Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 07


All week I was excited by the prospect of my weekend away with my Parents in Law, Jane and Ben. I had absolutely no idea what lay ahead of me, but that only served to increase the anticipation. I hate to admit it but I could feel my panties getting damp just visualising what they may do to me. I enquired a couple of times from Jane as to what our itinerary was, but she just smiled back at me and said nothing.

“But how will I know what clothes to take?” I enquired curiously

“Oh, I think you will need little clothing.” It was an innocent enough response from Jane but I blushed at the underlying connotations.

On the Friday evening my husband, Michael, dropped me off at his parents house on his way to his business meeting. Michael had no sooner departed when my Parents in Law informed me we were about to drive to the airport. It had been a long time since I had flown and I was excited by the prospect. We threw the suitcases in the boot of the car and set off, Ben driving, Jane in the front passenger seat, and myself in the backseat.

“Where are we going?” I enquired like an excited child.

“Well, wouldn’t you like to know,” Jane responded with her usual big grin. “It is a surprise.” The tone of Jane’s voice changed. “Now, young lady. You know how I expect you to be behaving when you are in our car. You don’t want me to pull over on the side of this busy road and punish you for being such a disobedient Daughter in Law?”

I blushed yet again. Jane was of course referring to the fact that whenever I travelled with her in the car I always had to have my bare backside on the seat. Without hesitation I unzipped my snug-fitting stretch jeans and wriggled them down over my backside and down to my knees. My panties then followed suit.

Jane looked over my shoulder to check I had obeyed correctly. She smiled when she noticed I had pushed them right down to my knees, as she requires. Jane rummaged in the glovebox and when she turned around again she had several tissues in her hand. This was always so degrading. My Mother in Law would put tissues under me when I sat naked in the car, as she knew I became so sexually stimulated my juices would secrete onto her car seat. The only difference this time was that I was going to have to do it myself, as Jane could not reach.

Sheepishly I took the tissues from her, raised my backside off the seat, and carefully laid the tissues under me before settling down again. The drive to the airport proceeded without further incident.

As we approached the airport carpark I became increasingly nervous as there were many people moving around and the area was well lighted. As we pulled into the carpark I was frantic, but dared not move.

Then to my absolute relief Jane turned to me, “Pull those pants up, you naughty little hussy. Showing yourself off like that to everybody.”

I responded in a flash and my panties and jeans were back in place in record time.

We were only in the airport lounge a short time when our flight was called, not that I had any idea what our flight was. It was not until we were seated in the aircraft and our Captain welcomed us to our flight to Ohio that I found out our destination. This gave me goose bumps, as I knew that Ben’s business partner, John, and his wife, Debbie, lived in Ohio. John and Debbie were the only people, aside from my boss, Geoff, who had witnessed first hand my being punished by my Parents in Law. I wanted to ask if we were going to be meeting with John and Debbie, but felt it would be no use, as they would not tell me anyway.

On the flight the three of us were seated together, with me in the middle and Jane and Ben either side. Once we were in the air United served us with drinks and a snack, then we settled back to enjoy the flight. I pulled the airline blanket over me, lowered my seat back, and closed my eyes.

I felt Jane’s hand gently touch my shoulder, and as I turned lazily to face her she whispered into my ear, “Remove your shoes.”

I obeyed.

“Now go into the toilet and remove your panties, and hand them to me when you get back.”

I looked at my Mother in Law, embarrassed by her request. But also exhilarated. I knew this was all part of the game she played with me. She knew how to push the right buttons to make me humiliated but also sexually excited.

I clambered awkwardly over Ben, who was smiling knowingly at me. This was obviously pre-planned by my Parents in Law. In the toilet I did a nervous pee before removing my panties. Once my jeans were back in place I stuffed my panties in my pocket and made my way back to my seat.

Again I had to clamber awkwardly over Ben as he made little effort to make room for me to reach my seat. Once seated I reached into my pocket, extracted my panties, and went to hand them to Jane.

“Put them back in your pocket,” Jane commanded quietly. I frowned at her confused, but obeyed.

“Now stand up, and hand me your knickers like a good young lady should.” I was so embarrassed, as I was sure neighbouring yalova escort passengers could not have helped but overhear my Mother in Law’s request.

