Rough Streets


It was late Friday night and I was walking home from the club I worked at while studying. I decided to take a short cut through a park that was half way. This was well in the inner city and the streets weren’t always safe so this was probably not the best idea, but I was tired and in a hurry to get home. As I was walking alone through the poorly lit, nearly empty park- I began to get the feeling that I was being followed. I dismissed this thought, aware that being built tall, with broad shoulders and being black meant that I would probably not seem like the easiest target for any potential criminals. But then I heard the soft sounds of footfalls. To try and get away, I decided to leave the park as quickly as I could, needing to get to a better lit and more public area. As I headed towards what I thought was the right direction, I soon realized that I wasn’t quite sure where I was going. But soon I was out of the park and walking down a quiet street. Too quiet a street. Either side of me, old, worn-out high rise buildings cast dark shadows that the tired, yellow street lamps struggled to resist. I was deep in the heart of inner city decay. It was an eerie place and I was getting more and more nervous.

Just as I started to speed up my walk, I almost walked straight into someone standing just at the entry of a dark alley.

“Yo son, you wanting some reds?” he asked me. I figured he was talking about drugs, so I said ‘no’. As I tried to walk past him, someone else approached me from the alley, standing in my path. His arm got in my way as I tried to round past him.

“Hold up shawty, what you doing here?” he asked me. I told him I was walking home.

“That ain’t right. You looking for something, ain’t you?”

“Nah man. Just going home. Like I said. Don’t want any drugs.” I was beginning to feel scared. They both were young but very thuggish. Maybe late twenties, which would have made them a little older than me. Also, he was giving me some strange looks which was making me feel really uncomfortable.

“No drugs? Ok then. Mike, you thinking what I’m thinking?” he asked his friend, the guy standing behind me. Before I realized what was going on, I felt a cold metal object pressed against my back. When I tried to turn around, I was told not to. I realized it was a gun that I had held against me.

“Please don’t shoot. I ain’t got anything on me,” I said, fearing for my life.

“Yeah? Well not the way we see it. Since you ain’t here for our drugs, you here for something else. Our dicks.” He said, completely stunning me.

“Look man, you got the wrong guy. I ain’t into that- it’s not-“

“Shut up motherfucker! You know you ain’t got any choice here. Now my man here is going to lead the way.”

Frightened and feeling powerless- I was led by these two men through a dark alley and behind a building. In this rough neighborhood, streetlights were scarce but the moon was out in full and I could make out the pale shadows of these thugs.

“Now, all we want is some head… you suck our dicks good- with that good head game and we let you go free, no problem. Is that understood?” Mike told me. His gun was pointing right at my head. What choice did I have?

“I hear you. You promise to let me go right?” I asked.

“We promise. Get on your knees,” Mike said, watching me listen to him. He unzipped his jeans and without another word, I felt his flaccid head rested against my lips. Reluctantly, my mouth opened and I took him in- fighting the urge not to retch as I tasted him. Actually, it wasn’t that bad. And as I bobbed my head, he began to grow and fill fulya escort my mouth up. I was only 21 so my experience with other men- though probably a little more advanced than the average black guy my age in an inner city neighborhood- was fairly limited. But I had sucked dick before and knew what I was doing. I was actually trying hard to make Mike cum as quickly as possible- so that this would be over. But he kept trying to slide more and more of his dick into my face- wanting to face fuck me. In these frantic moments, I began to swallow and swallow more- impressed not only by the size of Mike’s piece but also at how well I was able to take it. I strained as swallowed him past half his length- and in one exhaustive breath he pulled out of me, my spit now covering his dick well.

“This guy can suck dick,” Mike said, obviously pleased with my efforts so far. My attempts to make him cum were thwarted though. The other guy was next. He lined his dick- which was already semi hard- up in my face and swallowed him and worked on him quickly. This guy- whose name I found out to be Dre- was a bit smaller than Mike so it was easier for me to capitulate to his demands. After bobbing on his dick and licking his shaft for a bit, I leaned in and swallowed him whole.

“Damn! This bitch is deepthroating my dick,” Dre said.

