That New Guy Ch. 14


Note: If you haven’t already, read the previous chapters of That New Guy, which are prequels to this story.


Meg was glad that Deb had remembered to ask Chuck about his shower experience with Ashley, not only because it had ended up being a great story, but also because it reminded her that Chuck had also mentioned Byron possibly having fucked Jake’s mom in the shower. Since she had plans to introduce Rachel to Byron, she decided to also employ Deb’s technique of making sure they were all highly satisfied then asking him about it while they were recovering, with the intent of aiding and accelerating their recovery. On the night they were finally together, after multiple orgasms for her and Rachel and a load of his cum shared between them, they were lying in bed recovering when Meg seized the moment.

“So, Byron,” she said, “I heard a rumor that you may have possibly had sex with Jake’s mom in her shower and I’m dying to hear the story.”

“Fucking Chuck, man,” Byron replied, though he was smiling, “He’s the only one I told and I had to tell somebody because, yeah, it’s a hell of a story.”

“He didn’t seem all that sure that it had actually happened,” Meg said, “so let’s hear it. If telling it gets you worked up, I know a couple of young ladies who are willing to take care of you.”

So Byron began to tell his tale…

Jake and I were working out down in their gym, which wasn’t unusual, but his mom came in to use the treadmill before we were finished. This was not a regular occurrence, probably more because she didn’t want us to feel like she was keeping an eye on us than being worried that one of us, other than Jake, might be keeping an eye on her. It was difficult not to want to check her out when she was in there with us; she has a nice body and didn’t hide it with baggy sweats when she worked out. She was a good-looking woman in general and has really aged gracefully; she hasn’t had any cosmetic surgery like I’m sure a lot her similarly well-off friends probably have. Of course, like the entire family, she took care of herself and worked out and it appeared that she had some natural gifts that some of her friends might not have, also.

On those infrequent occasions when she was in the gym at the same time as us, you couldn’t help but try to sneak in a surreptitious glance to check her out in her spandex. If she knew we were looking, she didn’t acknowledge it, so we assumed that we were getting away with it and she wasn’t even paying attention to us. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has spent time fantasizing about getting her out of her spandex or trying to figure out a way to see her naked. She is a total MILF.

On this particular day, we finished up and were just cooling down, drinking water, and talking about hitting the showers. Jake was going to use his shower so, rather than wait for him then also using his, I was going to shower in the poolhouse. I could have used the shower in their guest bathroom but the truth was that, after all those glances at his mom in her spandex, I was planning to stroke off during my shower while thinking about her. His mom had finished on the treadmill so she’d shut it down and it was quiet enough that she heard our discussion.

“Byron, you should just use shower in the master bath since I’ll still be down here for a bit,” she said, surprising us with her interjection into our conversation.

“She doesn’t even like me in her shower,” Jake said, “so you should take advantage of this opportunity. It may be the only one you get.”

“Oh stop it, Jake,” his mom said, “You have your own shower so you shouldn’t be using mine.”

I knew their shower was the biggest, nicest one in the house so I wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity but I wasn’t sure about stroking off in there. As it turned out, once I was in there, surrounded by her beauty products and thinking about her slathering her body with them as she stood naked in the same spot where I was, my cock started to stiffen. I grabbed a bottle of body wash and, after squeezing handful, started to slather my cock, which just continued to stiffen. I was so focused that I didn’t even notice her in the doorway, watching me through the glass. Once I finally did, I wasn’t too far gone to stop but, when she started to pull her top over her head, I knew I wasn’t going to be finishing with çekmeköy escort my hand. I stared at her as her tits were revealed since her top was basically a tank top with a built-in sports bra. They turned out to be even more spectacular than I could have imagined. Sure, they drooped just a bit but that was way better than big, perky fake ones. Her areolas were big and her nipples hard and thick.

She cast her top aside and immediately started to push down her spandex bottoms, her tits dangling and swaying. When she straightened up with her pants at her ankles, my gaze dropped from her bare tits down to her dark brown, well-groomed bush. I don’t know how I didn’t just spontaneously start cumming as she stepped out of her pants and crossed the rest of the way to the shower. She stepped inside and gave me a look at her sweet ass as she turned to close the door behind her.

“I locked the bedroom door so we won’t be interrupted,” she told me, “but if Jake even notices, you can just tell him you were concerned about someone walking in on you.”

“A valid concern as it turns out,” I said, smiling at her.

“No one is ever going to know I was in here,” she replied, “but you and me…right?”

