Number One Fan

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The proprietor of Dominion Books looked at the window at the deluge beyond, wondering if it would ever cease pouring. Unseasonably chilling too for spring, but the heat and humidity would descend, so best to enjoy this now.

But still, Colin Dominion thought, does it have to flood us out?

Truthfully, he wasn’t worried. In 40 years, since his beloved father opened this place, and Colin taking over after he passed several years ago, nothing like flooding had happened. The book shop had insurance, of course, but torrential water and paper didn’t mix well. But the street Dominion Books was located on wasn’t flood-prone, and actually slightly elevated, near the top of a slight rise.

Lately, though, Colin had been itching to get back to his real work, his writing. Which was why he’d been actively seeking an apprentice. That way, he didn’t have to spend most of his days here, when could be home working more on his second novel. The first one, SHADOW LUST, garnered decent reviews and his publisher wanted to put the second book, a follow-up, out within a year. So far, though, he’d only written barely a third and his deadline would be here too soon.

Unfortunately most of the applicants were students from the nearby college, many of whom hadn’t impressed him. Some even kind of scared him, with the thought of leaving them in charge of the place for several hours during the day. It wasn’t rocket science, being a bookstore clerk, but having a fair knowledge of books was nice, and not reeking of booze and pot was not what he was looking for.

Colin moved the rolling ladder to grab some extra books for the front window, when the front door opened, bell tinkling, and the drenched figure entered.

The attractive woman smiled, and when she shook off her coat, Colin felt his mouth go dry, heart thump hard in his chest.

Oh my, he thought. Please say you’re interested in the job position here.

“Sorry for the water getting on your floor,” she said as she draped the coat over one arm, and paused to shake water droplets from her rain-soaked long, thick mane of auburn hair. As Colin approached, smiling warmly, he held put his hands to take her coat. This close, the droplets of icy rainwater in her hair caught the store’s light and glittered like jewels.

“No worries. Here, let me take your jacket,” he said. “I’m Colin, what can I help you with?”

Her blue-green eyes sparkled warmly and he could see her hard nipples jutting out under the cream-colored long sleeved blouse. Her breasts were full, perhaps 36C or D size, and obviously braless. Odd to do so with the inclement weather. She wore dark gray slacks and closed toe black pumps, which made little sense on a miserable day like this. But maybe when she’d dressed earlier it hadn’t been raining yet. Wearing stylish black framed glasses, she looked slightly nerdy but very sexy, her pale cream-colored face lightly beaded with either perspiration or rain water. She had shapely hips and coltish, long legs in the tight slacks. Colin imagined her perfect toes, manicured and painted some light pinkish color, or maybe burgundy or plum color. Her fingernails were cut short, but manicured. Colin wasn’t a feet man, but he appreciated sexy feet, among other things. Sexy, flexed calves on a woman, for example.

Damn, he thought. She’s absolutely gorgeous!

While he didn’t make it a habit to openly, or surreptitiously, gawk practically open mouthed at attractive female customers, he couldn’t help himself. But what she said in response was like wet dream come true.

“I’d like to apply for the part-time clerk position,” she said, her voice sweetly soft, almost shy, but with an underlying determination. “I’m certain I’d be more than qualified.”

While she possessed an indeterminate accent, her use of language was immediately a turn on.

Colin cleared his throat, still holding her coat. “Really? Umm, I mean…of course!”

She smiled coyly. “Do I need to fill out an application first?”

Colin nodded. “No, not that, but I’d need to interview you. Do you have a resume…not that you need one. I’m not looking for someone with an extensive retail background, um, Miss…?”

Blushing, she bit her plump bottom lip–something she did a lot and something that Colin admitted turned him on–and looked up at him through her big glasses.

“I’m Audrey,” she said.

“Pleasure to meet you, Audrey,” Colin replied, reaching out to shake her hand. For a moment as they touched, he felt a brief sizzle of electricity surge through him and they both jumped slightly. She blushed deeply, which given her creamy complexion, made her seem vulnerable and more alluring.

“And I’m Colin Dominion.” As he turned to gesture to his back office behind the counter, Audrey surprised him by what she said next.

“I know who you are, Mr. Dominion, and I hope by saying this I’m not jeopardizing my chances of getting hired. But I’m a huge fan of your books. Have been since your first novel came out over ten years ago.”