“Damn yo. Let me have some of that,” Mike said and I was pulled off Dre’s dick and took a turn fellating Mike. Gradually, they were doing less controlling and I was being more automatic- even holding their dicks in each hand as I sucked on them. I had to admit I was definitely enjoying it more than I thought I would. That was obviously the only explanation for the raging hard on that was straining in my jeans.

Mike and Dre could tell I was enjoying this and they began to be more tactile, touching my body and rubbing my back. My shirt was lifted and I instinctively poked my ass out. One of their hands rubbed its way down to my crack and began to message one of my buns. I moaned as I felt a hand begin to rub its way around my anal ring.

“Boy- he’s got a phat as too,” Mike said as he licked his finger and began to message my hole again. I yelped a little as I felt pressure on my sphincter.

“You fingering him Mike? I can feel him moaning around my dick!” Dre said and laughed. He wasn’t lying though- Mike’s probing of my ass was making me moan and whimper. It had been a while since I had been anally penetrated- not for at least a year and so my ass wasn’t as used to it before. But I got it enough back then to know how good it felt and so Mike’s treatment was no less different- despite my better judgment which was to resist his attempts at sodomizing me. Soon, he was working not one but two fingers slowly into me as I was eating his friend’s dick. After having worked such a long shift work- I was too damn tired to be able to concentrate and so with Mike fingering my ass and Dre’s cock inside me- my reluctance was slowly wilting. I either didn’t care or couldn’t care about the fact that Mike was fingering me even though I remembered very well what it led to the last time I let someone do that to me.

Mike then grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled me off Dre’s dick and onto his. He began to fuck my throat in a rhythm- which I gladly let him do. He then forced his entire considerable length into me as I deepthroated him fully. I had to breathe through my noise for a few seconds as he held me firmly with my face pressed in his crotch.

“Shit man. This boy really knows what he’s doing. Didn’t think he would take it bomonti escort on so well,” I heard Dre say to Mike.

“Yeah man, looks like we hit the jackpot. He’s a whore for dick, no doubt,” Mike said. He pulled his dick out and began to smack my face with it. I let him to do that- enjoying it even as I stuck my tongue out. I looked up at Mike- in the dim light all I could see were his cold, black eyes. A sudden surge of lust overcame me and I gave him a slutty, doe eyed look that was all the invitation he needed to what he wanted with me.

“Let me see this boy’s ass.” Mike pulled me up by the scruff of my shirt and pushed against the wall. With my hands up against the wall, I bent forward and stuck my ass out.

“It really is a nice ass…” Mike said as he massaged it, his thumb pressing firmly against my puckered hole. As he applied more pressure on my ass, I dipped my back even more and moaned effeminately- as one does often when being penetrated. Mike’s hands spread my ass cheeks apart and I felt the cold air waft pass my hole, which was blinking and twitching uncontrollably. It must have been too tempting to look at because Mike suddenly dove in face in and began to eat me out.

“Oh! Fuck me!” I moaned at the unexpected service. My ass was not the first Mike had eaten- I could tell because he knew he what he was doing. His tongue was rampant and seemingly powerful- it pushed me open in and filled me up with spit as my eyes rolled to the back of my head. By the time he unstuck his face from my parted ass, I was leaking pre-cum from my hard on and his spit from my ass.

“Now that’s nasty… I can’t believe you just did that. Do you even know where this bitch has been?” Dre chastised Mike in amusement.

“I had to taste that ass- look at it!” Mike slapped me hard. “Got to get it loose also…”

I felt his thumb on my puckering asshole again. It took me a few moments to realize that it wasn’t actually his thumb.

“We promise.” I remembered them saying. What did they promise again? I couldn’t remember. Suddenly, an explosion of pain enveloped as I was firmly entered. This definitely wasn’t his thumb I felt inside me. I turned round saw that Mike was standing up straight with his dick buried deep inside me. In my moments of lust, I had let my guard down and been penetrated. Mike was slowly hip-driving his dick into me. It was a big dick- maybe 10 inches. One of the biggest I had seen live and pretty thick too. It was the sort of size that once it was inside me, it contorted my insides in such a way that I could not push him away, or even to try and slide off him. It had completely cut my will power off and all I could do was moan and whimper.