As I nodded mutely, she grabbed the same bottle of body wash I’d used to soap up my cock then squeezed a bunch of it on her tits. She slathered most of it into her cleavage then dropped down and squeezed my cock between her tits. I knew it wasn’t going to take very long to cum between having watched her undress and feeling her soft, smooth tits pressed against my cock so I was glad that she hadn’t wanted to start fucking immediately. She was basically holding her tits against my cock as I slid it in and out between them, overwhelmed by the pleasure I was feeling as I was looking down at both her tits and her face when she’d occasionally glance up. I couldn’t even believe my good fortune but I definitely was not going to assume that this was going to happen more than this once so I was savoring every second of it. I didn’t even care that I was going to be cumming quickly because I knew that soaping up her body would help me recover quickly. Plus, I intended to bury my face in her pussy and hope that she could keep herself quiet while I devoured it.

My cock just grew even thicker the longer I was fucking her tits but it was still dwarfed by her big, fleshy beauties. When I finally started spewing, I let out a soft grunt but I really wanted to howl with the pleasure I felt. I continued to fuck them until I was completely spent, then stepped back and helped her stand up. We didn’t kiss, in fact she never kissed me, but my hands went right to her soapy tits. I’d have lowered my head to lick and suck her hard, thick nipples if they hadn’t been all lathered up so, instead, after savoring the opportunity to fondle her big beauties for a bit, I dropped down in front of her. I grabbed a toned ass cheek in each hand as I gazed at her well-groomed, dark brown bush then leaned in and ran my tongue along her slit. She made a noise but managed to keep the volume low so I just kept slurping up her juices as she grabbed my head and subtly humped her pussy toward my face.

My hands were a bit soapy from fondling her tits so I ended up reaching behind myself to rinse one under the shower spray before slipping a finger up into her. Her pussy was so hot and wet that my cock was already at half-staff again even though I’d just cum. I easily slipped a second finger into her pussy along with the first and, as I slowly pumped them in and out, I was licking and sucking her clit. I had to keep glancing up to confirm that it was really her whose pussy I was devouring because it just seemed so surreal. Just seeing her naked would have been awesome but to be naked with her and eating her pussy was just unbelievable. That was why I’d had to share the story with Chuck.

She was moaning softly and continuing to hump my face so, between that and how hot and wet her pussy was, I wasn’t concerned that she wouldn’t cum. Of course I was hoping that, if I made her cum long and hard, maybe I could see her naked on some kind of regular basis. That goal was no different from any other time I was eating pussy but it felt like the stakes were just a little bit higher this time. I wasn’t so focused on making sure I pleasured her sufficiently, cevizli escort though, that I wasn’t fully savoring the experience. I was absorbing every single aspect, from the taste of her pussy to the feel of my fingers embedded in it to the sounds she was making to the occasional glance up at her luscious titties. She was obviously extremely fired up and I’m sure knew her body very well so it wasn’t long before she was on the verge of cumming. I was just hoping that the pleasure she was feeling was enough to make this endeavor worthwhile to her. If she was just getting off on the risk of jumping in the shower with me, that would have been fine and I’d still have been pleased to be a part of it, but I really wanted her to get off because I was doing a good job of eating her pussy.

She started tensing up and pulling my face toward her pussy, leaving me just enough room to continue devouring her, which of course I did. She relaxed her grip when she started cumming and her body began shaking. She managed to remain mostly quiet, though a couple of soft cries escaped but were certainly not loud enough to have been heard outside of her bedroom. I continued to lick her clit and finger her pussy until she’d apparently finished cumming and stepped back. She helped me up then poured more of the body wash into my upturned hands before pouring some for herself. As she started to slather my chest, I went back to slathering hers, though I eventually ended up soaping up her entire body and savoring every second of it. She got me thoroughly lathered as well as thoroughly rigid then we rinsed off. Once we were completely lather-free, I turned off the shower as she reached out the door for our towels. We dried ourselves and each other and I took an opportunity to finally lick and suck her hard nipples before we stepped out into the vast bathroom.

She took both of our towels and hung them up then briefly stroked my throbbing cock before turning away from me and bending over to lean on the counter. I didn’t need an engraved invitation and stepped up behind her, guiding my cock into her hot, wet pussy as we both moaned softly. I held her hips as I slid the entire length inside her, thoroughly enjoying the feeling, until my hips pressed against her ass. At that point, I started to slowly slide my full length in and out of her while she reached under herself, apparently to caress her clit as I fucked her. Once I had a good, steady rhythm going, I slipped my hands forward to cup her swinging tits, which may have actually made my cock even harder. She was pushing back as I was pushing into her, initially keeping the pace slow and steady.

Once again, I was really savoring the experience, having wondered from the first time I’d met her how awesome it would be to see her naked, to fuck her or to fondle her big titties. Now I’d experienced all three things and they continued to exceed any expectations I could have had. When she started to push back harder and faster while her pussy was feeling hotter and wetter, I left the pace to her, mainly just pushing into her each time her ass hit my hips. Eventually, I reluctantly abandoned her tits and straightened up, taking her by the hips again and watching her ass, which didn’t jiggle even slightly regardless of how hard my hips banged into it. The smacking sound was echoing through the big bathroom but she was keeping her vocalizations under control, even as she got closer to cumming again.