It pendik escort was his turn to blush, and he smiled. “Thank you. I appreciate that,” he said, a little shyly. “To be honest, I don’t get outed a whole lot these days, not that I’m outwardly looking for that, but it’s always a pleasure to meet a fan. Have to ask you, though, and please excuse me asking this, but how old are you?”

As she walked past him smelling faintly of sweet musk from soap, shampoo, perfume, or a mix of all three, she replied, “Not at all. I’m about your age. My folks moved here after Dad got a job in the city about 20 years ago. I took time off after a rough start to college, a failed first marriage and raising my kids, but now I’m back at it. I want to finish what I started a long time ago. Not sure what I’ll do with a creative writing degree, though.”

No way she’s nearly 50, Colin remarked to himself. She’s maybe early 30’s. But still…what a stunner!

“Very nice,” Colin said as he followed her into his medium-sized, but cluttered and semi-messy, office. He regretted not cleaning up sooner, but what the hell. Books and papers occupied one side of the large dark oak desk, with two of the four walls crammed with stuffed bookshelves (some of them his own novels in hardback and paperback), and an adjoining battered gunmetal gray three drawer filing cabinet on the third wall. A shuttered double window lay along the wall behind the desk and highback brown leather chair. His laptop lay closed on the blotter.

“Cosy,” Audrey said, smiling. “But I suspect many authors or creative types have work spaces like this.”

Colin moved behind his desk, shuffling papers, files, rummaging in a few drawers. He scratched at his three day’s salt-and-pepper growth along his chin and jawline. “Yeah, well, before Dad passed away and I took this place over, the office never looked like this. He’d have a fit seeing it like this, but what can I say? Umm, it seems I’ve misplaced those application forms, but if you have a seat, I can print them out.”

“No problem, take your time,” she replied, taking the straight back padded wooden seat positioned in front of the desk.

Crossing her legs in that alluring way only women can do, Colin flipped open his laptop, tapping the touchpad.

“So you mentioned reading my books,” he said. “I’d think your family and friends might not have approve of my material, or were you reading my stuff in secret?”

Audrey laughed, and said, “My father isn’t a big reader and could care less, but Mom always is reading something and loves horror. Her favorites are you, Richard Laymon, and that Stephen King guy. She’d give me books to read after she finished them.”

Colin looked up, grinned sheepishly, as he clicked the icon to print. “Well, that’s fine company to be in. I’m a huge fan of both of those authors.”

“Not to go all fangirl,” she said, “but I think you’re much better. If you don’t mind me saying so.”

Smiling as he got up to grab the printouts from the printer sitting on a cabinet behind his desk next to window, he replied, “You’re too kind. Fill these out, and I need to see two forms of ID, but as far as I’m concerned…you’re hired.”

And that was how his new part-time clerk became his full-time lover.


While Audrey had only been working in the bookstore for a week, usually after her college classes during the week, mostly afternoons and evenings and on Saturdays (Dominion Books had always been closed on Sundays, not for religious reasons, but because the older Dominion had always firmly espoused that Sunday should always be for family, food, and football). Her kids didn’t live at home, both away at college and jobs, but she kept in touch with them often. Her only companion was her cat, but Ripley didn’t need much except her food bowl and water refilled, the litter box cleaned…and maybe the occasional scratching behind the ears and neck. So Audrey could work twenty to thirty hours per week, and still be fine with her class work. She didn’t need the money to survive, as she had savings, but admitted she always wanted to work in a bookstore.

And to be employed in one with my favorite author, she teased him…a dream come true!

Not for the first time, Colin was amazed at how quickly and easily his attractive new clerk assumed her new job. She was efficient, friendly, and knew where to find everything customers came in looking for…and she enjoyed interacting with them and recommending other books. Colin hadn’t crunched numbers, but it appeared that sales had bumped, too.

Doesn’t hurt that she’s hot as hell. Often, but not always, Audrey wore short skirts and heels, which showed off her legs. No matter what type of top she wore, her breasts always drew lingering stares. Her nipples seemed always hard beneath those garments and Colin had to force himself not to stare.

Unless she wants me to, he thought. Then immediately berated himself for such behavior. He’d never kartal escort been the type of man drawn to cleavage or bust size, but Audrey made it hard. She’d innocently flirted, nothing overt, kept it professional, mostly asking about his writing and even professing that she’d played with writing her own stuff since she’d been 30 something.