“Damn! You fucking this guy like a bitch! Now I really did not think this was going to happen,” Dre said, laughing in amazement as I was being ravished. “You think he was a virgin?”

I could have told them that I wasn’t- that I had been fucked before but I was too lost in the moment to even think about talking.

“Nah man. This bitch is definitely not a virgin- you can tell by how well he taking it that he’s had cock up his ass before. Ain’t that right?” he asked me as he slammed me into the wall with his thug dick. I was thankful that his fingers and tongue had stretched me so well that I could take him with some ease and soon, my moans were only out of pleasure as Mike’s ass churned my ass and pounded my prostate.

My ass was on fire- after a year of being neglected it was brought back to life by this hoodlum who sold drugs on the street. As if it was now controlling kurtuluş escort me, forcing me to behave so that it could get pleasure- I spread my legs open and arched my back, inviting Mike to do me more. Sensing the invitation, Mike’s hard dick slid in and out me with greater speed. He then pulled out of me completely- I could feel the cold air sucked in by the vacuum inside me- before he plunged himself all the way and drove the full length of his shaft inside me. This was really making me moan and I didn’t hold back, screaming in pleasure as I was fucked. Luckily, this part of town didn’t have anyone who mattered that could hear us. And at this point, I didn’t even care anymore.

“Shit- this bitch is really loving it. I need to pace myself. You want a piece?” Mike asked Dre, who had been standing idle.

“Fuck! Most definitely!” Dre said, much to my delight. Mike pulled out and I felt the empty feeling of his meat leave me. But moments later, it was Dre’s own that was stuffing me. With one full go, he pushed himself and nearly bottomed out as I moaned and bit my lip. I gripped the wall firmly as I felt Dre get accustomed to my wet booty and listened to his own moans.

“Don’t worry about hurting him- just fuck him good,” Mike said to which Dre responded by immediately thrusting into me with adventurous, hard thrusts. I took every thrust like a seasoned pro and even arched my back out so that I was very bent, cushioning his blows with my phat ass. Dre was less experienced than Mike- I could tell because he was fucking me with less control and treating my ass like it was girl pussy. Lucky I had been done in by Mike first- because I wouldn’t be able to handle Dre’s intolerant thrusts. But as it was, I was enjoying them and even spread my ass so I could handle more of him.

“Give me some,” Mike said and pushed Dre out of the way and shoved his dick into my ass again and fucked me for a few minutes. This seemed to begin a rivalry between the two friends as they were both eager to fuck me and to compete in making me moan. They began to alternate, taking turns in fucking me. I was now almost completely naked- shirtless with my jeans and boxers pulled down around my ankles. My ass was bent and wet- taking every black inch these hard men had to give.

Mike was no longer satisfied with waiting for Dre and he grabbed me by my hair and told me to suck his dick while Derek fucked me.

“Wait! No! That’s been in my ass!” I protested but was ignored. His wet dick slid inside my mouth in a smooth motion and I could taste the musk. It was actually surprisingly intoxicating and I enjoyed it, moaning even as I was dicked from both ends.

“Yeah son! Swallow that nasty dick you slut,” Mike said to me as he face fucked me. That set the precedent and I was double fucked liked this until Mike, surprisingly came in a torrent of cum as he fucked my mouth. I drank most of his nutt as he shouted wildly in his orgasm. By the time his powerful eruption stopped spewing, he had covered most of my face with his spunk. It wasn’t long before Dre nutted- breeding his seed deep inside my ass he moaned and squeezed my phat cheeks.

When he pulled out, I was spent and completely legless. But on my knees again, I was still vulnerable as Dre and Mike made me suck their dicks again. Mike decided that it was unfair that Dre got to cum inside me- so he fucked me again and didn’t stop till his own seed was shooting inside my battered ass.

I realized that moments later, they had left me lying in the back end of a building, my ass leaking like a faucet. I quickly pulled my underwear and jeans up and left the scene of the crime.

“You wanna suck my dick too- faggot?” I was shocked as I heard a drunken voice say. It was a tramp who’d been watching the whole thing. He stumbled towards me, leering. But before he could get within an inch of me- I quickly rushed past him and ran away.