When she gave a good, hard push backwards and just remained there, it was just a moment later that she started shaking. I just held my cock deep inside her because I wasn’t that close yet. Her orgasm was long and appeared to be highly pleasurable, though I don’t know how much of that was due to me other than providing a stiff cock for her. When she finally finished cumming, she straightened up and my cock slipped out of her then she turned to face me.

“I’m not done with you yet,” she assured me, then guided me backwards and had me sit on the lid of the toilet. Rather than just straddle me, she turned away from me and reached between her legs for my cock as she backed toward me. I caressed her toned ass as she guided my cock back to her pussy and sat on it. My hands moved up to cup her tits as she started to move up and down on my cock but I didn’t have the leverage in this position to push up erenköy escort into her, so she was fully in control of setting the pace. Once again, she started out slowly and I enjoyed the feeling of her hot, wet pussy sliding up and down my tool while also enjoying the feel of the soft, smooth flesh of her tits in my hands. She gradually started to pick up the pace and I did start to feel my orgasm stirring but I was pretty confident that she’d be cumming again before I did.

It was definitely nice, not just fucking a new pussy that belonged to a fit, older woman, but also not feeling concerned about making sure she was satisfied before cumming myself. I could just relax and enjoy having her riding my cock with her big tits in my hands, in big part because she wasn’t just relying on me to make sure she ended up satisfied. I wasn’t surprised when she dropped down on my lap and just remained there then started shaking a moment later. I continued to fondle her tits as she was cumming, my cock embedded deep inside her so that I felt it flooded with even more lubrication. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t get the opportunity to enjoy that flood of juices but, fortunately, that was because she sucked me off instead.

Once she’d finished cumming, she stood, turned to face me then dropped to her knees. She took my cock in her hand and pumped it a few times while licking my balls then took it into her mouth. Again, I wanted to let out a loud noise so she would know just how good it was feeling but instead I kept my voice low and just told her. She was a seriously skilled cocksucker and took as much of my cock as deep as she could without the slightest gag. It didn’t take long at all before I could really feel my orgasm building and I was perfectly fine with blowing a load down her throat. Of course it wasn’t just her skilled cocksucking but also watching her as my cock disappeared into her mouth. I hadn’t really thought much about her sucking my cock because her body was so awesome that I would typically fantasize about getting her naked. Seeing her engulfing my cock was ridiculously arousing.

I definitely wasn’t trying to hold off my orgasm but she put her skills to work drawing it out longer, I think as much for her enjoyment as for mine. The build-up was incredible and, even as my cock swelled more as I was right on the verge of cumming, she was unfazed and just continued sucking me off until I began to spurt down her throat. Even as I was spewing, she just kept swallowing as she was still blowing me, not stopping until I was fully spent. When she finally let my cock fall from her mouth, she sat back on her heels and smiled up at me. Seeing that smile on her face and her big boobs, I could almost feel my cock trying to stiffen again but I knew that we were done. We’d pushed our luck as it was so I suspected she’d be shifting her focus to not getting caught.

“I’m going to stay in here when you leave,” she said, “but, if anyone asks, you never saw me.”

Fortunately, she remained naked as I got dressed and didn’t seem to mind that I continued to gawk at her so I had plenty of visual imagery stored away in my memory. Once I was dressed, I just went and met up with Jake in his room and he only asked me how I’d liked the shower, nothing about his mother. Unfortunately, that’s the only time anything every happened between us but I guess we really haven’t been in another situation that could have led to us getting naked together again. I don’t want to try to force a situation or even a conversation about it for fear of her thinking that I’m obsessed or something. I’m not sure how I’d approach her about the potential for it to happen again. I’ve just been assuming that she knows I’d be interested and that she could just let me know if she is, too.

“I think what you should do,” Rachel said, “is, if you get an opportunity to have a private conversation with her, ask her if she ever thinks about it. If she says ‘nope’ then you know to leave it alone and move on. If she says ‘yes’ then that leaves the door open to continue the conversation.”

“You think?” Byron asked, “I guess I just need to find the opportunity.”

“Right, look for the opportunity to have the conversation,” Meg said, “before looking for an opportunity to fuck again.”

“Thank you both,” he said, “I appreciate it.”

“Well you can show your appreciation by finding out if she’s bi,” Rachel replied, “and if she’s into young black chicks or just young black boys.”

“Or young white chicks,” Meg said, “but you can also show your appreciation in other ways.”

She reached over and stroked his rigid tool.