Gingerly I stood up, extricated my panties from my pocket once again, and holding them in a tight ball in my fist passed them to my Mother in Law’s open hand. To my horror she let the ball unravel in her open palm, so it was clearly evident to anybody watching that she was holding a pair of knickers.

“Good girl,” she smiled, as she placed my knickers in the pouch of the seat in front of her.

Hastily I sat down, pulled the blanket over me, and settled back once again.

“Now remove your jeans to your knees.”

I was mortified by this request. Although I had a blanket on my lap, it would make me very vulnerable to exposure. My heartbeat increased, but damn it all, so did my excitement.

Trying to look as inconspicuous as I could I reached under my blanket and unzipped my jeans, and very gradually edged them over my buttocks and down my thighs to my knees, being very careful to ensure my blanket stayed in position. Once the task was completed I breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed back into my seat, trying to act normally. However my Mother in Law was not finished with me yet. She wanted to take my humiliation a few steps further.

“Have you completed the task?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Show me.”

I looked around to ensure no one was obviously staring at me before carefully lifting up the side of the blanket so that Jane got a peek of my naked thighs.

“Good girl. Are you wet?”

I couldn’t believe this woman. Would she never let up? And to make matters worse I knew I was sexually excited and my labia was swollen, which meant I was in distinct danger of leaving a wet spot on the seat.

“I am excited,” I confessed

“Which means you are probably wet.” My Mother in Law pressed the issue, speaking too loudly for my liking.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I admitted in defeat.

She gave me the same sort of look a mother would give a naughty child who had just spilled her ice cream. Jane then reached into her handbag and conveniently produced some tissues.

“Am I going to have to do it for you?” Jane enquired, holding the tissues in front of me.

“No Ma’am. I will.” I virtually snatched the tissues from her, and again tried to look totally inconspicuous as I raised my butt slightly and placed the tissues under me.

I again relaxed back into my seat, half expecting my Mother in Law to make further demands, but fortunately she did not. Half way through the flight I needed to pee again but decided it would be in my best interests to hold it in until we had landed. Jane made me wait until the flight had hit the runway before allowing me to pull my jeans back up again. As we departed our seats my Mother in Law took out my panties and dropped them on my seat, on top of the pile of slightly soiled tissues. Very embarrassing!

At the airport we picked up a rental vehicle, and as we drove from the airport Jane looked back at me. She did not need to say a word. I lowered my jeans, and at least did not have to worry about my panties. I even reached over so she could hand me some fresh tissues. I actually fell asleep with my trousers at my knees, exposed to passer-by’s.

When I awoke we were driving along a bumpy roadway, and looked around to see that we were on a small ranch, and were heading up to the homestead.

Jane looked over and noticed I was awake. “You had better pull your jeans up, little lady.”

I was so groggy from my sleep that I had forgotten about my nakedness. Hastily I made myself presentable.

As we drove up to the house I noticed Ben’s business partner, John, and his young wife Debbie, standing on the porch waving at us. I groaned inwardly with trepidation. I could well remember the mixture of disgust and unbelieving fascination that Debbie had displayed when she and John witnessed my discipline at the home of my Parents in Law. To make matters worse there was also another young couple standing on the porch beside Debbie.

I was plainly very uncomfortably, not to mention embarrassed, as everyone greeted each other with great warmth. I was introduced to the young couple, who turned out to be Rachael, Debbie’s eighteen year old youngest sister who was on vacation for a few days, and her boyfriend, Troy, who looked to be a similar age.

It was very late at night so we all retired very soon after our arrival, and I was relieved my Parents in Law made no further demands of me. I was a little dismayed to find I was sharing a room with Rachael and Troy, however everyone was so weary that sleep came easily.

The next day we awoke to glorious sunshine and sat outside having a leisurely cooked breakfast. Rachael and Troy turned out to be a very friendly, outgoing couple and we quickly bonded. Late-morning we decided we would all go horse riding, which was great for me as I had never ridden a horse before. We had a lot of laughs as I helped Rachael zonguldak escort and Troy round up the horses and they showed me how to put the saddles on. They had plenty of horses, enough for all seven of us to go riding.