Colin had told her that he’d be happy to look at her stuff sometime if she’d want him to, offer professional advice, and she coyly said she’d just die if he thought her stories sucked.

Oh, Audrey, I doubt that, he thought at the time. Besides, the only thing that sucks is your pretty little mouth on my cock.

Jesus, man, what’s gotten into you?

The first time Colin and Audrey had sex was just barely over a week after she’d started working at the bookstore. Because he lived in the apartment over the store–a surprisingly spacious two room, one bath unit that hadn’t been used for that in years until Colin moved in–he would let Audrey close down the store at 9 pm and then let her out for the evening. Then he open again at 9 am the next day. Normally, he’d stay up for 3-4 hours writing or editing, and sometimes when he woke up early, he’d get some of that done before he opened the store.

It was a Friday night when Audrey came up the narrow two flights of stairs to his door, knocking politely, to let him know she was ready to go. Colin normally spent Friday nights relaxing with a good cigar and a tumbler of whiskey with ice. But earlier in the day, Audrey had emailed him a copy of a short story she’d written. Colin had read it four times. Sitting in his apartment office, leaning back in the brown leather chair, wearing his “comfy clothes” of gray sweatpants and a long sleeved t-shirt with the sleeves pushed up his forearms, he immediately realized two things: Audrey was a good writer, and the story was incredibly erotic. While not exactly autobiographical, it became abundantly clear that the female character bore a pretty close resemblance to herself, and the professor character named Kevin, a much older man and writer, was clearly Colin.

The sex scenes weren’t gratuitous, but they were hot as fuck. The story itself was slightly cliche and unoriginal, if he was being honest, but reading it had aroused him. In fact, upon his second reading while sipping whiskey (the cigar lay clipped but unlit on the glass ashtray on his desktop), he’d absently rubbed the straining bulge under his sweatpants.

By the time the knock at the door dragged him out of his 4th reading, Colin had realized that Audrey was trying to seduce him. It hadn’t taken a rocket scientist to figure that out, either. And while an extremely sexy fan of his was certainly an attractive prospect, not to mention very flattering to his middle-aged ego, Audrey was an employee.

He dropped the printed out pages of the untitled short story onto my desk and got up, momentarily adjusting myself lest he open the apartment door to quite obviously show Audrey his erection.

Maybe she’d like that, Colin thought, then frowned as he padded in barefeet for the door. When he opened it to the dimly lighted landing, Audrey smiled warmly, her wavy strawberry blonde hair (pulled back in a ponytail earlier, but down now) gleaming in the ambient light, her aquamarine eyes glittering.

Today, because the awful weather the past few days had cleared (and he told her she didn’t need to dress up for work, as he often wore khakis and Polo shirts or even nice T-shirts, but she’d insisted she enjoyed looking professional, and loved heels), Audrey wore a stunning coral sundress with a slightly low cut front to show off her ample cleavage. Instead of heels, though, she wore matching sandals with low chunky heels. Like her nails, her toes were painted a pearly pink. Her eyes sometimes changed color depending on what she wore, and they shimmered in the wan light.

And she smelled wonderful. Clean, faintly like flowers on a warm spring day.

“Ready to go, boss,” she said. “But I wanted to ask you something first. Um, well actually, I wanted to apologize.”

Colin cleared his throat, holding the door open with one hand and absently rubbing his whisker-fuzzed chin. He tore his eyes away from her body and smiled faintly. Jesus, she’s so gorgeous, but hopefully not thinking I’m some lecherous old man!

Instead, though, Audrey blushed, and said, “My story…umm…oh God, I’m so embarrassed! I don’t know if you’ve even read it yet, and if so, it’s probably trash anyway…”

“Audrey, stop,” Colin said, holding up his other hand. “Actually, it’s pretty good. I’m not just saying that because you work for me. I would never do that. I was impressed.” Not exactly a lie, because while he would suggest a few minor tweaks here and there, but clearly she showed a gift for writing.

Audrey beamed, her blush deepening. Colin noticed her jutting hard nipples. She looked down at her sandal clad feet for a moment, then back up at him. She maltepe escort exhaled aloud. “Really? Not just saying that because you’re attracted to me?”

