Service Department


Gloria Simpson sits in the service department waiting room. Her eyes stare in the direction of the old woman on the other side of the small room, but not looking at her. She blinks and slowly comes out of a small trance like daze, then shifts in the uncomfortable chair. She had been alone in the room.

Tall metal crutches lean against the wall next to the woman. Gloria’s mind slips into overdrive. Long lost feelings come swirling back out of archived memories. Details of the woman flood her senses – the long gray hair pulled back into a ponytail, the white blouse covering a slim chest with smallish breasts, and faded blue jeans covering equally small hips and long leg. Around the short remains of her left leg, the pants leg is neatly trimmed. The woman rubs the fabric over the end of her stump and then leaves her hand resting on rounded piece of thigh. Gloria imagines all the different reasons the leg is no longer there – cancer, farm accident, car wreck, …

The woman looks across the room and smiles. “Hello.” She scratches her stump.

“Has it been very long?”

Other than the unwelcome sound of a woman’s talk show on the TV, they are alone in the room. “Since just after my husband passed away. My name is Liz Morgan. I am waiting for my pickup truck. Some loud noise … I forget what he said was the problem.”

Gloria mouths, “May I join you?” and points at the chair next to Liz.

Liz pats the chair. “I’d love some company. Don’t get much out at the farm anymore.”

As Gloria settles in the chair beside Liz, the service manager walks in with a pile of papers. “That was quick. I have both vehicles ready.”

Standing at the counter, Liz scans the details of work performed and glances at Gloria standing next to her. “I live just outside of town. Can I fix you some lunch? Even an old lady needs some girl talk once in a while.” She laughs and fikirtepe escort then writes a check for the repairs.

Gloria holds the door open. The faint aroma of some unknown soap flows off her well-tanned skin as she passes.

The white farmhouse is like the one in every picture Gloria has seen of a farmhouse. She parks next to the old black pickup and leans against her car watching Liz hop a few steps and snake the crutches from the space behind the seat.

“Not much of a place anymore, but the mortgages are paid off. Robert’s life insurance, pension, and Social Security leave me enough to enjoy life.” The alternating clump of the leather sole and the tap of the rubber crutch tips echo over the wooden decking of the porch. “Excuse the mess. Guess I wasn’t expecting company today.”

Gloria follows Liz though the immaculate living room, the immaculate dinning room, and into the spotless kitchen. “I’ll ignore the mess,” Gloria teases.

“Does my soul good to be around another woman. I miss those touches from when I was your age.”

Gloria stands close behind Liz; her hand softly rests on the small of the back. “Yes, I know.” Her hand begins to lightly massage the same space.

Liz sighs deeply. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I’m just a lonely old woman.” Gloria’s hand slides upwards; her fingers wrap over the shoulder and massage it. “I asked you out here for lunch and now you are making me feel so good.”

“And if I said I found you exciting, sensual, and inviting, would you mind?”

“How? I bet you are not forty and I am a seventy year old woman with one leg.”

“I miss those touches too. Just let me love you, if only for this afternoon.”

They sit on the frayed chenille blanket and undress. Liz scans Gloria’s body. “Pay no attention to my stump.”

Gloria pulls her close. “Darling, I will pay gebze escort attention to every inch of your lovely body.” She lays her down and begins to kiss her lips. Their tongues bang against each other like the first kiss of young lovers.

“I had forgotten how good a kiss like that is,” Liz moans into Gloria’s mouth.

Gloria’s fingers blaze a meandering trail over Liz’s body for her mouth to soon follow. Fingertips circle a clit and dip into the warm opening below. “Oh yeah,” Liz softly screams as her hips buck upwards. “Only my fingers have been there for a long time.” A finger touches her clit and moans of encouragement follow.

The other hand sooths the skin of the stump while Gloria intently watches the fingers of the other darting here and there. The clit enjoys the touches and the nectar flows over the pink skin. Gloria’s warm breath blows over Liz’s clit just as she reaches her tongue out to touch it. She inhales as her tongue drags across aching piece of flesh. Liz gasps and grabs at her nipples. Gloria rolls it between her lips; her teeth bite on the skin. She inserts a finger inside, and then replaces it with her tongue.

Liz screams the words Gloria never expected Liz to ever say. “Fuck my cunt! Please-e.”

“You cunt tastes so sweet,” Gloria growls. “I love my tongue deep inside you.”

Liz bucks hard against Gloria’s face as she begins to ride her mouth.

“Your stump feels wonderful against my hand. I love that you only have one leg.”

“Yes, yes. I wanted it off for years. I love having one leg.”

“I’m coming just listening to you say that. Shove your fingers into my pussy. Finger me!”

Gloria hears the squishing of Liz’s fingers in her sopping wet pussy. Another finger slips next to the two already there. A thumb presses hard on her clit. She roars as the breath rushes out of her lungs. Liz laps the içerenköy escort wetness away. Gloria rocks her hips and spreads her legs even wider. “Ah-h, ah-h, ah-h….” Her orgasm peeks.

The warm summer air of the evening blows though the open window as they lay together, mouth on mouth, and Gloria’s hand wrapped over Liz’s stump massaging it tenderly like a warm breast. Liz’s head moves and rests on Gloria’s shoulder, her breath blowing lightly against Gloria’s ear. “I was screwing Francine. Guess I just saw her as a way to get over Janet. I was enchanted with that little piece of Janet’s thigh. She would waltz around the flat with nothing on using a single crutch. My pussy would flood just watching. The cancer came back … she passed in my arms one spring morning.”

“Oh-h. I’m sorry.”

“Being around her stump helped me relieve my need to have one leg. Damn if I know where that came from, but it would rage though me, some days like a fast freight train.”

“Did you ever pretend to be missing your leg?”

“No … I just lusted over some of the men and women that came back from the war without legs. I was half drunk in a bar one night when Robert sat next to me. I saw his crutches, and then I saw his empty pants leg. We fucked all that night and we married the next week.”

“So how did he feel about you not wanting your leg?”

“I never told him. Being around his stump was enough. Much like with Janet I guess.”

“After he died, how did you get rid of your leg?”

“I was a wreck. For several hours one day I sat in the barn with a running chainsaw hovering over my leg. I never could muster up the nerve. I gave up. A letter from a friend told me about a doctor that would do my amputation. The rest is history as they say.” Liz lifted herself slightly and stared at Gloria for a moment. “She’d do your leg, if you want.”

“Would you like me to do that?”

“I just want you to stay here with me. It has to be your decision, but I do find it almost as exciting to know you would like that as being with you.”

“I would enjoy sharing my life with you. It feels wonderful to lay here with you.”