To be honest, I would have preferred to just go off riding with Rachael and Troy. I was constantly weary when I was in the company of my Parents in Law. I never knew what embarrassing big surprise they would hatch up for me. However I hoped there would be safety for me in numbers. I should have known better!

Riding a horse turned out to be a lot of fun, although a little tough on the backside. We rode into the hills for a couple of hours before stopping beside a picturesque little lake for a picnic lunch we had bought along with us. The isolation and peacefulness was such a wonderful contrast to the city life I was use to.

After lunch Rachael, Troy and I played in the huge rock formations beside the lake. I really did feel like a young teenager again. It was great to let go the burden of adulthood and feel like a free spirit.

By the time the three of us rejoined my Parents in Law, and John and Debbie, we were all hot and sweaty.

“Why don’t you three young ones have a swim in the lake before we head off,” Debbie suggested.

I was not sure if Debbie was trying to be sarcastic by grouping me in with the ‘young ones’, considering her and I were about the same age, however I knew better than to react.

Rachael and Troy jumped at the idea and were soon stripping off their outer clothing. Both were wearing boxer shorts, and Rachael had a full sports bra supporting her surprisingly full breasts. Being a typical woman I felt a small snippet of envy that she was almost two bra cup sizes bigger than me. Importantly their undergarments were not revealing so they were happy to strip off in front of strangers and dive into the lake.

I, unfortunately, was not in such a happy position. For one thing, I was not even wearing a bra. Since I have small perky breasts I often go braless under my tee shirt.

Plus my panties were a very small pink lacy thong that left very little to the imagination, if you know what I mean. When we dressed this morning I had no idea we were even going to be riding horses, let alone swimming in a lake. I felt a bit annoyed Rachael or Troy hadn’t given some sort of warning as to what we might be doing for the day. I could have at least had the opportunity to dress more appropriately. As it was I felt more than a little foolish as Rachael and Troy waved at me to join them in the lake.

All four of the ‘adults’ turned to look at me expectantly.

“Aren’t you joining them Kym?” John enquired.

“No thanks,” I responded coyly

“Of course you are.” Jane jumped in. “Now strip off and get in that lake.”

Knowing Jane, she sensed I did not have appropriate undergarments, therefore was not going to miss the opportunity to cause me embarrassment.

“No!” I responded petulantly.

All four stared at me, and I began to sense I had started a battle of wits I had no chance of winning. I decide honesty was my best method of eliciting sympathy.

“Unfortunately I am not wearing a bra.” I tried to be as polite as possible. “And unfortunately my panties are very brief. Therefore I am just not dressed appropriately for a swim. Besides I don’t see you four stripping off to your underwear and diving into the lake!”

I didn’t mean to say the last sentence. I just felt a brief flash of indignation that I was the only one being picked on, and the words just blurted out. I immediately regretted it, but it was too late.

I expected my Mother in Law to explode, but surprisingly she just beckoned with her finger for me to come and stand in front of her. I couldn’t help noticing Debbie had a wicked little grin on her face. She knew I was in trouble and was obviously pleased with this little development.

I took the few small steps until I was standing in front of the four, seated, adults. If I had felt like a teenager earlier when playing in the rocks, I now felt like a ten year old.

“Do you know what happens to my Daughter in Law when she disobeys an order?” Jane spoke quietly but with authority

I closed my eyes in shame “Yes, Ma’am.”

“What happens?” Jane was going to drag it out of me.

“She gets punished, Ma’am.”

“Correct. She certainly does. Now unless you want a double dose I suggest you strip off real quick and join the kids in the lake. We will deal with our little problem later.”

I could not believe how dumb I had behaved. I had let my modesty get in the way of my good behaviour. I could have kicked myself. If I had just gone for the swim in the first place I would not have set myself up for a punishment.

I went to walk over to the rocks a few yards away to get some privacy but Jane intervened. “Get undressed right here girl. We are not going to sit around here waiting all day while you throw your tantrums.”

My ears burned. zonguldak escort As quick as I could I lowered my jeans, revealing my pink lacy thong. Then I pulled my tee shirt off in one movement and quickly dashed towards the relative safety of the lake.