Colin blushed now. “Audrey, I’m not…I’d never, I mean, yes I am…but I’m not…”

She smirked, and said, “Shush, Colin, I’m teasing you…”

Before he could even respond to that, she reached up to wrap her arms around his husky build and pulled him against her warm, soft body, her voluptuous full breasts pressing into his abdomen, her upturned face meeting his as he leaned down for the kiss. No tentative lips touching, oh no, this was all raw, unadulterated hunger, lust, desire. Mouths touched, lips sucked, tongues lashed. Both of them moaned.

Colin had been gripping her shoulders as they’d kissed, but now let his hands slip down the contours of her body, to her hips, then her firm, shapely ass. He squeezed, and she responded by grinding herself against the bulge in his sweats. Colin pulled away momentarily and groaned. God, he hadn’t kissed a woman like that in years!

“Shouldn’t we go inside?” Audrey asked in a lusty, breathless tone. Her nipples looked hard enough to burst through the front of her dress. Colin wondered if she’d been braless again…or even panty-less.

He nodded and stepped aside so she could come in, and shut the door. Then they kissed again, her hands finding his taut cock under his sweatpants, caressing the taut, rigid length, and Colin gasped, his own hands snaking up her front to cup her breasts through the sundress, fingers and thumbs tugging the erect nubs, making her hiss in pleasure.

Suddenly, Audrey grabbed his right arm, as her other hand continued to massage him, and in between kisses and tongue lashes, she said, “I can see us doing it right her in your foyer, Colin…but I want the first time we fuck to be in your bed.”

He couldn’t agree more, even though he’d envisioned her slipping her hand under his waistband to grip him, her cool fingers a delicious contrast to the hard heat of his throbbing member. Jesus, he’d come in seconds if she stroked him, let alone took his cock into her mouth!

Colin grinned and took her hand from his groin, and led her down the hall into the livingroom. Then straight through to another short hall to the door at the end, standing open. He wasn’t a neat freak, but believed in keeping things orderly. He hadn’t changed his bedsheets in a few weeks, but as was habit, he always made up the bed every morning.

He’d left the bathroom light on, so the bedroom was half-lit by ambient light. Colin supposed he could search for some candles, for a nice, romantic mood, but he doubted Audrey wanted to wait. He was right. As he turned around to face her, she’d released his hand and lifted her arms, pulling the dress over her head. She let the garment drop to her feet, and she’d already kicked off her sandals.

To say she took his breath away would be an understatement.

In the wan bathroom light, Audrey looked silhouetted slightly, but he could see enough, from the light peach hue of her smooth skin. Her blondish auburn hair cascaded down her shoulders like gold-flecked copper. She cocked a hip sexily, her hands gliding up her body to cup her breasts, teasingly tweezing her dark pink nipples fully erect. His eyes roamed her luscious form in those moments before he took her to his bed, fixating on the delicious smooth juncture between her thighs, that moist pinkish folds of woman-flesh. A trimmed coppery patch of pubic hair adorned her mound.

“Take me, baby,” Audrey cooed.

Leading her to the queen-sized bed, Audrey sat on the edge and reached for his hips, grabbing the sweatpants and tugging down. As was his habit when he was relaxing alone at home, he wore no underwear. His thick erect cock bobbed out, the swollen bulbous cockhead damp at the tip with precum. Audrey moaned and took him in her right hand, gently caressing like she’d done before but her skin touching him this time, her left hand cupping his full, heavy balls in an almost reverential, worshipping way.

“Mmmmm, fuck yes. God, Colin baby…I’ve dreamt, no fantasized about this for a very long time,” she said. “I’ve made myself cum thinking about fucking you. Oh, God, I’m so wet…”

Colin groaned, tipping his head back and closing his eyes as Audrey leaned forward to kiss the slippery, viscous tip, then licked the sensitive underside of the glans. He shivered, looking back down at her as eyes found his. She grinned hungrily and squeezing his cock at the base, took him slowly, achingly so, all the way into her mouth.

Oh God, oh Audrey, babydoll…fuck yes! Colin thought as he was struck both numb and sizzling with feeling not just from the nerve endings being so deftly pleasured by her expert lips and tongue, but his whole body flared alive as if jolted. He gripped her shoulders, then sunk his fingers into her lustrous coppery tresses. Her eyes stayed on his as she moved her delicious mouth up and down his turgid, vein-threaded shaft.

Colin could feel the buildup coming, his balls full and with how she’d been tending to him so perfectly, as if she’d known exactly how to pleasure his cock, he’d cum soon, very soon. And as much as he’d love to spurt his copious load into her willing orifice, Colin wanted more of her.

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