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Big Dick

When I think of you, this little pixie, my mind closes out everything else. I get to see you today I think with a smile. I daze back out a little as the train rockets down the tracks. My head back against the window, eyes half closed and mind focused on one thing only. You.

I stroll in to the gardens, taking in the sites, reminding myself how good it is to have such a slice of nature still available inside the fallout zone of the suburban WMD. Glancing at my watch I see that I’m a little early, as planned and walk towards a little kiosk to get a bottle of water and hopefully some cups. A brief chat with the operator produces 2 cups and directions to the quietest, most natural part of the gardens. Packing the cups away in my little treasure bag I glance back at my watch, a smile crosses my lips as I start looking around for the little pixie. I quickly check my phone for any message to mention you were going to be late and as I look up I see you walking in. A quick mental checklist shows that I’m all prepared and I stroll over in your direction, that cheeky grin on my face again, this time it’s here to stay.

You seem distracted, looking around for me, so I take the opportunity to step around to the side of you and approach out of your view, my eyes drinking in your every curve and every movement. I stride up and throw my arms around you from behind as you turn at the sound of another screaming child. I dip my head and bring my lips to meet your neck just behind your ear, a few soft kisses and I whisper ‘hi’ just loud enough for you. You jump around in my arms, first in shock and then in delight as you recognise my voice. Our eyes meet and our lips soon follow, the world fades away from the moment and we continue to practice kissing around the largest of smiles.

You throw your arms around my neck and I lift you up from the hips, allowing you to slide your legs around me and my hands to slide down to your ass. Oh how I loved kissing you like this. We exchange quick greetings around happy kisses until we finally notice that we are sort of holding up the crowd. With a small laugh I let you down and firmly grasp your hand, leading you off in to the gardens. The Sun shines brightly for us as we stroll hand in hand, not many words needing to be said. Both of us are caught up in the moment, the presence bahis şirketleri of the other and the scenery around. This is the sort of day that people write books, poems and movies about!

Garden after garden are passed as the crowd thins and our path becomes dappled by the shade of overhanging trees. Knowing how you are when things cool down I throw an arm over your shoulder, pulling you in to me and giving freely of my warmth. We stroll for a while longer, lost in the pleasure of the afternoon. Tucked up under my arm you follow the winding trail glancing around at everything that catches your eyes. As the path begins to open up to a clearing you find yourself pushed roughly against a tree. The rough bark against your shoulders as my body pushes against yours. My fingers snake in to your hair and I tilt your chin up so that our lips can meet. The other hand moves roughly down your body and closes around your breast, squeezing tightly as the nipple begins to push out your top. Your head is tilting back as I pull down on your hair, my lips meeting your neck and my other fingers tease your nipple through your top. The suddenness of this has you dazed in pleasure. My hand slides down from your breast as you begin to feel me harden against your leg. Fingers begin roughly trailing over the outside of your pants and awakening the last element of your desire.

Then I’m back away from you and guiding you towards the clearing. You nearly stumble in surprise as you collect your mind and bring your body back under control. As we enter the clearing we are back under the gorgeous warmth of the sun. I put my bag back on the ground and begin to pull out a picnic blanket as you watch on confused with desire. I turn back to take a look at you and take in the effect I’m having on you. With a small smile I finish laying out the blanket and reach back in to the bag for the glasses and small bottle of American honey I brought along. Pulling you down on to the mat; I pour us both a nip and hand yours over. Our eyes meet in a smile and I lean forward to kiss the honey on your lips, a kiss that just stokes the fire again.

We relax into the surreal experience as kisses and little nibbles of delicious food hold our focus, the world is pushed out and everything becomes about this moment. Feeding you another fresh strawberry bahis firmaları followed quickly by my tongue brushing over your lips, I pull you in closer to my body, hands exploring around your collar bones, fingers trailing delight. Our kisses get deeper as desire begins to bubble, hands grasping that little bit tighter. My lips move down from your lips to the side of your neck, my teeth coming out to nibble a bit, fingers move down and slide down your top to circle lazily around your nipples.

Sliding the straps from your shoulders makes your breasts easier to expose as my mouth moves down to your nipples, my hands grasping your breasts tightly and tongue flicking with increased vigour. The first little noise escapes your lips as one hand trails down your stomach to trail fingers around your inner thigh. Feeling a little bratty you decide to give me a bite on the shoulder and watch the change in my eyes. The little bit of pain fuels my desire and my hands get rougher as they expose more of your body to the trees surrounding us.

I kiss my way down your stomach, hands still massaging your breasts as my body slides over your panties, stirring the fire there. Your hand reaches down to the back of my head as my tongue begins to slide infuriatingly over your panties. Your hips start to move a little, begging my tongue to get underneath that thin layer of cloth. One of my fingers pushes those panties aside a little as it begins exploring your wetness gently, infuriatingly gently. My tongue follows suit and pushes your panties aside as it ever so lightly starts circling over your clit. You moan, in frustration this time and push down on the back of my head. I hold my head still, fighting against your demand and after a short struggle you express your frustration again by stopping with a growl; as your growl ends my finger slides deep inside you and my tongue flicks firmly over your clit.

You groan, in pleasure this time as the feeling shoots up your spine and that warm feeling begins to spread over your body. My finger curls to brush your gspot gently as it begins to slide in and out of you in time with my tongue flicking over your clit. My free arm wraps around your thighs and the hand is placed on the front of your pelvis, pressing down firmly to hold you in place but also moving the skin kaçak bahis siteleri up to expose the sensitive head of your clit. As my tongue flicks over the newly exposed head you can’t help but let out quite a large gasp, you even consider looking around to see if anyone could have heard but in the moment you decide you don’t care and throw your head back with the next pass of my tongue, eyes firmly shut.

As the pressure begins to build I slide another finger inside of you and they both curl forward to make firmer contact. They slide in and out with more urgency now, speeding up with my tongue and your hips begin to gyrate as the moans escaping your lips become more frequent and more urgent. As you feel the orgasm begin to take control of your body you are surprised as my fingers slide out of you and my mouth moves to your inner thigh where my teeth clamp down quite firmly. The orgasm starts to recede, leaving your whole body twisted up in desire. How could I have done that to you! Suddenly those fingers slide back in and my tongue returns to what it was doing and the orgasm comes flying back in to your body as your back arches in pleasure. A louder moan escapes your lips as my fingers move faster and my tongue firmer.

As you reach the edge of this orgasm, your breathing fast and heavy, your hand pushing my head down, my fingers get rougher, demanding more from your gspot than you knew was possible. Your back pushes to its highest arch and your hips thrash against the hand holding them in place. Just before I let you fall over that cliff I stop everything once again, my teeth clamping down on the other thigh this time, hard. Your head snaps up and you’re about to scream your frustration at me as everything starts up again as suddenly as it stopped sending you flying over the edge. You continue to thrash under my restraint, moans so loud that anyone should be able to hear them, but you don’t give a fuck; you’ve never been to this height before. You cannot control yourself and some little part of you knows that; some little part that stands at the centre of the storm of pleasure that has taken control of your mind and body.

As your back begins to relax down flat, your whole body left trembling you slowly open your eyes to meet mine as I come in to kiss you. I see beg for mercy in those eyes. Knowing that your body needs time, I stop providing more stimulation and let your body work through all that it already has. With a smile I kiss my way around your cheeks and quietly whisper in your ear ‘Good girl, be ready for tonight….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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