“Kym, you come back!” my Mother in Law barked

I froze mid-step, turned, and took the long walk back to where Jane, Ben, John and Debbie were seated on the sand. All sets of eyes seemed to be soaking up my semi-nudity.

“What is that you are wearing?” Jane was pointing at my knickers.

“It is my thong, Ma’am.” I looked down at the sand to hide my embarrassment.

“Is that appropriate wear for a ranch?”

I badly wanted to raise the point that when I dressed in the morning I had not given any thought as to what activities I would be doing during the day, but I well knew a respectful Daughter in Law does not argue the point.

“No, Ma’am.”

“I think not,” Jane waved me away, having made her point. I turned and headed back to the lake. As I looked out to the water I realised both Rachael and Troy had stopped swimming and were ogling my semi-nude body, seemingly disbelieving I would be brazen enough to go swimming in only a lacy thong.

Although the water was cold I was thankful for the protection it afforded me from prying eyes. I tried to relax and play with Troy and Rachael, but I found it hard to put the thought of the upcoming punishment out of my head. As always, the anticipation whipped my contrasting emotions up to fever pitch, and my body began to feel warm despite the cold water temperature.

Not surprisingly I did not want to leave the safety of the water, but all too soon John was beckoning for us to come ashore. Troy and Rachael bounded out of water and joined the others, where Debbie had a couple of towels waiting. Due to my reluctance I took my time exiting, which was probably a mistake as by the time I left the water all sets of eyes were firmly focused on me.

Due to the cold water I had goosebumps and my nipples were hard. But the worse part was the water had sucked the flimsy material of the thong into my pussy lips, which meant the contours of my vagina were clearly outlined. I made a beeline for the towels.

Jane pulled me up short. “Are you wet young lady?”

I stared at her mortified, but when I saw the big grin on her face I realised she was playing with me.

“Yes Ma’am, the water was very wet.” I hoped Rachael and Troy had no idea of the double connotation, although it was not missed by Debbie and John who both joined in on the joke

“Well, you can stay wet until we have dealt with you young lady.” Jane was right in her element and playing me like a fiddle. This last comment certainly wiped the smile off my face.

Young Rachel and Troy both gave me a curious glance, obviously wondering what on earth was going on. They finished drying themselves and redressed, which only served to make me feel worse as everybody was now fully clothed and I was standing there dressed only in a skimpy thong and dripping wet. I nervously nibbled on a fingernail while my other hand covered my breasts from prying eyes.

Jane held out her hand towards me but said nothing.

“What?” I did not know what she was referring to but feared the worse.

“Take off those disgusting things that you think pass for panties”

I was right to fear the worse. My eyes scanned the excited onlookers. Troy looked like he was about to cum in his trousers and was probably glad he was no longer only wearing boxer shorts.

As is so often the case recently, I hung my head in defeat. With trembling hands I gripped the sides of my thong, lowered them to my ankles, and stepped out. I then scooped them up off the sand and passed them to the waiting hand of my Mother in Law. With little effort she tore the thong in half and placed the remains in her pocket. I briefly thought that this was the second pair of panties I had lost this trip, and at this rate I may well run out before the weekend is up. However I struggled to see the funny side of my own little witticism.

When I stood up and handed my thong to Jane I had one hand covering my pubic region, while the other arm again covered my breasts once I had handed over the thong.

“Naughty young ladies do not deserve to hide their modesty.” Jane’s eyes were piercing straight through me.

I knew what was coming next, and I am totally ashamed to say I felt a degrading bolt of sexual excitement flash through my body.

“Assume your position, young lady.”

Even though I knew it was coming, my Mother in Law’s command still hit me like a hammer blow. It was so humiliating for me to be asked to do this in front of all these people, standing beside a lake and dripping wet. But especially in front of Rachael and Troy, who were only teenagers and 11 years younger than my 29 years.

I inhaled several very deep breaths as I worked up the courage to do what I must do. Slowly I raised my arms, placed my hands on my head, pushed my elbows back and thrust my breasts forward. I even sucked in my tummy and filled my chest with air in an attempt to swell my breasts out even more as I was only too aware of the fact they are smaller than young Rachael’s. Very much a female ego thing.