up all his patience trying to make her understand she was free to leave any time with no consequences.

He walked out the doors of the hotel and the last thing he saw was a closed fist and the angry eyes of a man she had so fondly called “Adam”.

As his mind grew dim, it lit up with a memory of an evening he had with her. He had made her dinner and she sulked the entire time, consuming the meal. He tried to start a conversation but she replied only in frustrated demands for freedom, screams of hurtful words and accusations and he knew he couldn’t blame her but then she went into a fit, a limit she finally reached that made her throw dishes at him.

“I told you, leave if you want to,” he had said, his voice, a reverberating echo in the room. His patience too had worn out.

“You say that every time, but you threaten me with Adam’s welfare,” she answered back.

He grabbed her arm and backed her against the wall, his face only inches from hers “I don’t care about him any more than I care about you. I made it clear to you the very first day you stepped foot here, that you were free to leave, to use your father’s unit, to find yourself another place of shelter. You hold it against me, every day. Why are you still here if it is so much punishment for you?!!”

Her face had grown red, her eyes dripping tears, the strength in her voice faded, “you said if I did… that Adam…” then she started to sob.

“Your choice to put him first is not my doing, Katie. If sacrificing your life for his welfare feels like punishment to you, that is your choice,” he had replied.

“No, if you and your sister had not come into our lives, none of this would have happened!”

“If you had not been a little whore, I wouldn’t have had to! You could have saved your father his career!” He yelled in frustration and pushed her to the floor. “Leave! And don’t you ever come back here!” He yelled out at her, and turned away as she ran for the door and slammed it behind her.

He felt only his anger, like a bullet just leaving its chamber, emitting a burning rage. He poured himself a glass of cognac and sat facing the window. It was dark and late, where did she think she would go. He took a sip and ran his fingers through his hair as a multitude of possibilities entered his thoughts. He let out a sigh of frustration and regret.

“Damn it,” he slammed the glass on the table and grabbed his keys on his way out.

She couldn’t have gotten far, he thought as he drove slowly around the area. He slammed his foot on the brake and got out at the first sight of shadowing figures struggling at a dark alley. Without a second thought, he walked over. He grabbed the one who had his pants undone and smashed his fist into him. The other two assailants were easy as they weren’t as tough as the leader. They left the scene quickly and he was left with a woman whose clothes were ripped in different places, a bloody lip and a bruise on her cheek.

“Are you alright?” he had asked as he cleared her hair from her face. He lifted her into his arms and brought her back home.

She may not remember but, as kids, it wasn’t only his role to keep her busy while both their dads discussed business. He thought of her as the only person who wasn’t his friend because of money or status but someone who helped him see the lighter side of life. She was real, with simple pleasures. She would often sit on the grass and ask him what their dads were talking about and he would conjure up some sweet story about how they were planning a weekend or what they would get her for Christmas and she would giggle and tell him what she hoped for which was frequently that her dad would not be sad anymore. He too had wished his dad spent more time appreciating him and his sister instead of the day to day miseries of business.

Unbeknownst to her, Hunter’s father had also appreciated the sweet aura Katie brought to their home. After the business talk, they would have a meal together and he would call her over and tell her stories while having a plate of cookies brought up only for her. He delighted in her innocent responses to his questions. The attention he gave her only fed Helena’s contempt for Katie and resentment for their father.

By the time Helena was old enough to handle the business, their father took ill and she was next in line to take over. She had already grown obsessed with outdoing the success of their father, she had decided they must sever all ties with the “clients and their families”, which meant never seeing Katie again. He loved his sister despite her obsession but as the only man left in the family succession, he took it upon himself to be the peaceful one, rather than focus so much on the shrewdness of business dealings, he allowed her to take the reign while he followed after her every order. His compliance kept her busy while he took care of their ailing father whom she would have probably exiled to a group home.

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